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Be A Rule Breaker


Are you a rebel?


It’s okay me neither…


Goodey-two-shoes 4 lyfe.

Despite the fact that breaking rules in general makes me all kinds sweaty, there are some rules that I think need to be broken.

The rules that have been propagated by society that are completely and utterly stupid yet followed because they have just never been questioned Or we are too scared to stray from OR people tell us they are to be followed (but fail to give you evidence why…)

So go ahead, be a rebel.

Your punishment for committing such a crime?

You will be happier. and feel less held back by the false lies society tries to feed you.

1. Eating at night is bad and will make you fat.

One of the biggest misconceptions I hear.

“I really need to stop snacking at night…it’s making me fat.”

Does your body have a watch?

Apparently it does and apparently once 6 pm rolls around, anything you put in your mouth is turned to fat.


2. Fat makes you fat.

No and no. I think we are starting to get past this…slowly..too slowly, but it’s a start. Anyways, eating fat is required for your heath. Plain and simple. Fat is needed for your hormones, your brain, your organs, the list goes on. Yes fat has more energy (ie. calories) per gram then protein and carbohydrates, but that doesn’t automatically mean that each gram of fat you eat sticks to your body as fat deposits.

REBEL! Ignore the ‘fat-free’ everything trend and eat yo fats because they not only make you healthy but they taste delicious too.


It seems like the pendulum has swung the other way these days and now carbs seem to be taking a hit. Similar to above, a given nutrient doesn’t make you fat. Instead, going over on your overall nutrient intake leads to weight gain. Calories in, calories out folks! Easy as that. Carbs can make you feel more heavy and perhaps bloated because they carry a lot of water along with them, so for every gram of carbohydrate you eat, you are also inviting in an equal amount (approximately) of water. Let me be clear though, water weight does not equal fat weight. Keep those separate. 

Take a look at WHAT and HOW MUCH you are eating before you start judging it’s building blocks.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water per day.

No if’s, ands or buts.


I’m not saying you don’t have to drink water…


….you do… because water is kinda sorta important for life.

Instead, I’m saying that there is no set value of water needed for everyone. Some need more, some need less.

Males need more then women.

The larger a person is, the more water they need.

The more food you eat, the more water you need.

The more muscle you have, the more water you need.

Etc, Etc, Etc.

Other things that fall under this category



4. The more the merrier

This can be related to a number of things…

When you were in high school, we all were self conscious of the number of friends we had…

The thing that costs the most is obviously better…

Working out for 3 hours vs. 2 means your workout was better…


We always think more is better but I think as we get older and come to find ourselves more, we learn to appreciate the saying:

Quality over quantity

It kind of hits the nail on the head.

 5. Lifting weights makes you look bulky.

Sorry this one is like that radio song that gets way overplayed and you just don’t want to hear about it anymore



My friends. My female friends. You do not possess the hormones (i.e. the amount of testosterone or release enough growth hormones, etc), possess the appetite or possess the body frame to get bulky.

Do you know how hard it actually is for a MAN, yes a man, to put on size?…naturally that is.

A crap ton of food.

A great workout program.

And a whole lot of consistency.


Disclaimer: I understand that newbie gains happen. When you first start lifting, you can see increases in mass and strength pretty much regardless of what you do in the gym and what you eat but this is simply due to the basic idea that it’s new stimulation. You are starting from nothing, so the gains you will see will be much greater then those seen in a more experienced individual. 

I have had females shoot back at me with:

No for real, I actually do get bulky and I don’t like it.

You do realize that muscle is more compact then fat mass? That should be a first clue that building lean muscle mass leads to a leaner looking frame.

Aside from lifting, there is also the major component which is diet.

80/20 my friends. 80% of what you look like is your diet.

So tell me again how a mere 20% is enough to turn you into a raging hulk?

You want to look more womanly? Build some curves with weights. Lean, sexy and STRONG curves.

6. Fat free is best

Piggy-Backin on a previous one, but I had a specific example in mind

Dairy this is me lookin at you!


Most of us have gotten over a number of these but I find that dairy is the exception mostly. As a specific example, everyone still seem to stick to those 0% yogurts.


Because a lil single serving of tub of yogurt is going to save you umpteen thousand calories?

Because 0% is just what everyone buys?

Think about it this way…

How does fat free cheese look to you? How does it taste?

…shiny, plastic and tastes like the latter too. 

Have you actually ever had full fat yogurt?

Keeping the fat in yogurt has so many benefits other than the fact that it’s much more satisfying (that creaminess!)

~Better digested. Did you know that full fat yogurt has less lactose in it?

~Those probiotics are naturally still there rather then having to add them back in

~Ditto for the fat soluble vitamins like Vitamin D

~They don’t have to add gums and buttloads of sugar to it to make up for the loss of the fat.

Do rebel against the norm and go get yourself the fattier stuff and you will be amazed the different in how you feel eating it.


More delicious, keeps you fuller longer and won’t make your tummy hurt.

7. Fresh is always better.

Not always the case.

Frozen food tend to get the evil, disapproving eyes of many as people just automatically assume they are processed or they are crappy quality or they are for people who cannot afford fresh.

Truth is that many frozen vegetables and fruits actually contain more vitamins and minerals then their fresh counterparts.

…That is, by the time said fresh relatives grace your plates.

You see, aging means that nutrients are being lost. If a piece of fruit is picked and then has to be shipped to the stores and then bought and then sits in the fridge and THEN FINALLY is eaten, how much of it’s original nutrient profile do you think is still in tact?

Compare this to frozen which are picked then almost immediately flash frozen to halt the ripening process.

See, frozen may indeed hold more nutrition then fresh.

It’s just a perk that often times they are cheaper overall because it’s like buying in bulk.

So go ahead and eat your ‘poor person’ frozen veggies and smirk at the fact that you’re keeping more of your monnies while getting more of your nutrients.

8. Taking care of yourself means you’re selfish.

Our culture here in ‘Merica is individualistic. Basically we will fight, claw and climb our way to the top and conflict with others doesn’t seem to phase us. We are bred and socialized to do this.

On the other extreme though are the many people who are afraid to do things that make THEM, just them, happy. It is assumed that by doing something for yourself and having no other person’s interests in mind is selfish and those thoughts make you a bad person.

Why is that?

Well lets take a look shall we.

You go to the gym because it makes you feel happy and your partner tells you you go too much and they never see you. You’re selfish.

You choose to eat something other then the group and you’re told you’re being picky and should just eat what everyone else is eating.

When saying no to help someone else when you’re already swamped means you should be ashamed of yourself.

Remember you’re a human being. You’re not a robot with no wants and desires of your own. You work at your most optimal when you are happy so don’t ever feel bad for taking you time. Be the best version of you and then you can be the best version to help others.

This is not being selfish. You’re a person too and you deserve to be happy too.

Well that was kind of random, but I just had a spark of inspiration (ie. rant-age) to take care of and well this was the result. I hope you enjoyed.

Dropping into the Thinking Out Loud party with my rule breaking self. Thanks Amanda for the hook up!


What other common ‘myths’ are there that I missed.

What was the last thing you did just for you? I decided to go home just because I wanted to.



13 thoughts on “Be A Rule Breaker

  1. This is so so so so so so amazing!!!

  2. What I love about you, is that you say what I think everyone is so afraid to say!

  3. Your posts as of late, have been really inspiring, touching and thought provoking. I often haven’t been commenting because by the time I finish reading, I want to journal, look out more, or simply just sit and think.

    • Aww what an amazing thing to hear. I’m always glad to hear that my thoughts can lead to someone else taking the time to ponder something. Thanks for taking a second out of that pondering time to comment 😀

  4. One myth I hate is that being fat or getting bulk from lifting or whatever is a bad thing. I wish fat was just a descriptive word like blue eyes or size 9 shoe instead of this bad thing. That’s the worst.

    • Yes it’s sad that ‘fat’ has such a negative association attached with it these days. Fat is necessary for body functioning, yet whenever we see something as fat free we scoop it up with joy. As for seeing it as a bad thing for yourself, I think its a very subjective thing. If something is not looking like a person’s ideal, then it’s bad. Of course, the ideal portrayed these days is having basically 0 fat which is a problem. At least people are starting to come around to the idea that looking healthy and strong is something to be desired, not because people should be trying to attain a given societal appearance but because it promotes more healthy behaviours the the stick thin look

  5. Awesome post!!

  6. did you ever have problem with binging/grazing or laxative use? Or do you have any suggestions on how to stop because it feels like such a vicious cycle and the health care team is not very helpful. Many thanks! P.S. Thanks so much for being so honest in your posts.

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