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Winter, You Cripple Me And I’m Ranting Out Loud About It.



My Friends!

So I’m back in my Thursday night class and linking up with Miiizzzz Spoons for Thinking Out Loud. I will say that not only am I a happy camper because I have some good nomz…


Homemade bison meatballs, roasted peppers, onion and mushrooms and roasted acorn and buttercup squash.

Damn I make good bison meat-a-ballllz.

But I’m also happy because this class (Couple and Family Relationships) seems like it’s going to be an interesting one. Night classes are tough enough to sit through, so it better be something entertaining! As I sit here and type to you, we are listening to a Tedtalk on how women are desiring good sex more then ever and it has nothing to do with makin those babies.

Yes, most of time those lady parts cause quite the annoyances but once and a while (hopefully more often then that), they can give ya a lil boost too. 😉

Whoa whoa, Lil Miss Fitness Freak is getting a lil sexual there. Better stop before things get out of hand.

Switching my thoughts over to ranting…

Did you know that I had my GI specialist appointment today finally after being cancelled on 6 months ago.

Good right?


Apparently, all of those blood tests and other nasty unpleasant tests that I did right before my original followup appointment (the one that was cancelled) were not important for my followup today (which was supposed to be able chattering about those results) as said results were not transferred over to my new specialist.


Oh ya know, digestive problems are complicated Chelsea, and yes, we want to ensure that there are no physical problems, but you know what? Sometimes people may not even respond to medications when they have an ID’ed problem. You always have to keep in mind that these things take time and patience.

Oh, on your way out, book an appointment with my secretary a month from now for us to go over those results.



Those results that were supposed to be here today, I now have to wait another month because apparently I have shown great patience and therefore should be A-ok with more practice in said patience.

Phew, need to calm mee-self.

Okay, so the end of that sex Tedtalk helped me with that process. Onto what most people are talking about

Interesting way to phrase it. Arctic Air Invasion…I would say fairly accurate.

Oh and I have to say, all of you folks in the Southern states that are complaining about 10 degrees

Shut up. I say that in the nicest way possible.

This also comes to mind.

IMG_7054I ask myself this every winter.

I’m surprised my nose is still attached to my face. Who enjoys wearing three pairs of socks?

Speaking of feet

Does anyone else get crippled by suddenly having to wear big boots again?

It’s been 3 days and my shins are incredibly sore, my abductors, hips and glutes kill and my lower back is aching.

These will make for lovely conditions for leg day tomorrow morning…

All hail the “no support in your shoes” movement with Vibrims because shoes with excessive amounts of support hurt me.

That’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

On the topic of booboos…

IMG_7057Wow that #SquashLove is really showin itself in that lighting..

Can anyone tell me how one gets a bruise on the inside of their finger without pinching it? It’s on the ring finger for those who can’t see past my faux tan I got going on there.

I have no idea where it came from, but weirdest placement for a bruise, no?

I’m sorry guys that I must end with a post that was quite complain-y, but those were my thoughts atm and, well, quite frankly, this day has not stopped since 5:30am this morning and I’m exhausted so I gots nothing left in me. This prof also appears that she enjoys our presence and that means that we will probably go to full time. Ugh.

Doesn’t every prof know that 1. night classes are supposed to end 30 minutes before they are actually supposed to be done and 2. the first lecture is supposed to be even shorter.

Just sayin.

I will survive. Then I go home and crash…but not before snacky because I’m already feelin hungry again. #GymRatProblems.

Still stuck on those s’mores questies

Good thing I have just been informed that two full boxes have arrived at my parents house. Merry Christmas again to me. Thanks Mom and Dad.

Much love guys.

Does anyone here actually like winter?

Thoughts on night classes?

For my fellow students, favourite class this semester?



14 thoughts on “Winter, You Cripple Me And I’m Ranting Out Loud About It.


  2. “Yes, most of time those lady parts cause quite the annoyances but once and a while (hopefully more often then that), they can give ya a lil boost too. ;-)” <- you make MY night classes

  3. Ugh, you make my dinner look disgusting.

  4. OMG G.I’s suck. I waited forever to see one, did all these awful tests (did you have to drink that chalky-shit once too?)…and even had a scope done only to be told “oh you have heartburn. take these prescriptions forever”…. never even got to see her again. it was a year long journey

  5. “pparently I have shown great patience and therefore should be A-ok with more practice in said patience.” <—- when did you get so funny!

  6. My my lower back is aching too & I couldn’t figure out why- maybe its those stupid boots! I’m in London at Western & you should see the snow!

  7. I’m so pasty but an SPF-psycho (no one wants cancer or wrinkles). Guess i better get started on the squash 😉 How much should I eat? LOL

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