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Tuesday Thoughts


***Edit this failed to post yesterday. Sorry about that my friends! ***

Hello Hello My Friends.

Midterms are upon me once again.

Do they ever actually stop?

Nutrition was last Tuesday, which, a happy me received 90 on


I was delighted to also discover that I was the top 3% on that particular midterm for that class


…Yeah I’m a bit competitive.

I have my Mammalian Physiology Midterm coming up on Thursday morning and my research and stats course on the following Monday.

Oh school gots me then feeling this kinda way..



Also that following Friday (the 13th) is my MRI of my small bowel. Yay for more tests for this stupid stomach of mine.

Oh and you want to know what time I have to be at the hospital for?



My amazing Dad is coming all the way from home (okay it’s only 30 minutes but still at that time in the morning…) to drive me to the hospital for my test. He says that’s what Dad’s are for. I say he’s just super amazing and…

…he’s just doesn’t want me take a taxi on my own … #OverProtectiveDadSyndrome 😉

Also to add to that day, Andre is coming down to see me. It’s been a while since I have seen him, so it will be nice to catch up. As I have mentioned before, I’m happy that although we aren’t together, we can still keep our friendship.

As far as updates…

I was asked about how I was doing with the reduction in my gym days. So I lost one day (I’m down to 5 times per week) and this past Saturday was my 2nd week of having that second rest day and I have to say that its really hard. Sometimes I think it’s harder then the food is for me. Sometimes..

It’s hard to say that I can’t do what I love.

It’s my morning routine and is really throwing me off.

I hope that I can work my way back to those 6 eventually once my body is back on track. I just love being there. This weekend was a lil bit better as my Mom came up for the farmers market with me so that was nice. I missed her. Dad was working the whole weekend which is why only my Mom came up. 

Other Updates…

~Still haven’t gone for ice cream. It’s now been 2 weeks and my “cheatmeal” has continued to be that Freshii salad bowl. Yeah Mike sent me through the ringer for that one basically saying that I was being ridiculous but I can’t help but feel bad for eating out on my SECOND restday of the week. My Mom said the same thing.

~I have really been trying to set myself up for going out for ice cream again because it was something I really looked forward to. Everyone has been saying that the only person in my way right now is myself and yes that’s true but when you are technically bulking, I always feel even more guilt for even thinking about eating ‘dirty foods.’ Ugh these mind games ED, you suck the life out of me sometimes. Hopefully I can pull myself together and do it once soon because Baskin Robins sent me an email saying it was Peanut Butter Lovers Month and well..peanut butter


Does that mean all their peanut butter flavours are in?!? Ermagawd.

~I had a really rough week last week with my stomach. Sorry Mike had to dump the greens in the morning (can’t say I will miss that gag fest) but my stomach rebelled and now that I have been off them for a few days, I’m feel better. This did not help my body image AT ALL as I was super bloated and that was making me cranky and feeling, well, fat and soft. This is hard specifically because with eating more, I’m already fighting my brain which is yelling that I’m going to gain all the fat. Rationally I know this is untrue but that is the lil devil (ED) on my shoulder that I have to ignore on a daily basis.

~I was also super tired last week. Like REALLY TIRED. I dunno if it was because of the stomach flare up or just a combination of dealing with the changes but after my midterm was done, you bet I had a nap every day to try to help myself out.

~With everything going on (stomach+ tired+ change, etc), I unfortunately suffered with some physical anxiety symptoms most days last week. For me, these are where I feel kind of like something is restricting my ability to take a full deep breath in and out. It was mostly at night and not so bad, but that is another reason why I needed more sleep as tiredness can make that worse.

Well that’s it for the updates, full steam forward for this week. As my review class (and thus my blog writing time) comes to an end, I will leave you with a few random comments:


  1. Hello 19 degrees for the next few days! If winter was like this for the entire thing, my need to move to Cali to live may not be as strong.

2. Did you know that although trans fat is required to be on ALL labels, there is a group of labels that escape this requirement. Which ones you ask? Baby food. Yes my friends, foods we feed are innocent and pure kiddos don’t require a warning that their food contains these man-made poisons.

3. That pumpkin I was talking about earlier become a lovely Zucchini Pumpkin Bread with Dark mini chocolate chips a la Ambitious Kitchen


Holler to my unprofessional foodie pictures….

4. I never cease to be amazed with my ability to sear a scallop. Random yes, but delicious! They are crisssppayy.


My fav. Especially when they are fresh from the farmers market! Massive and local for the win. 

Have a great Tuesday Friends!



2 thoughts on “Tuesday Thoughts

  1. I am so sorry to hear about your struggled chelsea, but I do appreciate your honesty so so so much.

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