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Don’t Take This The Wrong Way…


I have nothing against vegetarians and vegans

Please do not take this rant that way.

What I have a major issue with is this…

Screen shot 2015-06-28 at 9.56.23 PMI have blanked out the name simply because I’m being respectful not because I’m afraid of what said commenter would say to me if they saw this and my thoughts regarding their comment.

I was reading a lovely post from Carrie about why she chose to leave veganism due to it not being a healthy choice for her body at this time. To Carrie, I hope this doesn’t upset you that I posted about this, but it really angered me how someone could say something so horrible about you when you were simply trying to be real and open with your readers about your choice to bring animal products back into your diet.

Seriously though, I was so infuriated reading this.

Not only did you specifically state that you were making this decision (and what a hard decision it was for you!) was for your health, but who the hell does this person think they are basically calling you a murderer and heartless?

If someone is a vegan, that is their choice.

There is nothing wrong with being vegan or vegetarian…I have nothing against you at all.

In fact, I’m sometimes amazed with your abilities (provided you take your lifestyle seriously and don’t let your health slide as a result of restriction).

As much as I love animals and do not wish harm upon them, I cannot give up animal products and that’s me just being 100% honest with you all.

I also will refrain from going into the circle of life and/or the fact that we have lived off these products since we began to walk on this earth…

Sorry I had to…

Personally, I don’t tolerate plant based proteins well (and too much plants in general..) due to my IBS and I choose not to eat soy. This then leaves me (who weight trains intensely and is looking to build muscle) with little options for protein. Furthermore, being honest again, I thoroughly enjoy it and would feel deprived if I had to forgo my fish and such.

I’m sorry if that’s upsetting to some, but that’s my reality.

I try my best to be as humane and sustainable as possible but I have my monetary limits.

Back to veganism/vegetarianism….

As I said, I have nothing against you and won’t even comment on your lifestyle until you begin to speak the way that commenter did with Carrie.

She doesn’t deserve those hurtful words. She does her very best to be as sustainable and humane as possible with her choices (this girl does her research let me tell you!) and then she gets hit with negativity like that.

Stop trying to make people feel bad for their choices if they are different from your own. This is why they bring up the idea of ‘cults’ and such because people are actually afraid to change their minds and reintroduce animal products because of **it like this. Some are so scared of rejection from their community and overall hatred and backlash that they will just continue on with the lifestyle until some health issue results because of it.

As another reality check, veganism and/or vegetarianism may just not work for a many people for reasons other then personal taste. Some people really cannot thrive on plant based foods alone. As I mentioned, I fall into that category. Not only would I feel deprived, but I would literally start wasting away because I would fail to get my calories in from plant based foods and fats alone as my body just does not handle excessive amounts well and apparently I need to eat a house to maintain my lil self and normal energy levels.

So yeah, I just felt the need to bring this issue to the forefront and, well, I was just mad about it so I thought I would share my thoughts….

Please chime in and discuss what you think in the comments!

To close, I will say that I do agree (and I’m not happy with..) that we tend to be overly greedy and fail to reel in our excessive consumption of animal products. As a result, animals are treated awfully and we are ingesting GMO organisms, antibiotics, growth hormones and other nasties just so there is enough ‘stock’ to sustain us.

This is wrong on so many levels and needs to be dealt with. As to how, I really can’t say but hopefully we get our act together and think about the long term before it’s too late.

Well, apparently I needed a good rant session on this fine Sunday and I really hope I didn’t offend anyone with this post but they were just my thoughts.

Carrie, I truly hope your health improves and please do not ever feel guilty about your choice to put your body first.

To check out Carrie’s blog (Carrie on Living), click here.




2 thoughts on “Don’t Take This The Wrong Way…

  1. I am glad that you tackled this topic. I eat meat because my body thrives off of protein. Naturally, I crave carbs and would eat nothing but them, but as someone with hypoglycema- too many carbs would leave me not feeling my best. Animal proteins are never truly pure protein the way animal protein is leaving me still carb heavy. I ate vegetarian for a year- only egg whites and making the switch to meat for my health was hard. People still tell me ‘how do you love animals so much and eat them’………. I’m not saying my health is worth more than an animals, but for me this is what i have to do.

    • Ignore the comments about being an animal lover and yet still eating meat. That is so wrong of others to say. You need to do what is best for your body. You even tried vegetarian and it just doesn’t work for you. Yes, vegetarian proteins are almost equal carbs to protein and they are not as efficient in the body as proteins as animal based or animal product proteins (milk and egg products). Do you and the best you can so that you can be the healthiest version of you 🙂

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