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You Made Me Realize…


…That I did have a full year.

What great goals! And what a packed year you’ve had! -Rachel

You have had such a big year Chelsea with moving away and all your paid work and this lil blog. I hope you are proud of yourself!– Tammy

You really have accomplished a lot and I look up to you. You had a very productive yr, it’s amazing! – Traci

Congrats on all you’ve accomplished this year!! I’m continually amazed at how much you manage to fit into your life -Tina

Thank you so much for all of your love and constant support. You all mean the world to me honestly!

Things have changed. I have changed. I have grown.

It was a great year and I really send many thanks to all of you for reminding me that I too need to take the time to reflect on the year that has left us and realize how much I did.

Personal Life

  • I moved to a new city. I moved away from my jobs. My home. My friends. To do what? Start again with that whole school life. Was it scary? HELL YES. I don’t like change. It scares be to death. BUT I had to come to the same terms that I did when I moved from high school to university, that I was doing this to strive for my passion. I miss my Hamilton life still but I’m making great memories here in Guelph too and moving towards what I want in life.

  • My boyfriend and I went our separate ways after 5 years. I never disclosed this when it happened because that is a very personal aspect of my life, but I felt like it would come out eventually. I consider him to be one of my best friends and have come to accept that I grew a lot mentally from when I was 18 and that has caused me to realize that we mesh better as friends. He is an amazing person and I hope to always have him in my life. There will always be a special kind of love there.
  • I remembered what it was like to have friends. Sometimes when you are in a relationship and busy with other aspects of life, you forget you have friends. One thing I have really embraced since school started was that I have a lot of truly special people in my life and I have enjoyed catching up with them more then ever.


  • I balanced more of a social life with school. This was something I always struggled with because I would isolate myself with my school work because I felt that I should always be studying or doing something related to school. I have learned that balancing socializing in with school is key to reducing my stress and it should be maintained as a priority.

Blogging Life

  • I started vlogging! I have really enjoyed this newer component to the blog as I find it to add another level of realness to it. I hope you guys are enjoying them despite them being done simply on my Mac with no fancy-shmancy equipment.

  • I have seen my lil group grow! I love the fact that I can recognize all of you when you make your comments. It’s like creating another supportive family! Much better than having a bazillion subscribers but no talking that’s for sure!

School Life

  • New school. New degree. New focus. I’m so excited to really get more into the real nitty gritty nutrition aspect as that is my love.
  • I survived my first semester and managed to pull out an 86 GPA. That surprisingly included the completion of biochemistry. A high GPA is something I always strive for and while I am used to a bit higher, I accepted the fact that this was a transition period and I need to not be such a perfectionist 24/7. I did my best while not making myself a hermit. School is not life.

I bet you are all just ROTFL’in at all that chemistry humor eh? ….

Gym Life

  • New gym. This was quite an adjustment because I had to leave my gym family. I still miss them and my pink towel will always remain there in spirit, but I’m starting to make a name for myself here too. I suppose it doesn’t take long for people to start to notice the tiny lil girl who lifts all zee weights. 😉
  • I added more new things to my workouts and things have continue to intensify. I am more aware now of what I want to work on and am actively working towards bringing up those weaker areas, like my hamstrings. Thank you to all of the amazing YouTube accounts for showing me new fun things to try.
  • My muscle definition is getting more noticeable! People have been telling me that I am starting to grow and from a girl who has the toughest time keeping weight on, that is the best thing I can hear.

I have so many things I want to do this year. I have the drive for them so I hope I can make them happen. Again, much love for always bringing me back to realizing the important things in my life, where I have come and pushing me forward.

Love you all.


50 thoughts on “You Made Me Realize…

  1. Ohhhh this is all so amazing Chelsea. You really deserve all the best. Your kindness just shines through this blog.

  2. “I felt that I should always be studying or doing something related to school.” <- this hit home for me, because that was me until I started my Master's. It is something I fight daily. And an 86 GPA- you do realize that is only 14% off from perfect!!!!

    • I like how you look at things 😀 It’s a hard battle if you’re a perfectionist. That standard just keeps increasing and there is only so much you can push until you loose yourself. You do your best with keeping your life and your sanity.

  3. You’ve touched more lives in more ways than you’ll know.

  4. You’re really amazing Chelsea. I’m never ever ever one to comment on blogs (and I read MANY), but with you it’s like talking to a friend.

  5. You’re so mature, it amazes me. I’m much much older than you, yet I come here looking advice from you.

    • Aww thank you. I have been told that I’m fairly mature for my age all my life really. I think it’s because I’m fairly driven and I guess that comes out as me having a purpose and seeming more mature.

  6. you put a smile on my face!

  7. I’ve been a long time reader. So proud for you! And so excited that i now have a huge chunk of your brain right here at my fingertips! Happy 2015 to you!

  8. The way you wrote everything above made me really shiver. You’re so amazing. Can’t wait to see what you have in store for you!

  9. You’re so amazing!

  10. I am so very thankful to you for helping to make one of my biggest dreams of living healthy a reality.

  11. Lots of love to you.


  12. Many many congrats to you on your success!

  13. I’m a long time reader and am so happy to see this dream become a reality for you!! ❤

  14. Congrats on all your success girl! You deserve it!

  15. You go girl!!!

  16. Incredible! I’m loving the blog! Also i made the banana bread recipe you have last night. I doubled the recipe so i could freeze one. They are delish!

  17. great way to ring in the new year!!! I remember seeing you in the pulse for many years now and it’s thrilling to see your success in print!


  18. I’m so happy for you!

  19. Congrats!! I am so happy for you.

  20. Congrats, C! What a great way to start off 2015. 🙂

  21. It has got to be such an amazing feeling to see your dreams and goals become a reality!

  22. An 86 GPA girl, we have got to get some more blog posts on how the F you did that! AMAZING

  23. Hello!
    Love love your blog! I discovered it recently and it’s my fav site to read during my lunch and coffee break. I’m trying to catch up on all your posts ! Your new year posts are so motivational and I’m definitely going to incorporate them in my lifestyle.
    Have a wonderful New Year !

  24. Let me start by saying thank you for an amazing website.

  25. Thanks again for all you do for your readers!

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