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I’m Squeaking Out Loud.


Hey Friends!!

For all my US of A readers, I hope you had a glorious Memorial Day long weekend. Us Canadians enjoyed our three-day the weekend before it and let me just say….

Yes the heat and sunshine has come back into our lives and…

I’m Feeling ELATED about it.

Speaking of them feelz, I decided to jump into this weeks Thinking Out Loud link-up with the wonderful Amanda with some of my feelings this past week.


Lets go shall we.

This Week Has Me Feeling….

1. Excited.

Guyz!!! I worked with my first client this past week and she was incredibly amazing and such a joy to work with. We did our final fitness plan presentation and question call this evening and I was so happy to share it with her and to hear that we was just as excited as I was for her to get started. To my client, if you are reading this, thank you so much for having the confidence in me to reach out and trust my experience and knowledge. You lit my confidence fire.

2. Savvy.

IMG_7765You see that price there. For halibut steaks! Normally they are double that. I died…and then I bought three. πŸ˜‰ Me love halibut steaks. Regular halibut is delish but halibut steaks..The best. Even better? When they are grilled.

Of course with even savvy moment comes…

3. Disgusted.

On Monday I had to head down to Guelph and because halibut steaks are few and far in between (apparently they are not good sellers due to the $ and perhaps the bones…missing out!) AND because I knew that Metro in Guelph typically has them, I ran in to stock up. This was what happened…

Me: How long have these been here for?

Lady: Oh these were the same ones I cut when you were here last (you see how moving is a chronic problem…)

Me: So last Friday?!?!?

Lady: yeah I guess so.

Me: trying so hard to tell myself they were okay because I just really wanted one… I’m sorry I can’t. They have been there way too long.

Lady: Uhh..well, sorry about that.

ARE THEY TRYING TO KILL THEIR CUSTOMERS?!? 4 days friends. 4 days for thawed fish.

Rant over.

***It’s important to note that when you look up how long raw fish should be kept in the fridge for, it’s not more then 3 days and that is for fresh fish, not even thawed.***

4. Accomplished.

This is going to seem very random and maybe stupid but I’m very happy to say that I made sure my parents ate a vegetable for every meal this and last week.

IMG_7769Even tonight when my parents ordered in pizza, they still got them greens in. I win. πŸ˜€

Wow I just made my parents sound like children…

5. Yolky

On my rest days I typically make a “pizza” omelet as part of my lunch because 1. I’m currently obsessed with the yolk 2. It is a vessel for said yolk to be runny and amazing and 3. It’s just good.

The past 3 weeks either I have had to take my lunch with me on my rest day (ie no runny yolk can happen) or I broke the yolk (like last week) OR I overcooked it (ie. no runny yolk!).

Guys, I did it today. I got my yolk back in all it’s runny glory.

IMG_7768It’s the small victories.

Those fatty goodness victories. Oh and last week, when I broke the yolk, the omelet was acceptable only because it had seared scallops INSIDE the base.

IMG_7754Yeah I went there. It was damn good.

6. Uneasy

I should be saying proud, but I’m still not past the guilt yet.

IMG_7747Thai food dinner + this has happened two weekends in a row. My nutritionist told me that ice cream needs to happen every weekend because:

1. I need the calories

2. I shouldn’t be afraid to have something I enjoy

3. I need to overcome food fears

4. I need to stop calling myself unhealthy if I allow myself to have a treat once a week. That is normal. Normal is having things you like in moderation. I like ice cream (even though I’m allergic to it…) and I shouldn’t feel as if I can no longer say I’m a healthy eater if I have it once a week.

I preach no restriction for all of you guys and it’s so true. Restriction doesn’t work. For most, it leads to bingeing. In my case, I’m just full out afraid of it and that needs to end.

I need to be able to say to myself:

I like ice-cream. I’m going to get ice cream. I’m going to enjoy my ice-cream

That is that.

Two weeks strong.

7. Heeby-Jeeby like

Literally just a mouse run at my feet as I type this post…

I’m not afraid of mice, but I will admit to squealing lil a school girl and making it run under the stove.

There’s a mouse in ma house…


Except this is in my neat-freak parents house.

So imagine my Dad running around with a flashlight as he tries to find it.

On the positive, after it charging at my feet again, we found it’s entry point. It was behind our gas range where the installer made a massive hole. Now we just need to find where they actually got in the house from.

For now, I can say that my feet are safe though…

And with that, I’m going to take my crawling skinned self downstairs to sit with my parents for a bit. I can’t be in this kitchen right now. I hope you understand.

Goodnight all, don’t let the mice bite.



30 thoughts on “I’m Squeaking Out Loud.

  1. I would have died if I saw a mouse!

  2. This may be super personal, but does your food fear steam from the food itself (i.e: it’s not healthy) or from the effect the food will have on your body

    • I believe it s a bit of both. I have hard time with seeing my body properly sometimes and I tend to overthink and catastrophize things (Ie this thing will make a new roll of my stomach appear for example). Those are my demons I still have to work at. At the same time, I also fall victim to thinking I must be perfect which is really actually an impossible task and shouldn’t be anyones goal. Everyone should have the chance to enjoy things that are maybe not the best fuel for your body (ie ice cream for me) it’s called living and enjoying life. You body won’t die for having it in moderation.

      So yeah, It’s a bit of both I would say. Both things I currently striving to overcome slowly

  3. As always, thank you for being so open & honest with us & your struggles. You’re doing so so great & I’m glad to be on this journey with you!

    • Awww thank you. I’m glad you like my way of approaching my blog. I want to share what I go through to help others and I hope it does just that πŸ™‚

      • Hi Chelsea, as someone currently struggling with recover as an outpatient, I PROMISE you your blog & honesty does so.

      • Thank you so much, that actually means so much to me! Thank you thank you. I wish you big and brighter things with your recovery and never give up! You are so strong and thank you for sharing that with me 😊❀️

  4. I know you hate artifical sweeteners but my work/school only carries stevia…and so I’ve been using at least 3 packs a day- should I suck it up & go buy stevia packs

    • Stevia is actually a natural sweetener PROVIDED it’s the real stuff. Most often (I actually only found this out recently) is heavily processed, so if it’s stevia in the raw then it’s better. Stevia is much better then any of the artificial sweeteners in my book but just make sure youre getting what you’re thinking your getting (ie not overly processed forms of stevia)

  5. Has your client seen benefits (i.e: weight loss, muscle) from the plan- will you be sharing his/her progress with us

    • I would only share her story if she wanted me to. As for whether she has seen benefits, it has only been a few days since I presented the plan to her so it’s too short of a time span to tell as of right now. πŸ™‚

  6. Besides weight lifting, do you have any metabolism boosting techniques.

    • Weight lifting and building lean muscle mass are the best ways to naturally boost your metabolism. Many companies will advertise food supplements that increase your metabolism but even if they actually do increase it a touch, it’s nothing crazy and it’s temporary. Building muscle is long lasting. There are many more things that decrease you metabolism then increase it (ie eating too little, exercising too much with too little fuel, probably hormone inbalances, etc). Also things like eating more often doesn’t increase your metabolism like it has been preached. Basically your metabolism will run it’s most efficient if you are getting good fuel, exercising, keeping your hormones in check and getting enough sleep

  7. What are your thoughts on caffeine?

    • I personally don’t have any (very little in my foods naturally) and cannot actually have it without it triggering my GERD. I even had to give up green tea because it irritated it. So sad. Overall, I have no ill will against it unless you really over do it. I don’t have a strong background on the safe consumption of really heavily caffeinated things like coffee, but natural sources I don’t see much of a problem with unless you are downing it. Supplements on the other hand I wouldn’t recommend as it can be too much for people to handle and you really shouldn’t need that. It’s the same as having it as a pre-workout. If you’re taking it in the form of a shot of espresso, okay, but if you’re popping a pill to boost your energy or your metabolism, I don’t really agree with that. But to each their own I suppose. IF you’re really that drained you should be getting more sleep not band-aiding it with a stimulant. PLUS you actually go with withdrawal like symptoms if you suddenly stop having it if you have it all the time. That to me shows that perhaps we are not meant to have that much every single day.

  8. Chelsea, since you love tea, you just HAVE to try this out: One of my favorite ways to drink tea in the summer is to infuse tea bags in coconut water overnight. It’s naturally sweet from the coconut water and you can do all sorts of combos (green tea berry is my fave!)

  9. Do you know anything about food combining? Some people love it & like IDK…

    • Food combining in which way? Food combining in the vegetarian realm? If that is the case, then its regarding proteins and as long as you get a good variety in your day you should be able to get all your amino acids so you don’t need to get complete proteins perfectly every meal. If you’re talking about that idea that carbs cannot be eaten with fats, I don’t know much into the background of that, but from my experience it’s a bit strange to me other then the fact that I wouldn’t put a ton of both together because of the fullness factor.

  10. I AM SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!!! From your online coaching victory, to eating that damn icecream and then surviving a mouse!!!!

  11. Hi Chelsea, congradulations on your new client & on thai food+ ice cream x 2 ❀

  12. Since you’re always taking blog post ideas from readers (or answer this as a comment :)) I’d love to see what your healthy habits/non negotiables are outside of just health & fitness. I know you won’t eat procressed foods…but what else (i.e: a walk a day, prayers before bed…just something).

    • Hmm interesting question! Because fitness is such a huge part of my life I actually had to stop and think about this one. A few non-negotiables in other aspects of my life I would say would be basking in the weather as much as possible- so daily walks are typically something I do, taking the time to really see my environment rather then just letting things pass by, having a time in every day that is just mine, talking and spending time with my parents as much as possible. For this summer as I’m at home, I sit down with them every day for their before dinner drink while I eat and then stay with them for their dinner (they eat late) so that we can chat about whatever.

  13. love these posts because I feel like we’re hsaving a virtual coffee date (soy lattee for me, herbal tea for you)- So tell me friend: what are you up to?? Summer travel plans? Something you’re excited/happy/excited/nervous about??

    • Aww I’m so glad! Hi friend (waves and virtual hugs :-D). Hmm I wish I could afford summer travel plans (someone take me to cali!). Something I’m excited about? My training and meal plans and hoping they get off the ground a bit more. Happy about? The sunshine and being home this long with my parents and Maggie. Nervous about? A possible new relationship budding because this girls rusty after a 5-year. What’s something you’re nervous about my friend?

      • Hm, well I’m at a new program/school and my program has 5 people and everyone is a lot older than me…. so while I have friends in my classmates, we can’t hangount because they have kids etc. My only ‘friend’ here, is switching schools in september so I’m nervous about being lonely etc… I’ve tried to make other friends by joining extra curriculars… but I’m also a shy person. PS: will we hear about this boy on the blog πŸ˜‰

      • Sorry this took so long to get back to! Never be afraid that you will be alone, trust me, in school everyone is out to make friends because they are all in the same boat no matter what age. You will find your peeps πŸ˜€ And we shall see where things go πŸ˜‰

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