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Rest Days Are For The Strong. Thinking Out Loud



Hopefully I’m not that person for you…

Sorry I thought I would start off my Thursday ramblings with some randomness.

I figured it fit the theme.

Thanks to Miss Spoons for providing me with a space to say random sh** and make me believe it has a purpose.

Thinking-Out-LoudSo to avoid an overly rant-y post like last week, I will hold back on the ranting and go more for uber randomness.

Wow, I’m saying random a lot, whats another word for that…haphazard…unmethodical…undirected. Hmm, I may just stick with what I know, thanks anyways Mr thesaurus.

So, for the sake of keeping the ranting to a minimum, lets get the one rant-y topic off my chest first shall we?

Textbook suck no?

I think we can all agree that no one enjoys reading textbooks.

You know what I hate more then reading a textbook?

Having to cram read 5 freakin chapters this weekend because the bookstore decided to order 10 textbooks per shipment after they sold out the first time for a 1000+ person class.

So after the second shipment sold out within hours of it coming in, I’m left waiting until Friday afternoon for the next shipment…of 10 books…and hopefully I can actually get one or I’m screwed for the 2 quizzes and assignment due this Sunday night based on said chapters

Stress that is beyond my control


To start off my non-ranting rambles, here’s a video. Clicky clicky the picture for the linkup.


You know what I saw today?

A rottweiler therapy dog…

Please note that I have nothing against certain breeds of dogs, I believe that although some aggressive traits have been bred into certain breeds, the bringing out of the traits is highly dependent on the owner.

I don’t know about you, but I always assume cute and fuzzy when it comes to therapy dogs.

Although I have nothing against these dogs, I can’t say with 100% honesty that they don’t intimidate me. That must be some subconscious fear that has been built into my brain from society.

Have you ever noticed that no matter how cold it is outside, children don’t seem to care?

I actually put a lot of thought into that this week. Like, probably too much.

How do they do that?

Do they just not notice?

Do they not have a connection between cold and pain established well enough yet?

Do they have enough body fat that they really just don’t feel it

Or is maybe its that their ability to focus on play and cold is just too much for their brains to handle. Therefore, when they are playing, they can’t think about anything else.

What do you think?

Eggs are tasty.

Yes, I already knew this but I don’t have them enough to really appreciate dat der yolk.

IMG_7085I got this idea from fitkels on Instagram and it was truly a work of beauty

IMG_7092And, well, you can’t go wrong when your ‘zzzaa has lobster on it. šŸ˜‰

Yes that was a runny yolk fail on my part. It was supposed to be sauucccaaayy.

Class factoid that is slightly disturbing…

The success of our generation is highly dependent on the financial status of our parents.

Doesn’t seem like some crazy epiphany, but really think about it.

It’s true.

And quite sad.

With few exceptions, if you’re parents were unable to save for your post secondary education during your childhood and teen years, your chances of being independent and getting started in your career of choice slims down. If you managed to get yourself an undergrad using OSAP or by paying your way through (you’re amazing!), where do you go after your done your degree? What if you don’t get a job.?

Hello there parentals

is that not the creepiest picture you have ever seen?!?

We watched a video on boomerangs (what Americans call adult children living with their parents) and even if you got a degree, more and more people are living back at home because:

  • They couldn’t find a job
  • They needed more education
  • They couldn’t afford to move out

So education earned aside, unless you are debt free and find a job right off the bat that pays decently, the chances of you being independent are slim these days because life is just too expensive and the world expects too much education from us (more money).

Are you a boomerang?

I just almost cried in class

We watched a snippet of Up! and it was sooo sad. The poor old man.

I did not come to class to cry!

And what is with the title Up!?!?

They are false advertising dammit because they do not warn you that you will cry at the end. I don’t see that as bringing me up.


I’m wondering how many brownies are left…

IMG_7100Thanks Arman for the recipe. Emily really liked them. šŸ˜‰

…and by now, my other housemates have probably gotten into them too.

I was told I should take rest days more often.

Anywho, I’m out for the night. I hope I inspired some random thoughts in your minds.

Happy Thursday peeps



2 thoughts on “Rest Days Are For The Strong. Thinking Out Loud

  1. Glad you made the brownies- They look great!

    That is so interesting about post secondary education- I think we’re fortunate here in Australia that the government can help out but then you pay them back..aka story of my life now!

    • lol day 2- brownies are gone. One of my housemates ate half the batch in one day hahaha. Thanks again! Will be making them again for sure because they really enjoyed them.

      Yeah, we do have government assistance here as well (OSAP) but most people then spend half of their life trying to pay that off, not to mention other debts they acquire as they begin to start their career and independent lives. The more education we need, the more debt we will end up gaining.

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