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Ohhh Canada! Workout Wednesday

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Hey Friends!

Happy Canada Day to all my Canadian friends and soon to be July 4th for all zee American’s. Sorry you don’t get a day off during the week like us lucky ducks up in the great white North do. Sorry for your luck. πŸ˜‰

Happy Canada Day Beaver

I have to ask my American friends, why is Canada associated with the moose? It actually confuses the hell out of us up here for realz.

We don’t eat moose.

The moose is not our spirit animal or anything.

Where did this moose thing come from?


Anywho, I wanted to share a workout with you because it’s been a year hot minute since I even shared my fitness shtuff with you all so why not follow Josie’s lead (check out her latest edition to her Workout Wednesday series here) and share my own workout this morning.

Because, what else would you do when you have the whole day off?

Guys I meant the gym. Geesh. πŸ˜‰

So this morning I headed into Goodlife for 9:30ish to find more people then normal but hey, still had to crush my back so let me take you into how I got my sweat on!

Today’s plan was back and obliques.

NOTE. I train my abs every day. Do you need to do this? No, I don’t believe or preach training them every day for you to see results. I do a lot of full body lifts (squats, bench, pullups, etc) that work the whole core indirectly, but I have always incorporated targetted exercises as part of my supersets as I never just do one exercise at a time because I’m a volume lover and I can’t sit still and just rest. So with that in mind, I alternate ‘abs’ and obliques and on leg days (I have two) my core exercises get dropped to half the number as my back tends to get really fatigued on these days due to heavy squat volume.

After warming up, I like to “warm-up” my core. I do this with planks and one other exercise, which is normally a weighted sit-up variation, for 3 sets.

Superset the following:

  1. Side Plank (weight- 25lb dumbbell) for 1 minute, switch and repeat on the other side. I also add tucks into this to make it more dynamic and challenging.
  2. Knee raises (7.5lbs) on the Captain Chair.

Remember that a superset is where you do exercises back to back without rest.

Now I begin the actual workout

Superset #1

  1. Pull-ups –> 6 sets
  2. Weighted Oblique Situps (25lbs) –>as many reps as possible with unweighted Russian Twists to finish. 5 sets.

For the Pull-ups I alternated wide overhand grip with the v-bar. So I did 3 sets of each grip for as many reps as possible. Obviously wide grip is harder, so those were less reps. Total reps were about 6 reps for wide and 8-10 for the other grip. For the Sit-ups I do these on the lat pull down machine for a greater range of motion and hold a 25 pound plate.

Superset #2

  1. Lat Pull Down –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Isolateral dumbbell row –> 4 sets
  3. Weighted Oblique Dips on back extension bench (17.5lbs)–> 4 sets per side + drop set (10lbs)

I hold a dumbbell rather then a plate

With the Lat Pull Down, you want to ensure that you really let the bar stretch your lats at the top of the movement before bringing it back down. The stretch is important as well as the pull down portion for full range and benefits. For the Rows, I stuck with only a 25lb dumbbell because 1. it was a superset and 2. because I really wanted to feel my back pulling the weight up. By doing this exercise isolaterally (one arm at a time) you can really focus on proper form. Lastly, with the Oblique Dips, make sure you’re moving slowly (not swinging up and down) so that you’re using your obliques to pull your body up (adjust weight accordingly) and also breathe out as your come back up to get the full contraction.

PS. a drop set is where you complete your set and then drop the weight and do another set on that same exercise without rest.

Superset #3

  1. Triangle Pull Downs –> 5 sets + drop set
  2. Straight Arm Rope Pull Down –> 4 sets + drop set
  3. Oblique V-Up’s on a bench superset with tucks –> 4 sets

Triangle Pull Downs

Rope Straight Arm Pull Down. I used the rope attachment instead of the handles.

The Oblique V-Ups are similar to this but on a bench and I keep my full butt on the bench (ie body not on the side) and just position my legs to the side. The tucks are then done in a similar fashion but knees are bent and they are done at a more rapid pace.

With the Triangle Pull Downs, really focus on bringing that triangle to your chest and you should really feel the movement pulling down through your upper to mid back. With the Straight Arm Pull Downs you don’t want to go heavy with this one because you want to use your lats to pull the weight down. If you go too heavy you will be swinging the weight down and not gaining anything for your lats. Also, normally this is done with the straight bar attachment, but I saw someone using the rope and thought it would be fun to try and a good way to get a lil greater range of motion.

Superset #4

  1. MTS row –> Done isolaterally for 4 sets + drop set.
  2. Neutral Grip Pullups –> 3 sets to failure
  3. TRX Oblique Crunch –> 3 sets each set finishes with Oblique Mountain Climbers.

MTS Row with underhand grip. I did this isolaterally.

TRX Oblique Crunch.

For the MTS Row, once again I did them isolaterally to be able to focus on each side alone. Really focus on driving that elbow back and down to really feel a mid to low back contraction. For the Pullups, I love burning out with them at the end of my back workout. That being said, I would only get about 5 to 6 despite this being the easiest grip to do because I have just worked my back completely and it’s pretty burnt out at this point. The TRX is something I recently started using and it’s a fun thing to throw in for core to switch it up. You could use a ball for the Oblique Crunches but if you have access to the TRX, try it out!

So there ya go, about 2 hours later, my whole workout is done. I try to hit all areas of the muscle that I work so for this back workout, you want to hit all of the regions of the back. That includes upper, mid and lower back. I want to really work on the ‘wings’ so I tend to focus on the upper and mid the most. Additionally, I feel that my lower back does get hit pretty hard on my leg days so I don’t tend to do many exercises like back extensions.

Hope you enjoyed and have a great humpday evening friends!

Go watch some fireworks for me!

Do you enjoy my workout posts?

Gimme you’re thoughts and suggestions! πŸ™‚



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