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No Gym & All The Carbz…


Yeah. I’m not impressed.

Photo on 2015-02-20 at 14.58Sorry for the icky picture…just keepin it real with you all.

I have mentioned before that there are few things that keep me from the gym. Unfortunately one of them hit me this morning out of the blue.


Getting myself all ready for legday Friday, making my post-workout zoats and eating my preworkout bowl of goodness, who knew that my breaky would make a re-appearance. Sigh.

Fast forward a day, because after that I spent the day either sleeping or making more puke puke..sorry TMI. I will say that today that I’m feeling a bit better. Weak, but better.

This is exactly how I feel this morning. Scrawny.

I basically slept all day yesterday with the exception of trying to eat a small bowl of plain banana oats…

IMG_7272That didn’t go over well.

Back to bed.

Woke up this morning and was actually hungry so white rice and plain chicken in a cup it was.

IMG_7273So far so good. One thing about being sick is that those those foods that I tend to avoid on a day to day basis have to be revisisted because those are the only things to eat at the moment.

  • Carbs all the time despite not going to the gym. This one is really hard for me. I tell you guys this all of the time, don’t be afraid to eat carbs, but there is still that small inkling of guilt in my own self when eating them and, well, sleeping all day. Truth is, when you’re vomiting, plain, quick carbs are the only thing you can hold down and for the purposes of my not having much weight to spare, I need to keep food down.
  • White rice. This was another thing that I had to get over. I don’t tend to eat it because it’s a quick, fiberless carbohydrate source (plus I like the taste of brown rice better if I have to eat rice) but once again, stomach flus don’t like fiber. This was proven to me after my second bowl of oatmeal was rejected.
  • Fruit. I normally have my fruit around my workouts when my body needs the sugar, so I actually get quite a guilty feeling if I have it otherwise. In this instance though, I have to tell myself that my body needs the electolytes at the moment and once again, I just need food to keep me from loosing weight too quickly.

Please do not take what I said here as me telling you these foods are bad. These are my own personal struggles.

So yeah, with me feeling better today, I’m hoping I can get back into zee gym on Monday (ie day 4 of being off, which is unheard of for me). I need a good solid day of getting some fuel back into this body before I head back in so hopefully Sunday will do that for me as today is only my first day of eating anything and keeping it down.

Hope the end of your reading week has been better than mine friends and excuse me while I have a microbiology midterm to now study for….FML



6 thoughts on “No Gym & All The Carbz…

  1. Oh no! Feel better.

  2. ❤ try maybe a smoothie!

  3. Thank you for sharing your struggles with food guilt. Just the fact that you have the struggles and yet can eat them is amazing.

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