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The Night Productivity Ends…Temporarily.


Phew it’s been a long week.

Got sick over the weekend. The cold bug hasn’t got to me in a while and it finally grabbed me. Not too bad though.

So I just wrote 2 midterms back to back last night. That was fun.

Just finished an online midterm … Online midterm…What? W/e I will take it. And I got 96% Holler.

So I can now officially say its….

Reading Week!

Aka: Do nothing week? Well…

…at least for the first few days as I have a microbiology midterm the 2nd day back. Sigh.

What are you doing for reading week?

I really have no plans. Might see some peoples. Do something with my Dad at some point as he’s off all week #DoYouEvenWork? and perhaps share family day with my Nana and Papa.

It’s all up in the air.

Of course there will be plenty of sleepin and gymmin cuz it’s me.

Ah yeah, you know I’m the coolest person you know. 😉

You know who truly will be having an amazing reading week? My housemate Rita who left the polar vortex for Cuba this afternoon..


But no really, either someone has just come back from somewhere where the sun lives on or is leaving for one. This is leaving me slightly green…with envy.

Can someone shove me in their suitcase, I’m lil so I swear they won’t notice! I’m not built for this -33 degree weather we are experiencing over here in the Great White North that is Guelph.

Nuff said.

What about Valentines Day?

Please don’t say you hate on the love day. Everyone has a Valentine.

This year, I had two. My lovely housemates Rita and Emily.

Do you know what I do for my Valentines?

I make them pre-Valentines day pancakes.

IMG_7199Healthy protein pancakes obviously. Red velvet with Questbar brownie ‘chips’ to be exact.

IMG_7197Who’s the one with skillzzzz. I not only made them into hearts BUT I was also able to keep them as hearts while flippin and these weren’t baby cakes either. Just tootin my own horn.

IMG_7200Emily’s plating design. So much love…and Chocolate sauce. Check out how fat they are!

IMG_7201Sorry for the picture overload, I haven’t made ‘cakes in a while and was super proud my lil healthy babies. Just threw together my normal recipe and voila. Something red. Something heart <3. Something chocolate. Bam.

They said they really enjoyed them, altough Rita left her leftover ones (that she was supposed to eat for breaky!) in the fridge this morning as she left.

Anyone want 2 heart pancakes?

Random thought. I really enjoy cooking for poeple and seeing them happy. Is that weird? Can more people come over just so I can serve them food. Yeah, I’m officially a weirdo.

Anyways, I hope your Friday night is all fun and games and please show some love tomorrow (as you should everyday!). No negative singletons mmmkay?

Like I said, we all have a Valentine and if you truly don’t think you do

I will be your Valentine 😀




10 thoughts on “The Night Productivity Ends…Temporarily.

  1. This was adorable & I am so glad I was your valentine this year.

  2. Can I please have that recipe please? tooo good!

  3. This year I decided to host a Galentine’s Party. Galentine’s is basically where you ban all boys/men & hang out with your friends with dark chocolate and red wine.

  4. Wishing you a happy valentines!

  5. YAY 🙂 Love this post. You’re absolutely hilarious.

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