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Follow-Up + Tuesday Thoughts


Hey Friends!

Just a few lil thoughts I had to share for today. Bring on the typical Lil Miss Fitness Freak randomness

1. Thank You

Thank you all so much for your love, feedback and support on yesterday’s vlog. It means the world to me trust me. I promise to bring you along on this journey with me so that that hopefully it can help anyone who may be going through the same thing. Facing fears is not easy. It doesn’t just happen without internal struggles and some ugly times and I hope to be as real with you as possible.

2. Feedback

Speaking of yesterday’s video, a lot of you had concerns about what to do next or that you will gain weight if you stop doing cardio. Check out my follow-up video below (click on the thumbnail) as I attempted to clear your concerns. I hope that helps.

Thank you thumbnail

Complete 180 comin at you random-wise as we continue these Tuesday Thoughts….

3. I’m Really Gunna Miss My Dad’s BBQ

For real though..


Sweet potatoes + grilled curry seasoned hoki fillet topped with avocado and olive oil drizzle + unpictured appie salad as usual

 I thought roasted sweet potatoes were good, but charred on the barby just takes them to a whole new level of amazingness. Anyone else in the same boat where the black, charred parts are the bestest?

4. I Faced My First Fear Challenge Today.

As part of increasing my calories, specifically carbohydrates, my nutritionist and I planned on slowly adding an intraworkout supplement into my training. It was something I was thinking of doing for a while, but dried fruit really freak me out because sugar is the biggest fear thing for me. I actually brought up the idea as I have seen many people on YouTube who use candy as a pre or intra (meaning during) workout boost of sugar to finish their workout strong as opposed to dying off and half-assing the end part of their training because their glycogen or energy stores are gone at that point. As Gabrielle and I discussed, once you reach about 1.5 hours of training, it is about time that you consider a refuel as your glycogen stores are probably starting to wane a lil bit. I have regularly felt drop off and so I really did think about poppin some dried fruit as a way to get my flame back on when I start to fizzle out BUUUUUTTT..

The sugar freaked me out and I didn’t do it.

Today, as part of my goals this week, I will say that I successfully popped dried figs during my workout today and I didn’t die. Did I feel a bit of guilt? Yes. I felt guilty as my body heated up like fire because my metabolism is not used to concentrated sources of sugar. I felt guilty feeling that sugar on my teeth after I ate them just tauntin me that I ate something I feared.

What I also noticed?

I didn’t feel half asleep on my drive home due to being uber depleted and fatigued after being drained completely during my workout. I was also able to power through the rest of my workout feeling more alive.

So like I said before, I need to focus on those later benefits that I felt and not think too much about the other things. I train hard and if it helps me perform better, why should I be afraid of it?

So the dried figs will continue on. One day at a time.

5. I Miss My Housies.

Emily texted me the other day and she made my whittle heart melt.


These two have honestly become my best friends and I truly miss them already. We have our own lil jokes. Our own traditions. Our own quirks. We even have our own go-to restaurant that we always have our date nights at.

So glad my housemates love Thai food as much as I do. Red Papaya is our jam-a-rama.

So glad my housemates love Thai food as much as I do. Red Papaya is our jam-a-rama.

I get to have Rita in my life for the next month or two before she heads back home to China, but I’m without my Emily for the whole summer as she lives in Montreal. I’m excited to live with them in our new house next year

6. I’m Going Over Board On Halibut.

Spring and summer time is the ONLY time that halibut steaks are available. Steaks are immensely better then any fillet will ever be tenderness and moistness (sorry…) wise because you are baking it with the bone in and the skin wrapped around it.

Pretty sure I have eaten this 3 times this week…#Obsessed.


Once again, grill that baby up for the biggest mouth-gasm.

7. That Meme Though..


So true. Anyone else? I actually feel like a dog no joke. I will totally make you a plate but don’t even think about touching whats on my plate if you want your fingers.

8. Nut Butter Amazingness.

So I absolutely adore the White Chocolate Raspberry Questbar flavour and well, this is an obvious love..


Why must you been so smalll whittle package. That won’t last.

Found this gem on Paleo approved, no crap and no sugar added. Bam.

9. Speaking Of Questbars…Squeeeeeaal.

I have a problem. They were released this morning… Money was removed from my bank account and a box was ready to be shipped to my parents house by this afternoon.

There are worse addictions right?

Anywho, those are my thoughts for today. I hope you had a great Tuesday friends.

Are you a fan of chocolate mint?

What’s you’re go-to restaurant?



12 thoughts on “Follow-Up + Tuesday Thoughts

  1. hi chelsea, took me a while to find the video for this- I think your link is broken!!! It is on your youtube page though. In terms of the ‘trigger warnings’, I do see their place on social media but for your long time readers, I think we know what your blog is about- you promote health and only health so for me I do not believe a TW is needed because I know your intentions.

    • Hey thanks so much on the info for my video! I fixed the link so it should be all good now. Thanks for taking all that effort to still find and watch it. You’re the best! And also thanks for the feedback for my thoughts 🙂

  2. Glad to have come back & finally see the video (shout outs to the other reader who commented- thank you). I do see how Trigger Warnings have their place, but I found nothing you said triggering. I mean anyone with anything going on is going to find one thing triggering (not trying at all to diminish the concerns of another reader, just stating).

    • Thank you for your feedback and yes I’m so glad someone told me about the link! Sometimes they just don’t copy and paste as I’m speeding my way through the last details to post haha. I’m glad you enjoyed the video! 🙂

  3. Thank you for the follow up video!

  4. I’m so glad I don’t have to do cardio, I hate it! But I always did cardio because it burns the most calories.

    • It actually doesn’t burn more calories then lifting. during the cardio itself it may burn overall more calories (depending on the intensity of you lifting) but lifting continues to burn calories afterwards due to the EPOC effect while cardio calorie burning stops the second that treadmill stops. I do suggest keeping something cardiovascular for your heart health but that doesn’t mean you have to slave away on the cardio machines. Instead, try plyos, circuits, HIIT, etc 🙂

  5. Thank you for yet another video and trusting us so much to show you’re journey with.

  6. Is it true lots of protein can also fix a broken metabolism?

    • A broken metabolism is generally the result of calorie restriction in general. Most fitness competitors end up killing their metabolism by eating too few calories (carbohydrates specifically is the big one) while also doing hours of cardio. They do however try to keep their protein really high to spare their muscle and just keep as full as possible, but that doesn’t seem to help their metabolisms. So I’m going to tentatively say no because the biggest part of fixing a broken metabolism is to lay low on the cardio and bring those calories back up, generally in the form of carbohydrates and fats. Protein is generally left untouched.

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