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The Littlest Things Can Be Marvelous. MIMM

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Hi friends! Happy Monday!

I had a jam packed day (Oh the Mondays’) and I’m pretty wiped, but I felt some things were some kinda Marvelous this past weekend so I just had to make a quick share of those things with you all!

Thanks Katie for the linkup!

So was was so Marvelous you ask?

1. Listening to my body and letting myself sleep in on Sunday…

I’m someone who is a hard core scheduler and on gym days, especially when I don’t have a class to go to, it’s 6am sharp for that bounce outta bed wake-up call. This weekend though, I was really tired and I told myself that one hour extra will help me in the long run (yes I know it was just one hour, baby steps I say) and I don’t have to be perfect with my schedule all the time.

And guess what?

I didn’t die.

And my shoulder workout was fab. I even PR’ed. See #4


2. Crossin things off my to-do list like it was my job.


Messing writing. My excuse…it’s a lefty thang

Oh the satisfaction that comes from crossing things out. Why that is, I have no idea, but running my pen through all those quizzes, assignments, readings, etc, just feels amazing.

Don’t you agree?

This is why I write lists…to be able to scratch them to pieces over time. πŸ˜‰

3. Making new traditions with my housies.

Make that, enhancing traditions. Emily, Rita and I go to the farmers market every Saturday morning after my lifting session and I absolutely adore our little tradition. What has made it even better is that GoodnessMe! finally opened up and because it’s practically right across the street we make a hippity-hoppity over there too.

Makes me happy

But not my wallet.

Why do I love health food stores so much…

4. Finally up’ing my overhead press.

That is one hard exercise to advance in let me tell you. Or is it just me? I know Max Chewning said that it’s a hard lift, so I’m gunna go with that.

Finally moved from 50lbs to 55lbs for four clean…errr grinder on the last one…reps. Weeeooo. Yeah, doesn’t seem like that much, but I’ll take it.

Stubborn shoulders.

5. Random girl chats.

You know, I really loved being at home for Christmas and being with my famjam but I have to say that I really love my girls here. Last night Emily parked her lil tushie on the stairs and we talked and laughed about old medical traumas that we had as kids. Not funny then, but now? Lolz. I love our random chats.

So happy to be stickin by them in our new apartment next year. ❀ πŸ™‚

6. Looking forwards to a week packed full of friends.

I have a dinner date with Lexi from my high school at the Red Papaya tomorrow after my last class. Then on Friday, I’m meeting up with a friend (fellow bodybuilder, but she’s competed a few times) from back at my home gym, Sue, for coffee and catch up. She is the nicest person you could meet. So sweet and encouraging! Lastly, the boys are back. Emily’s boyfriend, Chad and his friend Cameron are trekking it from Montreal to spend the weekend with us ladies so that should be all kinds of funtimes.

Well that’s all my Marvelousness for the night.

I’m going to go and have my Marvelous smore’s questie and protein pudding with some Top Chef Canada before heading to bed for my Marvelous 5:30am wakeup call tomorrow morning. Gotta love hittin the gym before earlier classes.

Peace Peeps




One thought on “The Littlest Things Can Be Marvelous. MIMM

  1. Well, that was fun! I love reading these posts

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