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Kids These Days…Thinking Out Loud


Hey Friends.

Guess what day it is?

Guess who has random **it to say?

This guy…errr..girl…Who misses this show?

Loved House!

1. Speaking of shows….

Greys’ Finale TONIGHT. OMG Derek is dead! :-O


Wait you’re not Derek? How did that get there? You’re welcome for the #BeautifulMan. 😉 Those eyes though…

Distractions. Anyways, thoughts on the last episode. Were you shocked they killed off Derek?

To be honest, I thought he was gunna be in that plane, but either way I kinda thought he was going to die just be Amelia was all like

“You have never lost anyone”

…to Meredith.

Did you see that coming?

Sidenote. Has anyone else started to feel like Alex is actually a really nice guy?

Also, Amelia is annoying me because she’s running away from love and happiness. Ugh.

2. Kids Are Annoying.

Not even kids, teenagers.

I say that and I still feel as if I’m not an adult (I’m 23) but for real though, how rude, disrespectful and entitled is our current teen generation?

From being unable to carry out a conversation with another person outside their circle of friends, to hating on their parents while still feeling that they deserve a level of respect and all the materialistic things in the world, teens these days I don’t understand.

It’s not a good look.

Where did all this come from?

They just don’t seem to care about anything. Where are their drives?

I say all this and I know there are exceptions, a lot, but there is a disturbing trend that is increasing and it’s frightening quite frankly.

This entitlement thing is a big problem and I think that stems from main issue of…

Society causes parents to be overworked and have no time for children. This then leads to parents showering children with whatever they want to show love. Children then grow up feeling they can get whatever they want.

The ability to live comfortably is becoming quite challenging these days. Work hours are increasing dramatically and hours spent together with family are decreasing. With this, I see a major change in teens and kids in general.

I am in no way saying that parents are in the wrong because they are doing the best they can, but I just truly believe that this loss of family time is a major contributor to this disrespectful and ‘all about me’ nature we often see. Not to mention the addiction to all things technology.

Like that helps our communication abilities…

Does it irk anyone else when someones phone appears to be glued to their hand?

3. On the topic of kids…

Driving past my high school the other morning and it actually hit me hard at how depressing it makes me feel to see so many KIDS in the smokers pit. Yes, our high school had a smokers pit. Yeah, they are technically legal, but they are so young to start such a dirty habit that does absolutely nothing for you but kill you slowly.

You know what also kills

My wallet that is…

4. My Name is Chelsea and I’m addicted to Questbars.

IMG_7640I’m not even a mint chocolate fanatic but I ordered them the day they came out and received my bundle of beauties a mere 3 days later.

I will say they are really good despite not being a mint-a-holic. Apparently they are crazy close to Girl Guide Thin Mint Cookies. I wouldn’t know as I have never had one.

S’mores still takes my heart though.

5. I’m still grilling up a storm over here.

I’m a #GrillMaster!

IMG_7665Why yes that is grilled pizza.

Okay, maybe flat bread because do you know how hard it is to get dough that is sticking to you on a grill without flaming your hands off?

IMG_7666They were beautiful though. I was proud and they were demolished happily by my parents.

For me, I have determined that I have never loved kabocha more in my life

IMG_7643Seriously, if you think you’re addicted to kabocha now, throw it on the grill and you will think you have died a heavenly death I’m not kidding.

6. Squash Gainz?

IMG_7649I swear when I look at my legs in person they look better and more defined. I apparently cannot capture it on camera. Are they still scrawny? Yes, but check out the beginnings of a quad sweep. Weeoo I love muscular legs! Grow lil babies grow!

Question for you all.

Muscle on women, be honest, do you like the look?

Personally, I love muscle. I’m not crazy about the whole “women physique model look” as an every day look mind you (which I will say, ladies is pretty much impossible to reach without drugs), but well defined, muscular legs, and shoulders along with a nice ‘winged back’ and arms that don’t look like they will snap in half is where its at in my mind.

7. More on the gain train…


I conquered my fear food of the week.


Yes. I admit it. I’m petrified of potatoes. Once again, yes my fears are incredibly stupid but they are very real to me. Today was leg day so I made this challenge today because it was the only day I could justify it in my mind a bit. I won’t get into the details behind my fear because I have a hard enough time getting past it and I don’t want to influence someone else’s thoughts in the wrong direction

There is nothing wrong with potatoes. Please, don’t fear them like I do. It’s stupid. They are something Mother Nature grows for us to eat. They are fuel.

To end on a loving note. Lets take it back to when love was what life was all about..

8. The 60’s called and the Hippies are mad you stole their van.

IMG_7651Yes. This van is real. It is real and it lives a few streets away from me.

I stood there for a good solid minute just staring at it.

Also, yes, it says PEACE on the front.

Only in Acton

Anyways guys, sending peace, love and happiness your way and big thanks to Amanda for hosting the partay that my blabbering self can attend.

Thinking-Out-LoudWould you drive a flower child van?

Favourite food on the grill?



42 thoughts on “Kids These Days…Thinking Out Loud

  1. Chelsea, the entire time I was reading this, it sounded like a chat with a friend. I kept reading a section & wanting to stop & say something like a conversation LOL. Another amazing & fun post ❤ PS: YOUR LEGS ARE AMAZING. TO-DIE-FOR.

    • Aww I’m so glad! I like being real like that and having you feel like you’re not reading something because that’s boring lets be honest 😛 Thank so much and thanks for the compliment 😀 ❤

  2. I wish you were my ‘real life friend’ so I could give you a big bear hug. I am SO SO PROUD OF YOU FOR EATING THOSE POTATOES! You don’t have to explain your fear (they always are irrational- I was scared of oil for SO long, I lied to the salad people at Mac when I was in rez & said I was ‘allergic’ to it to avoid getting dressing back in my ED days……but I’d go and eat potato chips)

    • Aww I would totally call myself your friend! Even if we can’t literally see each other. Virtual hugs all the way. Thanks so much for the support and your sharing too! It’s nice to be able to relate but it also makes me sad when others can because it means they struggle like I do. I’m so happy that you got over that fear! Good on ya lady

  3. Oh you can post pictures of Dr. Hottie anytime 😉 and your MUSCULAR (not scrawny) legs

  4. Thank you for your Grey’s summary- I didn’t know you were a fan (although with Dr. Avery how could anyone not be!). The episode killed me (I didn’t see last night’s/the funeral so don’t spoil it) but I actually cried during the one where he died because it happened SO fast. And like how does a neurosurgeon die AFTER saving people from a brain injury. Cruel

    • OMG I didn’t get to watch it (TONIGHT!!) so I won’t spoil it haha. BUT OMG RIGHT! how ironic that a brain surgeon died on the table because the brain surgeon on call was at dinner and arrive an hour and half later. I just about died right there.

  5. I loved your thoughts throughout this entire post!

  6. I’ve always thought you were wiser than your age and this post further proved it.

    • Aww thanks. I always believe that I’m more on the mature side, but I always then felt like that made me boring hahaha. You just can’t win in your own mind can ya…well you should be able to. Thanks for your support 😀

  7. As a parent, I can say if my daughter grows up to be like you, I couldn’t ask for anything more.

    • OMG you are the sweetest. That is actually one of the best comments I have ever received and I really don’t know what to say. All I can say is that I hope your daughter never ever has to deal with the struggles that I did and still do. I hope she always feels like the beautiful and free spirit that she is ❤

  8. Not being home for the summer, I think I’ll miss BBQ food the most. I LOVE grilled chicken breast NOM NOM NOM. But now I really need to try grilled squash.

    • OMG you so do, it will rock your world. I only recently discovered (surprisingly) that BBQ fish is like the best thing ever. I will say that chicken kebabs definitely have a soft spot in my heart, but grilled fish is my love. Those crispy edges…I die.

  9. I think you are your own worst critic. I swear on my life I thought those legs were a copied & pasted picture from


  11. my opinion on muscle on women: I like it. And this is from someone who grew up around ballet dancers as a child, so the ‘ideal’ was always being super tiny…. but I like the idea of being muscular…..

    • I love being muscular and I love muscle on a women. It just signifies health to me. Not only can you maintain your weight, but you have enough energy build those lovely muscles. It also makes a women look strong and more feminine I feel. You gotta build them curves!


  13. Chelsea, thank you so much for this post. I loved your thoughts on ‘children these days’ as well as the wonderful pictures of your legs. They are SO not scrawny. But Most of all thank you for giving us the update on your progress. I cannot imagine how hard it was to eat those potatoes, but I do know what it is like to face a fear. you’re amazing!

    • I’m so happy you enjoyed this post. I didn’t want to come off as all high and mighty, but it really does bother me how rude some teens are these days, and that says a lot as I’m only a few years their senior. I would have never spoke to someone like that or acted in that way a few years ago! Thanks so much for all of your love and support!

  14. If those legs don’t give every one of your readers motivation to hit the gym today, nothing will

  15. So proud of you for eating those potatoes, lovely!

  16. Thank you for this post! It made me laugh, smile & think- a perfect way to begin a Friday morning.

  17. Thank you for sharing your fear with us all & I am so proud you over came it!

  18. Hi Chelsea, great post. You have great legs & are so strong both physically and mentally.

  19. Chelsea, I don’t mean to take away from the wonderfulness of the post, but I just left the gym (and am now refueling at Starbucks ;)) and the entire time I was there I was dying to ask you something. My workout routine always consisted of about 1 hour of cardio- usually on the elliptical….fast no resistance of backwards slowly with some resistance- but sometimes I wouldn’t even break a sweat so nothing too crazy. Inspired by your last post, today I picked up some dumbells…. I’m still too scared of the ‘weight’ section…. and I did single arm bicept curls for about 10 minutes in total. How much weight lifitign is enough? What should I even be doing?

    • Not taking away at all! I’m so proud that you ventured down to see the weights! I would say that doing weights is never a general thing, like I couldn’t tell you how much specifically should be doing as that is up to your fitness level, you goals, your interests, etc. I will say that if you want the most benefits, look up things like lunges, squats and more upper body presses as those are more full body, dynamic movements rather then just targeting one single muscle (ie the bicep).

  20. I laughed out loud. Very entertaining post.

  21. I just read this post and had to laugh. I , like you , were/am also “scared of potatoes”. I have started eating Sweet Potatoes (and like a champ I might add) the past six months – year, but the white ones in all forms, still have the red flashing WARNING! signs in my mind. I believe I too have experienced the struggles and recovery which you are going through. It is tough to gain muscle when you have a fear of food ( due to added weight placement). I commend you on the goals you are setting and the steps you are taking to get there. There will always be setbacks (yes, I’m in one now), but once you set your mind to it, the possibilities are endless. (heh, it’s a matter of actually getting in the mindset which is an EVERYDAY battle).
    Good luck and Cheers from New Jersey!

    • For sure! Definitely fear of food doesn’t help when gaining weight. I’m sorry you also have to deal with fears but like you said, if you set your mind to it, you will achieve it. You just have to be ready to go in full fledge. Thanks for the good luck and I wish you all the best 😀

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