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The Only Marvelous Thing Snow Can Do



 Sorry to the London folks who apparently like 3 feet of snow and were expected to be all bright eyed and bushy tailed in class this morning

#Fail. And I’m sorry but I LOL’ed pretty hard at this tweet.

So I decided to swing in on the Marvelous In My Monday linkup with a quicky lil post. Thanks to Katie for the linkup!

As much as I hate snow…and the cold in general…there are some Marvelous things about snow. In particular, what Marvelous things come with a snow day you ask?

1. Empty gyms are Marvelous


Yeah, it was like 1/2 employees and 1/2 members this morning no joke.

Except when you need a spotter... You see, although I wouldn’t skip anyways, I see these days off as an even bigger push to go because, well, what else are ya gunna do when everything is slow and closed other then my school work?

Permission to hog the squat rack for my entire workout granted cuz not ones there to care. 😉

2. Pj’s all day

Ok that is nothing new for me. #NoShame.

3. Family dinners!

Sorry Patty…

Sat down with my housemates for a lovely family din-din with Millionaire Matchmaker

4. Get to do things you didn’t think you had time for.

You know how you justify not doing your work because you would have been in class anyways? Yeah.. I made my pesto. It’s a big job okee. 😀

5. Skip out on the busiest day of my school week.

Lab cancelled weeeooo.

6. I get to make new Vlogs and chatter with you all!

Dont let your mind win thumbnailClicky on the thumbnail for the video. 😀

NOTE! The intent of this video was for getting past that mental barrier not about never skipping a gym session. I’m one that rarely misses a day, but that’s me doing me. Please don’t feel like I’m trying to make people feel bad if they don’t do the same. This was just something I wanted to share with you all to show that everyone has days where they struggle and how I personally got past it. XO

Well there’s no snow day expected for tomorrow and a 5:30am alarm with my name on it so I gots to go. Hope you enjoyed something Marvelous of your own today. If you did, share it with me in the comments. 🙂

Happy Monday friends



50 thoughts on “The Only Marvelous Thing Snow Can Do

  1. Really was grateful for the snow day- was shocked Western had school, since I thought they were famous for their snow days!

  2. It amazes me how you can go so hard, every single day at the gym

  3. You hardly sleep, yet can push yourself so hard at the gym. Its amazing and I wish I had your motivation.

  4. Ugh, I totally understand. During my TOM I can never wake up despite sleeping for 12 hours

  5. Now if this didn’t motivate me to get to the gym, IDK what will.

  6. I once read if your sick above the neck you can workout, and if you’re sick below the neck don’t (or maybe vice versa)

    • Hmmm interesting thought. It makes sense because below the neck would be vomiting related and chest which tend to keep people away. On the other hand above the neck, like cold symptoms, tend to be irritating but still doable. The chest symptoms I still fight through unless I had a chest infection, pneumonia or bronchitis or something. Then I might dull it down a bit 😉

  7. You’re so real and awesome!

  8. It shouldn’t be some top secret, taboo, hush-hush topic. I mean, if you’re a female you’re most likely a member ( or retired member ) of the super fun menstrual club. But seriously, it amazes me how you can get to the gym every single damn day.

  9. This is nothing short of amazing.

  10. Yes! Great post.

  11. I wish this were up a few days ago hahaha! Love your blog! It’s so helpful and supportive!

  12. Loving this post! Amen Sister, this is great advice, and funny to!

  13. I seriously like you more and more with every post!

  14. Love it! Wish I had read it last week but will definitely remember for next time 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  15. Looooved this post! I will be keeping these tips in mind next time Aunt Flow comes to visit 🙂

  16. As someone who finds every excuse to not go to the gym, this was like a slap in the face. With school, I always feel like I’m too busy or when at the gym feel guilty. But ironically, when I do force myself to go (my office is ironically the closest building to the gym), I actually get my best thesis-ideas! How do you balance school with the gym? Just not sleeping?

    • Never feel guilty for doing something that will better yourself. That is number one. Two, those endorphins though hahaha. Some people do say they have their best thinking seasons when they are at the gym. Perhaps its because you loose everything around you and just focus on you when you are in the gym. I dunno. Its amazing.

      Hahah still working on the sleep thing, but I’m now getting a good 6 hours most days so thats a progression lol. The gym for me is a given. It’s like a block out of my day that doesn’t exist for anything else so I just fit everything else in my day as if those 2 hours don’t exist. For me, the gym is that important that it happens not matter what unless there are some extreme circumstances.

  17. Do you take a pre workout or something to get all energized? I sleep A LOT more than you do 8-10 hours a night and still cannot get to the gym everyday nor push as hard as you do.

  18. Where does one begin? I’ve been going to the gym on and off since 2010. I get bored still.

    • Then the gym is not your thing. Explore a lil bit and find what thing really gets your excited. That will be what makes you come back. Any goals related to purely physical things will not make you stick to something because they are too on the surface. You need more internal goals to keep it long term 🙂

  19. Glad you had a snow day! Of course, the year I get to Western we don’t get one.

  20. Ugh, when its my TOM I get the “somebody just put 100 lbs. of chains on me” kind of tired. Its so crazy how you can get to the gym, without coffee.

  21. Reading some of the comments, I can see why it’s so amazing. However, I think because you eat so so so clean you have all that energy. For example, last night I fell asleep after eating a bag of chips at 11pm (my weakness)- of course, I couldn’t wake up until 9:30am. However, on some days when I eat more healthily, I can wake up no problem.

    • You definitely feel the difference eating while foods as that is what you body knows how to use the best. The more processing that occurs, I feel the more the body is confused on how to break it down (this release energy from it) and this you end up with less. Plus it may take more processing power to break those processed compounds down

  22. Keep the momentum going!

  23. Thanks for sharing the video! I really will get to the gym today. I am going back home to my parents for 2 weeks for a school break and don’t have a gym there. But of course, theres walking and running I can do (not a runner). Any at-home- workouts you can suggest?

    • Hahah you don’t have to promise me you’re going to the gym 😜 I think a post about home workouts would be a great idea. I will do that one next, my promise to you. Check out blogigates as she’s popular for her workouts and the tone it up girls.

  24. girlllll, if i had your mindset, I’d be a rhodes scholar with the body of a victoria secret model

  25. London somehow seems to get their paths plowed in time for school. They pride themselves in never cancelling school 😦 Don’t worry, I don’t mind you laughing. I would rather SOMEONE gets time to spend at home. Pesto is YUMMY and I am glad you got to catch up with your roommates 🙂

    • lol apparently Guelph hasn’t closed it’s doors due to snow in forever so I guess we got lucky. Guelph still doesn’t have some frequented public sidewalks cleared which is a total safety hazard for the elderly. I’m surprised no one has called that on in yet. Pesto is actually the best sauce ever. I always have it on hand to top fish/chicken with plus make my salad dressings with. 😀

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