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Day In The Life & What I Ate [Tuesday]


Hey Friends!

I had a request from a reader to do one of these style of posts and figured I would bring my A-game and take all zee pictures so that I could do just that for you. Lets take a peek into my typical Tuesday. This happens to also be my super early day because I need to get my lil tushie to the gym at 7:30Am Weeoo. Here we go.

What I Ate Wednesday Button

Thanks Jen for the link up πŸ™‚

IMG_71255:30 AM: And it begins.

Jump out of bed and throw my pre-made, naked zoats into the microwave for 6 minutes while I run back upstairs.


Appetizing eh?

5:38AM: Add chopped nanner, nuke again for 2 minutes

5:40AM: Add pink salt, vitamin C powder and flavaaa


Who got my bottle all messy? πŸ˜€

Nuke again…Yeah Yeah I’m gunna die.

5:42ish AM: Add all zee toppings. Sprinkle of peanut flour, 3g of chopped up walnuts, 1/2 a tablespoon of this lovely nut butta

IMG_7129…and a watered down tsp of Walden Farms Chemical Sauce. Yes, I went there. I can only have a touch (ie a tsp that has been watered down so it’s like I get more syyyrrrup) though or else my tummy gets mad that I’m eating crap. And yes, Walden Farms is crap. But the syrup is tasty crap I will admit.

Lil Miss Fitness Freak Confessions. See I’m not perfect. Sometimes I want maple syrup but I ain’t about that sugar soooo I sink to using chemicals.

6AM: Finally ready to eat my pre-workout zoats with a side of Chopped Canada

IMG_71356:20AM: Done foodz, pop my probiotic and reheat the other half of my tea from last night. If anyone hasn’t tried this tea yet you really should. It’s my fav!

IMG_71317:10-7:15AM: all bundled and ready to walk in the Arctic

Damn you Mother Nature!

Damn you Mother Nature!

Hey at least I’m not in New York

Sorry for your luck down there!

7:30AM: Enter the gym. Game time I have a class a 10AM.

This is what I tell myself every Tuesday.

Today’s workout was Chesticles. Lets take a looky at what I did

Chest Day Jan 27

SS= Super set (meaning no rest in between those 2-3 exercises). Drop set means you do your set as normal then immediately (no rest) drop to a lower weight and do another set. CC= Captains Chair

Forgot to put on there that sets 2 and 3 were all 4 total sets and set 4 was 3 sets (my burnout for the workout).

Oh hey PR! 85lb bench yo! I always find that because I’m feeling rushed on Tuesday’s that I’m super focused so despite it being my super early day, I always end up having an amazing workout.

Moment of Distraction: News shows that ferret eats half a little girls face….Well ain’t that nice.

9:25AM: Still going strong…must finish last burnout set

9:38AM: Must finish last set. Damn it someone took my rack for HLR.

9:40AM. Flail my arms around Stretch for a minute so I could say that I did it. Run to the change room to get my sh** together so I can bolt it back to campus.

The postworkout selfie I didn't really have time to take...

The post workout selfie I didn’t really have time to take…

Hashtag #CrazyFace

9:50AM: Leave gym…Yeah I have 10 mins to get to my class (about a mile)

10:01AM: Ass in chair. Challenge won.


IMG_714010:05AM: Can’t get that post workout muffin down my throat fast enough.

10:15AM: Realizing how much my butt hurts from yesterdays leg day (1st of the week, glute/ham focus) as I attempt to cross my legs…

10:30AM: Sitting-in-a-chair fatigue starts to kick in. So I decide to multitask. Listen, take notes and begin to type this post up to keep my eyes open.

10:45AM: What no mid-class break? Apparently they don’t realize that I drank an entire bottle of water during my workout and I need to pee every 20 minutes.

11:20AM: Still have to pee..but more..

11:22AM: The bathroom here has two stalls and it’s lined up out the door…Ugh.

Question of the morning: Can I make it home?


11:25AM: Stop into another building to pee then continue walking home.

11:30AM: Get home and prep my lunch because I’m hungry already…


Red Onion + Asparagus + Portabello Mushrooms + Orange Bell Pepper

Veggies are all prepped to be roasted in the toaster oven. Rice is on and Emily comes in so I chatter with her for a few while I get these things going.

12PM:shake my head that my veggies have been done for like 10 mins now, I’m ravishing and I’m sill not eating…Oh distractions. Wash face, shower, and get changed. <-aka put on PJ’s because who puts on clothes when they are in their house for a few hours? Not this girl, but you knew that already from my vlogs I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

12:30PM: I’m finally eating. Ugh I have issues.


Roasted Veggies + 3 ounces Roasted Chicken + Pre-soaked and cooked Uncle Ben quick brown rice

Staple meal when I don’t have a meal directly right after my workout (ie proats). Yes, I eat out of that container because it keeps my food as hot as possible for the longest. πŸ˜€

Have any of you seen Eye Candy on MTV? Yes it sounds stupid but it’s actually pretty good. Don’t let the name scare you away. A lot of dying though lol.

1:30ishPM: Make pudding (for nightly snack) while catching up on some fitness/health YouTube vids.

I want to say that I was productive before my 4pm class but I was so freakin tired guys so I took a power nap before said class

IMG_71452:40-3:20PM: Zzzzzzzzz

3:25PM: Take my vitamin D drops and fish oils, eat about an ounce of leftover roasted chicken because I’m randomly starving again. Yeah, I didn’t eat that much but I figured I would test whether I was dehydrated so I had a lil bite then I was gunna get a Tim’s.

3:35PM: Left for class earlier to pick up my tea from Timmies and took the green bin and recycle with me to get that out of our house.

3:40PM: Tims in hand (which my gloves clearly do not want to hold. Hotpaws don’t hold things apparently). It’s actually not too bad out right now despite being cold…

IMG_7151Maybe it’s the sunshine?

4:55PM: In lecture and read this article [link] that a friend of mine posted on facebook (she was actually the sports nutritionist I saw).

4-5:20PM: Managing Resources lecture + working on this post + working on an assignment for this class. For said assignment I did the Big Five personality test online. If you’re interested, here were my results.

A worrier...Who would have guessed that...

A worrier…Who would have guessed that…

5:15PM: Walking back home.

5:25PM: Walk into the house to find Emily sleeping on the couch. Daaaaawwww.

5:30PM: Finish making my workout summary on PicMonkey

Moment of Worry: So I found that cool background randomly online and I’m hoping I don’t get attacked for using it on my site…cuz I couldn’t find a reference for it… :-/

5:40PM: Hunger starting to ping in again (what is with this non-stop hanger today?! Delayed needs from leg day yesterday?) so I consider slowly making my way back downstairs to start making dinner. Swordfish on the menu tonight. πŸ˜€

….Gets distracted by another assignment…

6PM: Downstairs to start cooking. Emily has woken up so I’m chattering with her as I cook.

IMG_71556:45PM: Just as I sit down with my appie salad (I eat this while my other half is baking/roasting) my computer randomly turned off on it’s own. Awesome.

6:50PM: Macbook is now back on (I’m still using my old one, which does random things sometimes #OldieProblems, as I’m waiting on software for my new one), Pretty Little Liars is on and I’m nommin away. The growling had stopped by now, which is probably not a good thing.

7:10ishPM: Round 2. Baked swordfish and all it’s oily beauty + all the roasty squash. We have delicata, acorn and buttercup there roasted with some olive oil and dried rosemary. Yeah, I don’t do sweet roasted squash. Savory FTW!

IMG_71567:30PM: Done dinnah, prepping my morning preworkout (soaking my oats and chia seeds) while watching the last leg of PLL and making my Dad a little something something for making his way up real quick tomorrow to drop off my casein. Such a nice Dad I have. πŸ™‚

8:10PM: In go my Dad’s muffin/cupcake thingys..

IMG_7158And I head upstairs to read the chapter for my food pre-lab quiz as my lab is tomorrow afternoon.

IMG_71658:30PM: Out comes the muffins…Dammit I think I over did them a wee bit…Sorry Dad, hope they are good!

IMG_7162The surprise centre is peekin out the top trying to escape.

8:45PM: Finish that chapter and start quiz

9:05PM: Done quiz and I got pwwweeerrfect. πŸ˜€ Preservation master apparently.

9:15PM: Add more to this post.

9:30PM: Read some journals for my Couples and Relationships course assignment.

9:40ishPM: Go put pudding in the freezer + heat up tea that I steeped while cooking muffins earlier and head back upstairs to get back to worky.

Emily catches me as I head back upstairs and makes me smile as she beams about how good her first boxing lesson made her feel. Strong and powerful.

Β 10:15PM: Starting to wind down before getting my snack and to beddies.

10:40PM: Snack time with blog reading time and I will attempt to make it into bed before midnight.


No s’mores questbar tonight. That’s a shocker. A friend and I were talking about baking the cookie dough one and that got me craving it.

Overall, I didn’t get as much work done as I had wanted to as I kept getting distracted with other things and plus I took that nap but I told myself that was okay and I would just power through it over the next few days. Midterms are slowly creeping up and assignment deadlines are starting to show themselves on the horizon so the beginning of the semester grace period is coming to a close rapidly.

Hope you had a great humpday friends!

What time to you wake up?

What time do you prefer to workout?

Are you easily distracted?



52 thoughts on “Day In The Life & What I Ate [Tuesday]

  1. 3 grams of walnuts!? That made me LOL. Why so few? Also, you work out for a LONG TIME. I think I would die being in the gym for 3 hours! πŸ™‚

  2. I love this!!!

  3. I feel bad going to the gym just for one hour during the school year, because I think of my to do list. Knowing you spend 3 hours,… and get way higher marks than I do inspired me :). Don’t you get bored though… my iPod can only keep me occupied for so long.

    • don’t feel bad!!! this is for you, you need to have time to work on yourself too. NEVER EVER FEEL BAD! Sorry for the caps but I needed to get that across πŸ˜€ and bored…at the gym? I don’t compute πŸ˜› My love for zee weights is all I need. Recently I haven’t even been using my ipod to be honest

  4. Wow, I’ve never seen butterscotch flavour. What are your other crazy must-haves

    • yeah that one’s an online order, I have never seen it on the shelves unfortunately. I tend to get my other ‘craz must haves’ lol online actually. Other extracts for my oats (caramel, maple, english toffee are my favs), peanut flour, random teas and flavour powders (cardio coco, vanilla powder and such) oh and cool nut butters. Check out iherb and netrition for more cool stuff.

  5. ‘tsp of Walden Farms Chemical Sauce’ love it! I’ve actually been dying to find this

    • lol I still feel guilty for eating this stuff though I don’t have that much. I just really like the texture (syrupy) on top of my oats. I can find it online, even in my grocery store now so apparently its very popular with others too not just the bodybuilding community

  6. I hope this doesn’t come off as me trying to ‘sell you out’ or anything, it is simply just a question so that I can apply it to my own life (I used to be/ still kind of am a sugar-free, splenda-loving, chemical over calorie girl). You always preach real foods, no chemicals etc… but why the syrup? Like why the syrup over say maybe splenda in coffee etc.

    • Understandable. I personally never touch splenda and I try to keep my artificial ‘crap’ to a minimum because we don’t really know what they do in our bodies and my stomach just doesn’t handle them well so I just avoid. The walden farms is simply because I love maple flavour but don’t want the sugar, it’s not that I need sweetness, I just like maple syrup lol. If you are looking for some sweetness in your coffee, try unsweetened coconut milk. It’s naturally sweet, has some healthy fats and is like adding cream but it’s better for ya! πŸ™‚

  7. You do more by 6am, then I do by 6pm!

  8. I love tea! I drink it all day. I actually found ‘maple’ tea! It smells like maple syrup & I add a drop of stevia and it totally cures my desire for pancakes!

  9. Such a silly question, but why would a female want to workout her chest? I never do! Should I be?

    • Why wouldn’t a female work her chest? Not meant to sound demeaning to your question, but are you asking because you’re afraid it will flatten it? That’s a myth. The only way to deflate your chest is to loose weight overall. Lifting works the muscle beneath the breast tissue (which is mostly fat) and helps to add lift. So it can make for perkier breasts actually. Plus in general, why not be strong enough to do a proper pushup or press or push something that has a good weight to it?

      It’s also about balance. If you train your back, you need to also be training your chest. Normally the issue is overtraining chest and not training back (ie guys) and your shoulders starting to slump forward because your chest is too strong for your back to keep proper alignment. In this case, you still want to maintain balance. Work both the front and the back

  10. 85lb bench… I can’t even do it with just the bar. And I got like 50 lbs on you!

  11. 85lb bench- I know guys who can’t do that much!


  13. 85lb bench? Maybe I should start eating more squash πŸ˜‰

  14. Congratulations on that PR! 85lb bench, is insane!

  15. What gym do you go to

  16. You stretch much like I do

  17. Congratulations on that PR!

  18. Your post workout selfie rivals those of Kim Kardashian!

  19. It amazes me how you wake up at 5:30, workout for 3 hours, lift weights heavier than anything….and yet come out with a post workout selfie that looks that good.

  20. ”10:01AM: Ass in chair. Challenge won.” <- you're so funny. Although I'd say that the real challenge was that 5:30am wake up. Holy.

  21. HOLY MOLY! Is it creepy if I book mark this to read daily as inspiration. You do so much in a day, crush PRs, go to classes, look amazing.

  22. Read the article your friend sent you. A lot is stuff you’ve discussed on the blog and stuff I sometimes fall into- great read. But its so funny how you told us all that first!

  23. If I woke up at 5:30am, I’d be in bed by 8pm.

  24. Try the Four O’Clock Banana Spice – I don’t even like Bananas (I KNOW – Crazy) but this tea is unreal πŸ™‚

  25. How much rice do you usually eat at a time? Also how do you roast your veggies (asparagus/onions)?

    • For the Rice, I generally have a bout a serving and a half of the Uncle Ben’s quick cook rice. I chop up all my veggies throw them on a foiled pan with some olive oil and spices (love dried rosemary or any of the Mrs. Dash blends) and throw in my toaster oven on convection bake (at about 400) for like 25ish minutes. πŸ™‚

  26. Typically what do you spend on groceries a week? Also, no offence, but you don’t eat that much especially given your exercise regime. It’s okay to eat more when you are hungry (in reference to the chicken). Maybe you could add a afternoon snack. Might help you with your gains πŸ™‚

    • Groceries hahahaha I have no idea, probably a lot more then the normal student as I buy fancier fish and such. I justify my spending there because I don’t really buy anything else like clothes and stuff unless it’s around a holiday mostly. Overall I take in about 1800-2000 cals per day (I’m 5 feet) and I am still trying to bring that up but I don’t want to be stuffed to do it, so it’s really slow. I appreciate the suggestion but I have found that having more spaced meals (less snacks in between) has helped with my digestive issues so I have resorted to cutting that afternoon snack overall. As for the being okay with eating more when I’m hungrier, that is a constant mind battle with me and is something I’m trying to overcome but once again, mental gains are hard so it’s always in progress. πŸ™‚

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