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For You Molly


So I have another Question and Answer-ish vlog coming at you all thanks to a very good friend of mine, Molly. Click on the thumbnail to take you to the video and I hope you enjoy.

PS. Ladies, please listen very closely to the very last few sentences of the video (if you make it that far, I’m sorry it’s long) even though I’m practically yelling at the screen HA. It’s very important for you to break that myth in your minds!

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34 thoughts on “For You Molly

  1. So thankful Molly asked this question. I really was wondering this & loved it.

  2. Bison Stew? Interesting!

  3. I really want to start lifting and like actually using the weight section of the gym (for looks and like just to be a better athlete etc). But I am so scared because I have NO clue how to make use of the machines and like everyone else does look like they do. I don’t want to break any ‘unspoken’ weight room rules.

    • Hahah those unspoken gym rules. Interesting idea for another video πŸ˜‰ don’t worry about anyone else. They are all focused on themselves. The gym is probably the biggest ego show ever so all people do is stare at themselves lol. Try looking some exercises up on and testing them out. They have great step by step instructions and videos too! Plus beginner to advanced level exercises. Just start off with beginner and slowly work your way up as you get more comfortable

  4. You are the furthest from weak. A guy is saying this.

  5. Thank you for this! This is ridiculously helpful!

  6. I’m not a beginner at the gym but man do I wish I had this video back then. So many of these mistakes I learned the hardway

  7. It is really nice to hear someone who is a gym pro encourage those of us who are not as experienced. I now work out at my at home, but when I used to go to the gym I felt really judged by the really fit girls that were there all the time. Looking back, it was probably all in my head. Either way – thanks for the tips and encouragement!ο»Ώ

    • Wow a gym pro… I’m honored πŸ˜‰ yeah to be honest, in a gym everyone is pretty much all about themselves. Why do you think there are a thousand mirrors everywhere hahaha. No to worry about that. I hope that your at home workouts are treating you well!

  8. Omg this video is so accurate. I feel so intimidated in weight section which is why I never go to that section!! I so badly want to lift just don’t know where to start. This video is very helpful ο»Ώ

    • I should do a “where to start” video because there is no need to be afraid. No one is watching and judging you and if you have never been in a gym before, how would you know without guidance? Don’t be so hard on yourself. Go to bodybuilding. Com and find some good exercises to try out in the gym. Don’t be why to ask if your form is correct either from a trainer 😊

  9. I really love your videos! I really hope you continue making these videos for awhile because they’re incredibly motivating :)ο»Ώ

  10. thank you thank you thank you thank you for making this video!! ο»Ώ

  11. I just got protein powder (a vegan one) that I really like πŸ™‚ Funny how you just said I don’t eat it, but I like it for shakes since I have those from breakfast and don’t eat much meat.

  12. absolutely LOVE your videos! You are such an inspiration. . I have a quick question. . How many calories do you have a day?… <3ο»Ώ

    • Thank you! And as for my calories, I don’t really mention those just because they won’t be helpful to anyone but myself because I have my body and everyone else has their own body needs.. I will say that I strive for about 2000 and should be increasing because that isn’t enough for me. I’m 5 feet and under 100 lbs but my body composition and exercise make me burn a ton so I need a ton for my frame. Finding out where you fall calorie wise takes some time and patience to figure out

  13. Loved this video!! Very useful for even people who already go to the gym.

  14. Is it possible to burn fat and gain muscle or replace fat with muscle at the same time?

    • There is no such thing as replacing fat with muscle as they are two different tissues aaand except for genetic freaks (in an envious way haha) you cannot burn far and build muscle at the same time. The only potential exception may be for a complete newbie to weight training but that won’t last long. To build muscle you have to be eating more then your maintenance calories because building requires more energy. For burning fat you have to be in a calorie deficit so that you body breaks down that fat. So you can’t do both at the same timed

  15. How do you work study standing up?

    • Tall counters or my dad installed a standup desk at my school house for me. The only time I really sit is in class or in bed lol. When I sit now I just get really sleepy because apparently my body now beleive a that sitting =sleep time haha

  16. I don’t want to argue with you because I know you know, but I started actually working out my legs and that is where I gain weight…and they are bulkier.

    • You are correct when you say that if your body holds weight in particular areas that they will grow when you begin to train them. For that, you can still train them just in a different way. If you tend to hold weight in your lower body, try high intensity work for the most part (still include weights) like circuits and such so that’s your reps are a bit higher and your heart rate is up. Your diet will also come into play as eating in a surplus may lead more bulkier muscle then lean body mass. Think of bodybuilders vs power lifters. Power lifters are eating for their sport. They eat for power and although they are strong, they don’t show much muscle definition. Bodybuilders on the other hand tend to eat at maintained or just above to build muscle while getting those cuts

  17. I love this balanced approach and think it is SO important! Thanks for sharing – and for all the amazing interviews/answers you do.

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