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Update + Cardio Cycle Brooke Question


HIYA Friends!

Who’s done exams?

If you’re not, I hope you’re finished soon so you can join me in this vacay bliss.

Plans for the summer?

For me, I’m hoping to nab a job first off. #NeedMoney

I applied for a volunteer position in the clinic on my campus for being a dietetic shadow volunteer. Unfortunately the nutrition spots were all filled for the summer (crossing my fingers for the fall) but they offered a physio shadow position so I might be able to take that one! It may not be nutrition but it is still something that offers me clinical experience and it is technically related to exercise so it should be interesting.

I’m also hoping to get my application into Homewood in Guelph which is a health care clinic that specializes in mental health and addition. In fact, it has the largest eating disorder program in Canada and the most recognized addictions program as well.Β  I knew someone who volunteered in the eating disorder unit and helped out during meal times and I think that would be an amazing opportunity for me if I had the chance to do it.

Bulking. Yup. Bulking. This is for real this time though because my parents have put me on lockdown and have set up some dates where if I don’t start to increase my weight by July there will be some changes that will happen that will definitely conflict with my goals. I was just starting to see some gains and then I got that bout of food poisoning and it literally just dug my grave for me. So now I need to crack down on that voice and my fears and just get it done no matter what. This is my life and I want to be in control. I can do this.

Is it frustrating that one single sickness incident has spiraled into my parents being scared and now forcing pressure for weight gain…?

Absolutely yes. I’m angry with my body that it looses so quickly. More so though, I’m angry that my mind has let it get to the point where I really have no buffering weight for if I get sick. I need to fix that and it starts now. Just trying to stick to the positive thoughts…

Extra food will get me out of my plateau at the gym.

Extra food will mean I’m less tired and less cold.

Extra food will give me a glow.

Extra food will make me healthier.

Positivity will get me through this rough time. Be ready to see this journey unfold.

So enough about me, now onto you. In particular, onto you Brooke. You asked me this question quite a while back and I told you to hold tight because I wanted to do a video on it and here it finally is. I hope it answered what you needed and helps out anyone else as well.

As usual, click the thumbnail and that will take you to my vlog where I answer her question.

How do you get out of the cardio cycle?

Photo on 2015-04-19 at 14.18Please leave your thoughts, responses and feedback below in zee comments as usual as I love hearing from you guys. πŸ™‚

Also, before I leave you all, I found a video about a week ago that really summed up my opinion on Juice Cleanses. I have mentioned her on the blog before, but Robyn really is just a great person and I like to bring her on here once and a while as she can be a great resource for anyone here looking for nutrition advice from a Real Life RD.

One day I hope to be where you are, well were as you switched gears to nursing, but her knowledge and experience is really beneficial!

Enjoy! Again, click on her blog image for the video link up. Sorry Robyn, I snagged your info picture for the thumbnail…I hope you don’t mind.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and I will chatter with you all soon!



28 thoughts on “Update + Cardio Cycle Brooke Question

  1. Holy moly- thank you so so so much for answering my question (I even forgot about it, so thank you for not!). Please take NO offense to this, but your video, scared the crap out of me!!!!!! I actually was afraid to walk into the gym today, because I now have no clue what to do (the eliptical was my go to 4 days a week).

    • I’m so glad you got to see it and I’m sorry it took me so long! Oh no! Don’t be afraid!! Use as a resource and get your lil tushie into the weight floor. Lifting is so much more fun (and effective!) then cardio anywho. I hope my next post (the video in response to this post) can put your mind at ease a lil bit.

  2. The fact that I’ll now have to gain weight is scaring me. But this is information I needed.

    • Don’t be scared. You are not going to gain a million pounds over night. All I was trying to do was to prepare you all for a slight increase in weight as your metabolism repairs itself. You body will adjust once you get it back to humming along normally. πŸ™‚ Trust the process

  3. Do you have any tips on how to fix a slow metabolism?

    • you need to feed it. You metabolism is naturally at its fastest when you are fueling your body properly (ie getting enough calories) + addition of gaining lean muscle mass from lifting.

      If you need to fix your metabolism, it’s going to be all about ensuring you are getting enough food in your tank.

  4. You always provide the absolute most WONDERFUL advice

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you

  6. Hi Chelsea, I am so sorry to hear that you are not doing well (well, you are good and healthy and strong, but you have some other things going on). I just wanted to thank you for being honest with us about your struggles. As a fellow ED sufferer (or recoverer), I do not think I could ever admit to having been forced to gain weight by my parents (which has happened… which I guess I am admitting to…but I’m behind a screen with no identity). I know it is hard to do (and scary and frustrating and everything) but I hope you know that your parents are coming from such a loving place. Thank you for bringing me on your journey to do so- I think it will help me also let go of some of my restrictions.

    • Thank you for your love and support. You guys mean so much to me believe me! ❀ I'm so glad that being open about my experiences can be beneficial as that is why I strive to not hold things back. This process is far near perfect and people need to see that it's hard but it is attainable to combat those things. I also want to take some of the ambiguity out of what happens with change as that is one of the biggest things that holds me back from making changes myself. The fear of the unknown. I hope you are doing well and I hope to help you in any way with letting go of those restrictions and let you live more and more happily πŸ™‚

  7. I also have stomach issues & had that test done (fortunently I tested negative). I remember being afraid and frustrated as well. I hope you find peace in knowing that you aren’t crazy (doesn’t it seem like that when you’re always like ‘my tummy hurts’ and everyone is like ‘we dont know whats wrong’ LOL). I think sharing that stuff will help, because like you I also have IBS and GERD (but not chrons). Maybe you have celiac disease?

    • Ugh such a gross test, I hope you have figured out the root cause of whatever made you go for that test in the first place! I appreciate the fact that you understand because it’s so true that people who don’t go through digestive issues can’t really understand much more then just that my stomach is ‘off’ and I’m grumpy because of it. I was tested for celiac and it actually came back negative (blood work only, no physical test) but hopefully this test shines in some more light.

  8. Hi Chelsea, thank you for the updates. I’m sending you love & well wishes.

  9. Chelsea, I know you touched on this briefly before, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on intermediate fasting (for someone who already does it unintentionally) to fix a broken metabolism?

    • Personally I have never heard of someone using it to fix a broken metabolism. Generally it’s a way for people to control their weight if they like to eat big meals or it just works with their schedule and they are able to get their calories in that window. For a broken metabolism, you have to be eating more calories for it’s repair and so if you can increase you calories and still do IF then its fine, but if you are unable to reach your caloric needs during your feeding window, you will never fix your metabolism

  10. I’ve read that calorie cycling helps you keep your metabolism going, is this true? I’ve also herd that starvation mode is a myth, is this true?

    • I’m no expert, as I go from what I learn myself and through experience. Starvation mode is a very real thing. When your body feels as if it’s not getting enough fuel, it will slow you metabolism down to try to hold onto everything that it can because from its point of view, it must be in a famine and so burning as little as possible is optimal. For us though, who are not in a famine, but going on diets that subject your body to this stress, it simply makes your metabolism slow and therefore when you go back to eating normally, it will not be as efficient as it once was to break it down and burn the same amount of energy and therefore you end up gaining weight.

      As for calorie cycling, I don’t believe that it keeps your metabolism going, it’s more for craving control and fueling your training from what I have heard and switching it up so you’re not in a constant state of low carbohydrate. I’m assuming you are asking about carb cycling rather than calorie cycling? But yeah, basically most people tend to enjoying having a higher carb day after a few days of lower carb so it’s a mental thing OR people tend to use it as a way of fueling the workout of the day. For example, high carb days on leg or back days and lower on rest days and maybe lower intensity workout days. Depends on the person and their goals.

  11. Thank you so much for always taking the time to come back to us ❀ please keep us updated on your health, I know I truly care about you!

  12. Chelsea, please take care of yourself ❀

  13. SO SO SO much I want to say (forgive me, but you’ve been gone for a while then sprung this wonderful video on me & my mind went ‘WOW’).

    1. Thank you thank you thank you thank you x a million thank yous for all you do for this blog
    2. Hope exams went well
    3. Maggie is adorable
    4. I understand the broke student life, expensive-grocery-lululemon-addiction, but sometimes working for free/volunteering helps more on a resume. I didn’t believe this until I went to grad school & the one thing that helped me land a really cool research position was the fact that I volunteered for free during a summer of my undergrad in the field versus worked at somewhere like starbucks
    5. I’m so sorry to hear about your health concerns but keep us updated. I’ve been to a GI doctor before, so I get the frustrations but once you know you can adjust yourself and lifestyle accordingly
    6. That video scared me!!!!!!! No cardio? My body is freaking out? NOW WHAT DO I DO WITHOUT GAINING WEIGHT.

    • hahah yeah Im sorry for being MIA, as much as I want to post all the time, life gets in the way and doesn’t allow for me to do that, or at least they wouldn’t be as good as they would be rushed.
      1. this blog helps me just as much and I love doing it, so no thanks needed πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading it.
      2. Exams were good, stressful, but I think they went well. I hope the same for you (well not the stressful part!)
      3. Oh yea and she knows it πŸ˜‰
      4. Thanks for your thoughts, I hope to do both as I need money to pay for my new place’s rent.
      5. Yeah hopefully something is understood better with all of these tests so I can adjust and live without constant GI annoyances.
      6. Aww I hope the follow up video helped those fears! Cardio is not the best way to loose weight and it doesn’t help much with maintaining a physique. Weights lady, lift those weights. Don’t be afraid, you are more scared of them then they are trying to make you be of them, trust me. It’s just experience PLUS weights= beautiful lady curves via lean muscle. Cardio just burns muscle, so really, which is better?

  14. Hi chelsea, you don’t have to post this comment if you think it’s too harsh or criticising or triggering (I truly, wholeheartedly am coming from a good place, I promise). I just wanted to say this (and you can interpret it however you like): do not mistaken your fears for your stomach issues/trying to do whats right for your stomach with the ED thoughts.

    As someone with an ED past, once I was diagnosed with IBS I slowly began restricting things as I was told to do to help my stomach…and well it’s a slippery slop even if just mental.

    • Oh no worries at all! I totally understand what you’re saying unfortunately for me it’s something I have had since I was like 8 years old and now it’s flaring up again and I’m having to go for testing.

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