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The Doctor Always Hurts Me…


Anyone else feel as though whenever they go to the doctor they end up in pain somehow?


For real, no matter how many times I go I either get bad news, have to get poked, etc and people wonder why I really hate doctors visits.

Anywho, I had mentioned that I had an MRI of my small bowel coming up and that was quite the experience yesterday (Friday November 13) morning.

So my morning started off nice and earlier by leaving the house in the cold, tornado winds at 6:30AM.

Big shoutout to my Dad who came all the way from home to pick me up. He will say that is what Dad’s are for, but a 5:30am wake-up call just to come with me and sit in a hospital and ensure I wasn’t alone is more then just a Dad duty. I love you! ❤

Sleepy, gross sticky mouth and hungry (I had to be fasted and no liquids), we arrive at the hospital for 7am for my 8:30am test. Within 15 minutes, the unpleasantry began with me having to down my first of a few servings of Metamucil in what seemed like a gallon of water.

You guys, have I mentioned that over drinking makes me incredibly nauseous?

So not only to I have to drink this crap (the orange flavour wasn’t disgusting at least), but it was like I was on a time limit because Metamucil gelatinizes within like 5 minutes no matter how much water you use. So basically I had to down this entire jug of liquid as fast as possible unless I wanted to be drinking sludge.

Oh and remember this was on an empty stomach.


The nurse told me typically they have patients do two..TWO!…the first round but because of my size she thought one was just fine.

I almost finished it but she said I could stop with about 2 inches left in the carton as I started to get my “don’t puke” breathing going.

I was released back into the waiting room with my Dad where I was told to walk a bit to help that grossness head to the bowel and move it around a bit. Apparently it helps make it not feel as heavy…

Is that even possible? I mean I’m drinking a fibre supplement on an empty stomach.

I take back the fact that I complained about being very thirsty…

At this point, I was feeling a bit better (ie. not nauseous) when low and behold, jug number 2 comes out.

Kill me now.

My stomach is already making some interesting noises and vibrations with the one serving! Got about 2/3 of the way through that one and at that point, the thought of food or water made my skin turn just a touch more green.

More walking.

8:30am came around and I was told to get changed into those lovely modest gowns (I got to keep my pants on so no peep show :-P) and was then shuffled in to get dem needles…err intravenous set up.

My favourite. -_-

Oh and another mini drink

How many servings of fiber am I at now?

Orange will never be the same.

Here’s where the trauma really started. It would happen to me, after all, it’s me. Le sigh…

So I’m getting the first needle in for my IV and I felt a bit of pressure..

Oh I’m sorry! You veins are so fragile. This one just blew..


The needle came out and she’s got gauze on it while calling to another nurse to bring her a towel..A TOWEL!?!?

Wow, okay you’re bleeding a lot…are you on blood thinners

…no (vision getting a bit blurred)..

yeah this is bleeding a lot,… Hey I need that towel with really really hot water… Has this happened to you before?

..yeah..ummm.. I’m not doing too well.

At this point I’m getting really breathy as I’m trying to stop myself from getting sick while I’m getting the impression I’m practically bleeding out and so I’m getting really woozy. Not to mention that my body decides to react to this stress by making my eyes start to well up..

Why the hell am I starting to cry. Body, what good is that going to do?!?

Okay, just breathe Chelsea and try to keep your eyes open. When you close them you’re more likely to pass out. Okay well you stopped bleeding but I’m going to use this hot cloth to really squeeze on the injection site here because you have quite a large goose egg that I want to go down.

At this point I could care less, I’m just trying to stay awake and not throw up.

After getting my goose egg squeezed, the chair pushed back to half lie me down and a cold cloth on my forehead, I guess the colour in my face came back to decency as she got the IV in the other arm

Apparently that one blew slightly but was okay.

Thank gawd because I really don’t want another poking…rephrase, I don’t think I could handle another poking.

Is the test over yet?

She slowly got me back to my normalcy-ish, sat my chair fully back up and eventually decided to wheel me into the MRI room. The MRI really wasn’t scary at all but that could be because I was on my belly rather then lying face up. It could have also been because I was just so tired at this point from the stress out that lying down with a warmed blanket just felt so nice.

Earplugs were inserted (to drown out the machines beeping) and I had to wear these massive headphones so that she could coach breathing throughout the test (nothing major but you had to hold your breath at some points throughout…so I wasn’t allowed to actually fall asleep). I also had something put on my back that felt like a rope ladder.

The test was 30 minutes she said but it felt like nothing due to me being half asleep I suppose. I then was allowed to go get changed and leave with my Dad. So thankful he was there to take me home because I looked like death at that point I’m sure. When I got home I felt the awkward sensation of being slightly hungry (plus knowing that I really should be eating as it was 10am by this point) but also still slightly disgusting and bloated from the fibre. So instead of trying to force down my oatmeal (which wasn’t even appealing to me…nothing really was) that I had prepped, I listened to my body went to bed for an hour to see if I would feel better.

Alarm went off and despite still feeling a bit heavy, I felt hungry enough to try to do my normal routine and get my oatmeal ready and in my belly. A lil bit more full then normal, but it sat well and after a usual post-oatmeal bathroom break (sorry TMI :-P) I was feeling kind of normal. My stomach wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be, but I did have a lot of gas and bubbling throughout the day which were not the best and I’m feeling it a bit still this morning. Hopefully it’s okay today because it’s leg day ice-cream day which I’m very excited for and, quite frankly, most definitely needed for the extra calories after not being able to eat as much yesterday.

The rest of the day I got some more sleep, Andre came down for the afternoon (which was so nice :-)) and Chad arrived from Montreal to spend the weekend here.

So a busy and stressful day but hey, one positive could be that I got more sleep then usual I suppose.

Oh and I got my Lululemon purchases the second I came home which made my morning just that lil bit brighter. Also ordered these babies (the original Nikes I wanted but they didn’t have them in the store…):

Screen Shot 2015-11-14 at 9.41.05 AM

So I’m excited for those to come in soon!

Anywho, I hope you have a great weekend my lovelies and I’m off to eat my pre-pre workout meal and then head off to demolish my legs.

Ever had an MRI?

Do you pass out when getting a needle? I normally don’t, but I have a few times and apparently now I have to warn them of that.


My thoughts and love go out to the those affected by the tragedy that occurred in Paris yesterday. Please keep them and their loved ones in your hearts. Likewise, which I’m not minimizing the events in Paris at all, remember to always keep in mind and send your love to the countries (mostly all developing nations) we don’t see going through this level of massacre every day. The media censors what we can see and they try to control who gets our prayers and support. Never forget about those we can’t see as they go through this hell a lot more frequently then our developed countries do yet fail to receive the aid they need and deserve.

Hopefully one day that will change.

Hopefully one day people will realize that killing is not what being human is about and solves nothing.

It simply propagates distrust, hatred and fear. 


6 thoughts on “The Doctor Always Hurts Me…

  1. It’s always those lovely preps that are ugh, while the test itself is usually a breeze Lol 😉 . What an experience Chelsea, yikes! I’ve had MRI’s – back, hip and hams; shoulder and neck; knee…(wow, falling apart?lol) -thankfully none required the bowel preps and needles, although I’ve passed out from needles but only because they freak me out :0 ! Enjoy your ice cream!

    • Ugh they are the worst and because it’s me, everything bad happens lol. Yeah I wanted to sleep in the MRI so bad…so not my fault because they put a warm blanky on me so it was bound to happen 😉 Thats quite the list of MRI’s there hahah but you’re lucky all of them had no prep. Stomach tests seem to be the worst with pre-prep stuff. Ice cream was very much enjoyed 😀

  2. Oh man girl I would probably die if I had to drink that much! Good thing you kept it down because had a friend who threw it up and then they rescheduled and she had to do it again. I’ve never gotten an MRI and from your review I am GLAD! IVs I’ve had and the only reason I don’t like them is they shoot cold liquid into your veins and then I get cold 😦 I hope the results are what you were looking for 🙂

    • it was awful. I hate drinking things like that because I really don’t tolerate high volumes of liquids well at all. The test itself was no problem at all, it’s always the before stuff that sucks! Yeah I also don’t like when they actually shoot the fluids into the IV because it’s such a weird feeling.

  3. Do you feel comfortable eating the things you like on rest days? It seems like you’re still tying your food choices to how much you workout — a lingering ED tendency?

    • eating to fuel my training is my main goal. I enjoy all of my foods so I never feel as if I’m depriving myself on or off training days. I choose to go a little bit higher on my fats on my rest days so I get to enjoy things like my fattier fish and such on those days to make them a little bit more brighter (as in to make myself happy on days that I can’t be training, i.e. my love). I don’t feel comfortable eating out (even if it’s just a salad like I have posted about before) on my rest days, which is something I still need to work on.

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