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Happy Easter Friends!

Hope your holiday and long weekend have been filled with fun and family!

I traveled home for the long weekend to spend a few days with my parents and lil Miss Maggie. It has been really nice to come home and chill before my exams start this coming Saturday.

For my Easter Sunday I got to have a nice dinner with my Nana and Papa and parents so our gathering was nice and intimate.

IMG_7553I learned that I’m the worst turkey carver ever. So unaesthetic

I tried. I really did.

The catching up was so nice as I don’t get to see my Nana and Papa as often as I would like. Dinner was fabulous as well. I was in charge of all the veggies so I roasted up sweet potatoes and squash in rosemary and olive oil in addition to a big batch of asparagus, green beans, brussel sprouts (I ate 4 and didn’t die! Those lil brains are my favourite, I miss them) and mushrooms.

IMG_7560Turkey needs avocado in my mind. No?

Unpictured was the batch of roasted tri-colour baby potatoes (my Dad needs his taters since he’s anti orange :-P), stuffing my Mom made, a big salad, and my Nana and Papa’s carrot and turnip mash.

Dessert was a peach pie courtesy of moi picking that up from GoodnessMe! for my parents and a yogurt parfait for my Nana and Papa as my Papa is on a diet due to high cholesterol.


As someone studying to be a dietician, it annoys the hell out of me how old fashioned some dieticians are. The rules and restrictions they place on their patients make me so angry, especially if it’s my Papa we are talking about. I worry that he is not getting enough nutrients in his day due to this ‘diet’ and nutrient density is critical for older individuals to maintain their longevity. His meals appear to lack in protein (um he’s not getting any with lunch due to having a salad only..), he’s not allowed to eat past a certain point in the day, lean meats only (ie, no fat for you!), etc, etc. I hate these cookie cutter diet plans and the fact that many dieticians are stuck in the past when science has proven a number of these rules to be completely false.

Ranting aside, not all dieticians do this, but I have experienced way to many that have. I understand that with the elderly it may be easier to just give them a plan to follow, but filling their head with lies I don’t think is right when they are depending on you for knowledge for their health.


I hit legs hard this morning and will be heading back to Guelph tonight after a lil bit of indulging

First my Mom and I are going to get our traditional Easter nails. This is what I’m thinkin

Adorable Easter Nail Art Examples

Although I think I would go with a lilac for the other nails and not that blue.

I also really like this one…

Anyone else reminded of candy dots with these? Love it. #nails #nailart #candy

But I’m worried it will be too much…Then again it is Easter so I should go crazy right?

Instagram photo by shaunatokidoki #nail #nails #nailart  | See more at

Or this. Minus the thumb and in that bright pink colour…

Gah I’m so indecisive.

I’m also indulging once again in …

IMG_7433Yes. It’s only been two weeks, but my parents are taking me to get ice cream once again on our way back to Guelph. I kinda feel like it’s too soon to be indulging in something like this again (big fear for me, but I do love it) but my parents want me to challenge myself more often so that I don’t get as scared anymore.

We will see if their theory works.

I did work legs really hard today, so I can haz ice cream right?

Hopefully I survive once again. And a reduction in guilt would be nice too. Sigh. Soon enough.

Anyways I’m off, but before I go, here’s a pick of Maggie after she got beautified this weekend. She had cute lil Easter bows but those fell out.

IMG_7564Kisses! 🙂




41 thoughts on “Hippity-Hoppity!

  1. Wishing you a happy Easter!

  2. As always, thank you for being so honest and open

  3. Chelsea, let us know how the ice cream experience goes. Your parents theory is something that helped me recover.

    • Congrats congrats on your recovery process! I’m so glad that you were able to pull yourself out of it. It’s not easy. I hope that you’re journey is still on the right path and that you are dong well. 🙂

  4. Hi Chelsea, I know I havent commented in a while, but this post really struck a cord with me- so I apologize for the lengthier comment.

    First and foremost, I cannot thank you enough for being so open and honest about your food struggles. I know you did so in the past, but since your big ‘reveal’ so to speak, the fact that you’ve continued to do so is amazing. I cannot even imagine how much strength that takes (and to eat something you’re so scared of).

    Secondly, I wanted to applaud you for your critique of the RN industry. I remember a few years ago, my sister whose been overweight since childhood due to a kidney disorder, went to see a doctor based upon the doctor’s recommendation. I was only 15 or 16 but I remember knowing it was wrong that he told you ‘you can eat as much bacon as you want but dont eat a tomato’. Looking back now, I know it was a ketotis-type diet. And it may have worked. The entire time I argued with my parents because I was like ‘how can you not let her have fruit or vegetables but unlimited jello and meat?”…. sometimes I feel guilty because I think that if I let her stay on it she could be thinner and healthier … but again, I dont agree with it. I ahve no training in nutrition but even I knew something was off….

    • Never apologize! I love hearing from you all. 🙂 Thank you so much for you’re support and I’m glad you like the honesty I bring. I want to be as relatable as possible so that everyone can feel comfortable opening up to me and asking me questions, not to mention I want my struggles to be educational to others as well.

      Yeah it’s always frustrating that you can’t always trust even the professionals. That white coat doesn’t always mean they know all.I don’t the specifics on why a ketogenic diet may be beneficial for a kidney disorder but always trust your gut and never be afraid to challenge the doctor and ask why they believe that she should be doing that as it’s your family and you want the best for them. Also, the keto diet really isn’t something sustainable or realistic for most, especially if its not by choice. I hope your sister is doing better now and that she has found a well rounded way of approaching her dietary lifestyle

  5. Thanks for another great post, C!

  6. I’m obsessed with your blog, and I love all of your posts. I think it’s great that you take the time to respond to your comments. I’m commenting because I got insanely excited to see that you’re facing your fears more and more!

    • Aww I’m so glad you enjoy what I write and I try my best to respond to everyone because you spent the time to comment and read it all (I blabber a lot so that is definitely a challenge for my readers aahaha) so why should I not return the favour? PLUS I love chattering with you guys. Thanks for your support on my fear foods as well. It really does help to have support behind me ❤

  7. Love this post! I already eat most of these regularly, but I also wanted to comment o your instagram- I am definitely going to have to try putti almond butter in my baked sweet potatoes, that sounds so good!

    • Thanks so much! I’m glad you enjoyed the post 🙂 Yes Yes try the nut butter on your sweet potatoes! The healthy fats also help you absorb the beta carotene better too as it’s a fat soluble vitamin. If you need more justification to do it 😉

  8. This is such an odd-ball question, but I wanted to ask you how you keep your skin so nice despite working out. Since I’ve begun working out my skin looks like a pepperoni pizza!

    • Knock on wood, I have been pretty lucky with my skin my whole life where I freak out if I get one or two pimples on my face at once because I feel like I’m breaking out. I always make sure I wash my face as soon as I can and also make sure not to touch your face. Sweating is the not the issue as that lets your skin breathe and detox, but it’s the junk that you add to your face by touching your skin too much and/or clogging your pours with makeup. Make sure when you’re working out that your make-up is minimal (none is best) and especially avoid things that cover the whole face like foundation as that will just lead to clogs.

      You skin is also very reactive to dietary things as well. So keep a watch on how your skin reacts when you have a lot of dairy and/or caffeine as those are common acne triggers.

  9. LOVE this article. Honestly, you have single handedly changed the way I eat and think about food! Do you ever drink green smoothies? What is your take on them?

  10. love these random posts as they serve as healthy motivation for treating myself to 3, balanced, meals a day. I’m wondering if you ever go off your plan, for example have too many sweets (or drinks), or something with gluten. How do you recommend getting back on track? Also, with sweets, I had successfully managed my sweet tooth but now it’s creeping back up where i want something sweet after every meal! Any tips/tricks to get over this?

    • Thank you so much, I’m glad you enjoy and take something from them! 🙂 I don’t really agree with the whole ‘getting back on track thing’ as it’s like you did something wrong. Everyone goes a lil bit overboard once and a while. I can’t say I do very often at all because of my past (feeling overly full is a fear thing for me, so it rarely happens and if I do feel that way its generally due to bloating due to overdoing it on veggies or something like that). Instead, realize that it happened, perhaps think about why it may have happened and move on eating normally the next day. You body will tell you what it needs and that generally just means you won’t be as hungry the next day. If you are, dont worry either, like I said, it happens to everyone and you just move onto the next day like any other. The only recommendation I might make is to ensure you get lots of water to help with flushing out anything that might have been eaten in excess that you body isn’t used to. For example, a really greasy meal that you never eat but overdid a bit, drinking a lot of water will help the body to digest it and flush out anything it needs to more efficiently.

      As for this return of the sweet tooth, perhaps think about what is going on in your life right now? Are you stressed? Did you change something? If you can’t think of anything then perhaps try to incorporate naturally sweet things into you diet more. Try eating a sweet potato with some cinnamon for example as the last part of your meal as it can help curve sweet cravings because it’s naturally sweet. What about a nice flavoured herbal tea? Frozen fruit as a dessert (grapes, pineapple and bananas are the best in my opinion ;-)). Or perhaps thinks about your current diet. Are you restricting carbs or calories in generally? that is a big trigger for sugar cravings as you brain thinks it’s not getting enough fuel (glucose) so it makes you crave the easiest fuel to digest which would be sugar. Always ensure you’re eating enough and cravings will be less apparent if not gone completely because your body feels as if it is getting what it needs to function.

      I always say that cravings are a sign of deficiency. Keep that in mind.

  11. You are my food idol. I really love all of your posts.

  12. Definitely some of my fave foods! I loooovvvve avocados and eat avocado kale salad almost every day. Delish!

  13. thanks so much for this post! it’s so helpful. do you have any tips for how to get your skin back to glowing after eating not so great foods for a weekend?

  14. first, i love your blog and your information on nutrition. i know you incorporate a lot of good fats into your diet, and i understand the benefits of those fats. however, those fats have more calories than carbs and protein. would you suggest the same focus on healthy fats to someone who wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds? i know that’s not the focus of your nutrition, but i would love to hear what advice you have for those of us who are not overweight but wouldn’t mind losing a few pounds.

    • Thank you so much! As for your question, I never advocate taking away certain food groups. When something has more calories, if you’re intuitively eating, you will simply eat less of it because those higher calories means that it would fill you up more. Fats keep you satisfied longer and so many actually advocate really looking into fats as a method of controlling cravings and loosing some weight because they keep you fuller and much more satisfied then carbohydrate sources. You also have to be very careful with fats because you need a certain level to maintain hormone functioning.

  15. Can you help me understand what BCAAs are

  16. …I love the simplicity of your meals/recipes all while incorporating ingredients that are obtainable and not overly expensive. You are an inspiration in a world that is full of processed and industrialized food– you really change the paradigm…

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad that my stuff can be more realistic for anyone to make. As much as I like spending a lot of time making a fancy meal, that is not always going to work for most people or for myself most of the time. Its all about making something fast and simple that is amazing to the taste buds too. It’s all about spices and herbs 🙂

  17. Your ideas and poss were just what I needed to get back on the health wagon and experiment with new recipes and workout

  18. I’m incredibly grateful for all of your support in taking the time to continuously blog throughout your school year

  19. As an animal lover/health nut, I’m drawn to the plant based, vegetarian/vegan friendly diet. But I also know my body well enough to know I need animal protein. I eat many eggs instead of meat…and lots of fish, but cannot remove them. I mean, I’m trying to gain muscle and having protein powder & beans all day isn’t appealing. Is this something you struggle with? How do you ration it?

    • Although morals and beliefs are high, your body should take the top priority. You are trying to balance by not eating as much, but if your body runs best on animal based proteins (which fish and eggs are great!) then it will forever make you feel as if you’re craving something and needing something to feel you best. You need to listen to what it needs. Unfortunately we are not all people who can thrive on a veggie based diet. Try to not focus too much on protein powders despite them being a very efficient and pure source of protein (assuming you’re buying a good quality protein that is not filled with chemicals and such) as you want to aim to eat your nutrition as much as possible and get variety in your diet. Embrace the fish and have beans/peas/lentils and such when you want them, but always ensure that you’re getting enough protein and that you have variety for a good amino acid profile.

      I try my best to buy the best quality of fish and other proteins as possible. I choose to spend my money on food rather then other things so I tend to buy better quality. I feel that if I’m buying wild, grassfed, organic and sustainably caught choices that I’m at least being as humane as possible. Of course, I cannot afford all of my protein sources like that, but fish I try to never buy farmed, all of my red meats are either grassfed or exotic (bison, ostrich, etc as they are naturally grassfed and never given hormones/meds) and I try my best with chicken and turkey but those are the ones I tend to fail on as they are just so expensive for such a small amount.

  20. Fantastic article. As a fellow RD, it pains me to see this rampant fear-mongering and shaming of foods in our society

    • Food shaming seems to be the natural things these days. Opinions are pushed on everyone these days and unfortunately we are all impressionable and get easily overwhelmed by the number of theories that get thrown at them as the ‘perfect way to be healthy’. It’s sad but I hope that everyone can look at these with a scrutinizing eye and do their own research and body experiences to see what works best for them

  21. Okay so I was just offered a “desk job” for the summer.
    I’ll be a receptionist from 8 to 5 and sit here motionless for that whole time except for a half an hour lunch.

    My whole life I had active jobs and lifestyles… , lifting, stocking shelves and bartending for 4 years.. I never had a problem transforming my body within a couple of months. Now, it’s like torture. How do I not stall my weightloss. I already eat 1500-1600 cal a day so I dont wanna go lower. I’m 5/2 and about 136-140 lbs (from 152!)

    what are your tips or advice to get results?

    Thanks! )

    • The thing I can recommend is that you have to keep exercise in your lifestyle. You will have to take some time out and plan when you can get stay active if your weight loss goals are very important to you. Listen to your body when it comes to your hunger and don’t fall victim to “I’m bored” cravings when you’re not actually hungry. Take every opportunity to move around and perhaps think about bringing in an exercise ball to sit in rather then your chair as that causes issues with posture and such.

      Also make sure you have you meals prepped for you so you won’t feel temptation to buy food or munch on treats that your coworkers bring in and always ensure you have some healthy munchies and tea on hand. Tea is great for those “I’m bored” or sugar cravings when stuck in an office.

      I hope that helps!

  22. When it comes to snacks, which are better: protein-packed snacks or snacks that are high in fiber? I know they’re both supposed to be filling. What’s your take?

    • I would say a lil bit of both and don’t forget those healthy fats too. Snacks don;t need to have a ton of thought, but I would recommend keeping at least 2 of the macronutrients predominant for staying power. Most people tend to reach for carbs only (ie fruit, granola bars, cereal, etc) because they are handy, but carbohydrates, especially if it’s a simpler carbohydrate like fruit, will keep your satisfied for a whole 3 seconds before you’re searching around for something else. If you want fruit, make sure you have a fat or protein source with it so slow down its break down and release in your body so it can actually tide you over until your next meal, which is the point of snacks. As with fiber, try to get a carbohydrate source that has a good amount of fiber as once again that slows down your body’s breakdown of it and makes it last longer.

  23. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your rant on dieticians. I saw one recently for weight concerns. I’m overweight and was noticing how much it’s affecting my health (my knees ache & I get winded walking to class!). I’m only 22 so my school’s plan would cover it….anyways, as much as I want to lose weight I knew something was wrong when she told me I should have 2 eggs+ 2 slices of toast with MARGERINE for breakfast, an apple for a snack, a salad (no protein or anything) for lunch and then dinner should be chicken or white fish (no fat) with salad or 1 cup of veggies……. when asked if I could have more than a cup of veggies for dinner, she said no…. I mean I’m sorry, but I know I didnt get fat from eating too many veggies.

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