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Detox Sme-tox….Thinking Out Loud

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My friends, I need a soapbox moment I’m sorry.

Something has been bugging me lately and yesterday when someone I wouldn’t expect brought it up, my boiling point was reached and I need to preach..

Preach it Out Loud.


Thanks to Amanda for giving me my preaching box to stand on. Check out the other thoughts here.

Yesterdays event included a guy I know at the gym telling me that he was feeling tired…

Me: Oh?

Him: Yeah I guess it could be I’m just lackin a bit of energy. I’m testing out this turkey and grapefruit detox..

Me: Thinking I’m wanting to strangle him. Well yeah that would do it. You’re not eating any carbs.


Me: Why the hell are you doing that? I didn’t say that as harsh as it sounds, remember I know him. You’re starving yourself and really, all you may loose is water weight and the ability to function here (ie the gym).

Again, apparently I have no restraint to be nice about my opinion in this instance…If I didn’t know him I would be a lil less blunt I suppose.

Him: Yeah, well I’m just trying to loose some extra fat I guess. Oh well it’s over tomorrow..

Me: Still shaking my head. Like I said, if anything you will loose water weight and be exhausted. Not worth it in my opinion, if you care about my thoughts. Smirks.

Him: Laughs. Maybe I should tone down the beer…

Me: …I’m glad you’re done though.

OMG guys detoxes drive me bonkers you have no idea. Plus he threw in the fact that maybe it’s the beer…

This guy is a slim guy already, but when it comes down to it, you can thank your diet for your overall body composition (for the most part, yes some genetics and such, blah blah, play into the total package) and so if there is something you feel needs changing, you need to turn to what you’re eating and not try to find some shortcut…

A short cut that really isn’t a short cut because it doesn’t actually work.

Quite the contrary actually as it can stress your body out and do all kinds of weird things when you re-introduce normal eating back into your life.

So really, if you don’t gain anything from doing a detox, why do it?

Another thing, as the first meme points out, the idea of a detox is kind of like saying your body can’t do it’s job. Our body is a detoxifying machine all on it’s own and it’s quite good at it. Yes, we have added some very weird foods and chemicals to our diets in the recent decades that perhaps it’s not fully adjusted to yet but that doesn’t mean that it stops being able to filter things properly and get rid of waste effectively.

Let your body do it’s job and stop trying to stress it out by doing juice only ‘cleanses’ OR a raw diet for a week OR worse yet, taking weird elixirs or teas that you can buy off the shelves stating they will give you your dream body.

Your body is a wonderful thing and you can’t see all the wonderful things it does for you. Let it be.

Okay okay, I’m done.

Oh but before I go, be proud of me guys, I actually just foam rolled in my house…

Yay me. RIP to my legs.



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