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Containing My Rambling…Ie. Fun Survey


My Friends,

I decided to let my rambles be controlled today by doing a fun lil survey I found when looking over the last Thinking Out Loud posts in Amanda’s linkup. Thanks to Miss Polkadot for the inspiration for this post.

Click on her name if you want to check out her answers! 


I’m happiest when…I’m relaxing with friends and family. Just enjoying their company and not having to worry about being studious or deadlines. Stress-free. A close second… zee gym times 😀

I’ve always wanted to…Go to California! Like for real guys, if only I had monnies I would be glowing in that California Sun


Calllliiifffoornniaaa Looooooovveee

My family and I are… Insanely close. I consider my parents to be two of my best friends. I truly appreciate the time we get to spend together and I get excited to go him to see them. They are my rocks and provide me with unconditional support and love. I never take for granted the relationship we have and I will cherish it and relish in it for the rest of my life. 

I was a terrible…at english. Does that sound weird? Yes, english was my toughest and most annoying subject in school and I had to work damn hard just to get my 80% in that class. I don’t suppose that’s why I found myself repin’ the sciences…

“You need to go deeper in your thoughts”

“Explain it more without adding fluff…”

“I dunno, I just didn’t think you took it as far as you could go..”

I still couldn’t tell you what any of those mean. Thanks for the lessons on essay writing teach! -_-

My first job was…like many other youngins, babysitting. I used to ‘sit for practically all the kids on our street and surprisingly when it was the lil boys thy actually listened to me despite pretty much being bigger then me.. One lil girl I used to watch I also did reading coaching with on separate nights and it was so exciting to see her grow and get better and better! 

I could probably eat ____ everyday. Must I choose? There a a few things in my life that I do in fact happily look forward to eating every damn day. Oatmeal for one, fish for two (yes I’m a weirdo that craves fish hard core if I don’t have it for one day) and probably peanut butter… Must be crunchy though! 


I was born on the same day as…Tom Cruise (oh geez the crazy scientologist…), Thomas Gibson (Criminal Minds), R.B. Bennett (11th Canadian Prime Minister)

My all-time favorite movie is… couldn’t tell ya. To be honest I’m not a movie freak. Confession: I’m the one who will fall asleep even in a movie theatre because watching a movie requires me to be still and sit down for more then 30 minutes…

I do a pretty mean… Gameface. I say this but I couldn’t really know this…Apparently when I’m in the zone, no one wants to break that concentration HA! I used to get told all the time that people at my gym would see me but never approach me because I had that face going. I don’t bite I promise 😉 

I’m still mad… That my amazing ice cream place in Milton has shut down for the season and I missed my opportunity to try their recess pieces gelato. Damn ED making me too afraid to indulge in both the skor and reese’s flavour at once the final time I was there…I will get over it…maybe..


I met my best friend… My first best friend? Daycare I think…? Corey was his name and apparently (I was young so I don’t really remember) we were the cutest lil two-some. These days I tend to have a few very close friends including my housies generally and a few school peeps. They keep me happy. I’m a social person I swear, but never feel the need to have humpteen million friends. I have my circle who I can trust and confide in and I’m always open to chattering with anyone who comes my way. 🙂 

I always knew I wanted… to always have a dog in my life. I have had one my whole life, from birth up until I left for University and was forced to part ways with Lacey, and now, Maggie due to not living at home with my parents. I find myself yearning for the fluffy companionship out of the blue. I can truly say that if I had the money to care for a dog I would have my own. They give me such comfort. 

My future furbaby just you wait.

My future furbaby just you wait.

I’m not afraid tobe honest and open about myself. My confidence has never been as high as it is now. I was a really insecure and shy kid and teen. Up until first year university I lacked any confidence what so ever and it’s crazy how much a lil bit of independence and your more adult experiences (ie. my relationship) can really catapult you into understanding who you really are and being okay with YOU. People ask me how I can write about my life on a blog to people I don’t even know, but truly, I’m not afraid to show myself to others. Why should I be? This is my life and I’m proud of where I have come from and where I am going. What should I afraid of there?

I make the best…


Oatmeal concoctions for others (and myself obviously, but I’m a pb-banana girl forever!). The above one was salted caramel apple zoats for Em and she loved them. I tend to make food for people… a lot. If you live with me you are given food like 24-7 because I just like cooking and baking. When I’m bored, stressed or just want my hands to busy, I grab a bowl and a spoon and get going. 

I have almost no… sense of direction. What is north?

I always cry when I don’t tend to cry often but when I do it’s because I’m stressed out.

I’m now …a Nutrition and Dietetics Student at Guelph University. I’m also a gym fanatic with a great family and close circle of friends. I’m a 24 year old female who is just looking to embrace herself and find and live out her passions one day at a time.

I wish my folkscould truly know how much I love them for what they have done for me. They have dealt with a lot with me. My health has never been great and my ED really put them through a storm like no other. I will never forgive myself for what I put them through but I hope they can always know that I have never taken that love and unconditional support for granted. I never will. They deserve the best and nothing less.


I believe if everyone … didn’t have to think about money, the world would be a better place. All of our problems in the world generally have a money component. People turn nasty because they are scared about their livelihood. Countries go to war because they want something…generally resources to make more money.

On a similar note, if we didn’t fear so much, our world would be a much safer and more accepting place. We fear everything and everyone these days and that also drives the awful violence that we see (and don’t see…) every day. 


I can’t standimmaturity. Maybe it’s because I have always been a bit more mature for my age, but I really cannot handle the lack of care, common-sense or respect for others that I think an adult should have. Being a student I’m surrounded by a amalgamation of people who are learning to come into adulthood but I’m also graced with those who care only for themselves and don’t feel the need to be a proper citizen and/or adult.



Click on the picture for the commercial on YouTube

is on I’ll start smiling and singing. That commercial gets me every time.

Happiness-inducing today: My GoodnessMe! Saturday morning routine with my housies (Unfortunately missin Em, as she’s in Toronto) .

And that’s a wrap!

Hope you enjoyed my contained rambles and you had a great Saturday.

Whatcha doing for Sunday Sunday tomorrow?

Anyone doing Cyber Monday shopping?

Post your answer to one of the questions above in the comments if ya feel like sharing. I always love learning about my readers. 


2 thoughts on “Containing My Rambling…Ie. Fun Survey

  1. I’ve also been known to fall asleep at the movie theater! I just can’t sit still that long…at least if I watch a movie at home I have the option to pause it and move around, or move while I’m watching it haha. And I’m with you California dreaming! I also really want to visit Colorado and Hawaii.

    • haha I always watch things while doing something else. It’s rare to see me just sitting and watching something 😀 I would love to see Hawaii! Oh and Aussie land. Oh and Bahamas. Basically anything hot, full of nature and beautiful things and beaches

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