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My Friends

I was blown away from all of your amazing comments on my post on BED. So many of you shared your stores with me and I read every single comment and just wanted to give a big thank you for feeling comfortable enough with me and this space to share those hard memories. I can only hope that my post could benefit you in any way at all. I appreciate you all so much and it hurts me to know that so many of you have been going through hard times with food. I send you so much love and strength to continue to fight if you are still in that dark place and I’m so happy for everyone that has been able to overcome those challenges because it’s not easy.

You are worth the fight. You deserve to be happy and free.

So onto this post, I have…as usual…random thoughts to share with you all but I have a goal of keeping this post short as I’m trying to get my tushie into bed in the next hour. So here we go





Thanks to Amanda for the lovely sounding board every week!

1. Lies.

I was told that this would get easier the more I do it…

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Salted Caramel + Pralines and Creme (ie. more caramel)

Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t love it. Do you see that caramel (shout out to my Baskin Robbins scooper, you done good kid)?!? But the intense feelings of guilt afterwards + the very uncomfortable feeling of being overly full + the unnecessary anxiety and trying to talk myself out of it 4 days in advance is just too much and, well…


Le sigh. I hope it gets better but this doing it every weekend is starting to get to me.

Do it for the leggies Chelsea, they need to grow.

I digress…

2. Speaking Of Caramel…

IMG_7787The obsession is real. I have no idea why I’m all about zee caramel lately but it’s all the rage in my head…

As we speak I have my Sensie (flameless candle) burning…

IMG_7831…you guessed it. Caramel cookie.

Quest, would you come out with salted caramel already in bar form…

Did you know they came out with salted caramel protein??? Too bad I can’t eat it. 😦

3. One final note about Caramel…

Why have I never seen this flavour of ice cream??

Wait for it…

Salted toffee ice cream with caramel cups and a salted caramel ripple…

Bestill my aching heart.

Ah see, there’s Jekyll and Hyde for ya. You love ice cream, but you hate it all at the same time. My brain is forever a maze of confuzzlement.

4. Do you find natty peanut butter just not natty enough?

IMG_7829I do. So I just roast up my own peanuts and stir those into a fresh jar. Dat crunch. Sorry if you like smooth, we can’t be friends…okay maybe we can be friends, but we cannot discuss peanut butter because you’re doing it wrong.


Confession. I may or may not have roasted like an entire bag of cashews so that I could have crunchy cashew buttah….Why don’t they make a crunchy version of that deliciousness?

4. I did some baking..

IMG_7821My friend got me the cutest bundt pan out of the blue and it was christened by me making blueberry-banana protein bundt flower cake thingys with a homemade bloob jelly.

…The random one off to the side was a tester for my Dad…

Who were they for you ask?

Funny story.

The manager at my gym randomly came up to me asking if I had forgotten about them. In other words, why have delicious healthy baked goodies not shown up on the desk this week.

I guess you know you’re doing okay when you have people asking for more of your all natural and sugar free protein treats.

I win.

Plus, how cute are they??

IMG_78185. I also got my hair did this week and I’m feeling all kinds of sassy

Anyone get their bangs cut shorter and all the sudden feel full of sass?

6. More lies…

Did anyone else hear that Masterchef (ie the best cooking show like ever) was premiering this week?

Well I was super excited to watch the first episode with my oats this morning only to find out they are 6 episodes in already?!?!

Excuse you’re french Ramsay…

But for real though! I suppose I shouldn’t complain because now I can just chain watch them all…

7. And on the topic of TV…

Mistresses premieres tonight!

OMG OMG I’m so excited I could just…

Fall asleep?

For real guys I have to wait to watch it tomorrow because my sugar coma self wouldn’t be able to make it through the 2 hour episode…

The. Struggle. Is. Real.

Anywho, that’s my cue to wrap it up.

Have a great Friday Eve friends and a Happy Fathers Day to the Daddio’s.


What’s your latest obsession?

Natty or smooth? I promise we will still be friends if you say the later… 😉



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