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Those Things That Make You Happier Then They Should


Hey Friends!

I read a post on one of my favourite blogs, Peanut Butter Fingers, Oh hey Julie! If you don’t know of her, you should definitely check her out. Her blogs are always full of positivity and happiness. A great way to start off my morning. 🙂

Anyways, she posted a list of those lil things that get you way more excited then they should based on their simplicity and I thought that was such a fun lil idea to share! We do share some common loves…ahem peanut butter addict over here…but here’s a quicky lil round up of those lil things that make my world go ’round faster then they should.

1. Peanut Butter. No explanation required.

Also, any new fancy shmancy nut butters get me all kinds of flustered…until I realize that 80% of the I won’t eat because of the the added sugar, weird refined or GMO oils and/or other chemicals I just don’t care to love are spotted in the ingredients list. #SadDays

Ones that currently have a home in my fridge/cupboard, aside from my necessary organic, crunchy peanut butter: Nut’s N’More chocolate and toffee peanut butters, Nuttzo Crunchy 7 Seed and Nut Butter, various Artisana raw, organic nut butters and Cracked Nut Butter in Cinnamon Roll (yes, it’s delicious).

2. Candles

They just make you feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. I don’t do florals or weird scents though. When I say weird I mean things like sand or summer breeze or leather or whatever the hell else some weird noses like out there. Gimme all the baking and dessert smells. Cinnabon candle anyone?

3. New Gym Clothes

Lulu Lulu errrywhere. Squeeeaaal. Confessions of a girl whose wardrobe is 90% Lululemon.

4. New Questbar Products

My excitement every time a new flavour comes out is actually embarrassing.

5. Food in general.

Foodies out there can relate. We just love food. Just finished breakfast…hmmm what am I going to eat next. Omeergosh I have lobster score!

6. Pajamas

Everyone knows it’s basically my uniform out of my gym clothes. #PJs4Life

7. Blankets

Big. Fuzzy. Cover-my-whole-body (which is not hard now that I think of it…) panels of warmth

Speaking of warmth…

8. Sun and HEAT.

Nothing makes me happier then sunrays beatin down on my bare skin. What’s a tank top again? #SummerComeBackNow

9. Dress shopping


oh-my-god-that-is-the-cutest-dress-seal   Am I the only one who just loves to twirl around like a 5 year old?

10. Tea

My tea collection is getting slightly out of hand. Sometimes it may actually be a good thing that I’m limited to herbals only or else they would take over our house

11. Ice Cream

I don’t get to eat it very often because I’m allergic but when I do…



…been there too. But really though, is there a season for ice cream? I think not.

Anywho loggin off for the night. Enjoy your Sunday evening friends!

So tell me…

What do you go nuts over?



2 thoughts on “Those Things That Make You Happier Then They Should

  1. This was just a fun lil read!

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