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Would You Like To Be Kidnapped Today?


My Friends,

I totally neglected to share a lil interesting story that occurred on Friday. It was one of those…


…moments but funny to say the least.

Let me ‘splain

So I’m picking up a few things in Metro (our grocery store) and minding my own business when an older Italian gentlemen (not trying to be judgmental/etc just setting the scene) walks past me, stops and says

Oh what a nice girl…

To which I responded politely with a thank you.

He then proceeded to ask me all about how I was a student, how old I was, if I had been in Guelph that long, etc

Then it got a lil more weird when he then asked me…

So what are your plans for the rest of the day?

I’m thinking to myself that this was a weird and slightly awkward question to ask and didn’t really know where he was going with that but I simply answered…

Oh I dunno, gotta get my stuff here and maybe do some work for school…

Him: Oh so a relaxing, take it easy day eh?

Me: Yeah I guess so.


Even weirder…

Him: Well I was going to go over to the kitchen and appliance store….would you like to join me?

***awkward silence****

Him: Does that sound like a nice idea to you?

***More awkward silence***

Me: Ummm…ohh…I should probably stay here and get my stuff…

…Thanks for the offer though.


***More awkward silence***

Him: Oh, well some company would have been nice…

Me: nothing..just crack and smile and maybe he will go away…


Him: Well have a nice day.

Me: Thanks, you too….


Okay just jokes…I think..

I simply stood there as he then passed me to walk away. I smirked and giggled a lil because what do you even do in that situation?

How do I react to that situation?

I Chelsea, a 24 year old female, was just asked to basically be kidnapped by a 60 year old man.

Well hey, at least I had a say in the situation right?

So remember my friends

Say no to strange old men and remember that sometimes, just sometimes, you control whether or not you arrive back at your house that day.

…unless he followed me home somehow, then I may not be laughing later.

Happy Tuesday Friends.



2 thoughts on “Would You Like To Be Kidnapped Today?

  1. You did this ages ago, but can you show us an updated grocery haul or things students should buy

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