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Christmas Recap


Happy Friday Friends

So tell me, how was your special day??

No really, I want to know. I don’t like just talking about myself here πŸ˜‰

Buut if you’re interested, I did want to share with you how I celebrated my favourite holiday.

Family in tow.

Food will come later in the next WIAW round up, so stay tuned for some not so healthy food as my Mom and I did some experimenting this year with some homemade classics as well as a completely random dessert. Both were a success though!

Do you have any traditions you do every year for Christmas?

I do.

IMG_6952My Mom and I always get our Christmas nails and this was my design this year, while my Mom went with this pretty numba…

IMG_6953I’m jealous that I didn’t inherit my Mom’s wood nails because she can have all the cool designs due to having longer nails.

Thanks to Pinterest for the designs!

For gym rats, this was the first time I tried shellac and it’s actually staying on without chipping! I had found that, despite loving having my nails all pretty, I stopped getting them done because I would be constantly disappointed. Why? Because in within the first few hours they would chip. Buh-Bye 40 dollar manicure…

Christmas mornin started off with me having my breaky before stuffing my Dad’s stocking (there are only the three of us so we rotate who does whose stocking each year. I had my Dad this year) and then going to wake my parents and Maggie up for the present opening.

IMG_6971 Our pretty tree with that not so lil card I got for my parents at the top.

And before you ask…

IMG_6972Yes Maggie got a stocking too. It included a cute lil bell jester looking necklace that I just had to capture…

IMG_6974She was too hyper to look into the camera, but isn’t it cute! She had it on all day and was just so busy that she didn’t even care that it was on (she never pawed at her neck or anything).

After cards and stockings, we dug into the presents

IMG_6976My parents know me too well…

And the gifts of all gifts as my baby was startin to show her age and was giving me a few heart attacks during exams…


Nuff said.

She’s a lighter and thinner version of my macbook pro. She’s a beaut.

And one more because I love this picture…

IMG_6978OMG LOVE THIS PICTURE! I’m such a good paparazzi! It does help to having super cute subjects though.

I saw this hooded jacket and just had to get it for her as it will keep her all snuggly when she goes outside in the snow.

After pressies, my parents made their classic Christmas morning breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast. My Mom has a bacon sandwich (dipped in lots of ketchup) and my Dad has the whole shebang. See, I don’t control everything they eat, but hey, they have it once a year so I give them a pass plus it’s actually not anywhere near as unhealthy as some of the things they could eat.

After our family breakfast gathering and chattering, we got to work to get everything ready for everyone’s arrival later that afternoon. My Mom prepped up the table, my Dad set up the basement and I prepped zee shnacks. I really wish that I had taken a picture of the massive snack attack platter I put together and the homemade bruschetta-like toasties I made but you will have to use your imagination for those. Sorry guys.

Everyone began to arrive and we all congregated into the basement with the fire crackling (well…fake fire) and got to catch up and enjoy each others company. Maggie was being her hyper self and wanting everyone to toss her toys around so she could fetch them. She never stops. EVER.

Β I was a bad blogger and didn’t get too many pictures other than foodz, but we caught up for a bit, then I went up to start finishing up the dinner where I was soon accompanied by my Mom then my Dad for final fixings. We all sat down for a really nice dinner full of cracker pulling, joke reading (from said crackers) and many second helpings of my Mom and my new stuffing recipe. Winner Winner!

Dessert was served and then we all went back downstairs to do our Secret Santa exchange. After a lil bit of relaxin, the gang had to pack up their goodies and frappe la rou (I know it doesn’t mean to leave…) as my Papa always says and we then cleaned up before sitting down for about an hour before I hit the sheets.

Personally, although it’s a huge job, I love hosting Christmas because I love being a big part of cooking the dinner. If I could cook the entire thing, I would but I’m only one person and I do want some visiting time with my fam too. πŸ™‚

As for today (Boxing Day), we kept it pretty chill. I hit legs this morning..which apparently everyone else also wanted to use their turkey for gainz because I was fightin for the squat racks. I then went and met up with a friend at Whole Foods in Oakville and ended up chattering for hours and gettin a quick lil shopping trip in.

It’s refreshing to be able to have friends with very similar interests as you can just talk for hours. Don’t you agree?

My parents and I never do our shoppin on boxing day. We ain’t about that life. I would rather not be attacked by baby strollers in the mall, or fighting crazed people for the last pair lululemon shorts in my size. Nope. We wait until the 27th where it’s a lil bit better…or that’s what we tell ourselves.

So that is tomorrow. After a back workout, the parents and I will be heading down to the Eaton Centre to get our boxing day shoppin on PLUS I get to have my favourite gourmet #Saladbeast for dinner. Weeooo. Check out Fast and Fresh if you’re in the mall one day. Tis nomz.

Well, I’m going to head down to join my parents with my nightly protein puddin and questie (still stuck on smores) for about an hour before I hit the snooze button so I will bid you ado.

I hope you had an amazing Christmas and are enjoying your time off!

When you get your shop on?

What is one thing you treated yourself to? Doesn’t have to be a food item.



16 thoughts on “Christmas Recap

  1. It sounds like a wonderful Christmas Chelsea!

  2. I can never get over Maggie’s cute face!

  3. It sounds like a great day!

  4. Oh this all sounds fabulous. I’m defiantly feeling a food coma. It amazes me how you eat so well at parties- thats really my 2015 goal.

  5. So jealous of the lululemon gift card! I got one to amazon and was thinking about buying some fitness gear, as I’m being cliche & joining a gym in January. What do you think I should get? Thinking a heart rate monitor?

    • Nice! I love shopping for fitness gear. As for what you should get, it all depends on what things you are planning in doing in the gym. If you’re lifting, maybe a nice pair of lifting gloves. Or you could always go with gym clothes… I mean, it’s clothes πŸ˜‰ I wouldn’t get a heart rate monitor, they tend to be inaccurate and most people become obsessed with getting a certain burn. Takes the focus away from the internal reasons why you’re lifting/going to the gym

  6. Maggie is so precious! Love her coat!

  7. I loved that pic of Maggie also. She is a very cute little girl and she knows it too. I have to tell your readers that the experimental dessert was a Pantone – ice cream cake. Pantone cake in a dome shape filled with layers of ice cream and caramel. The dome is served with drizzled chocolate sauce. It was amazing. I’ll let Chelsea provide her secret to the caramel sauce making.

  8. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! Our Xmas was great too :-).

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