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Merry Christmas…Sending A Ho Ho Ho-Lotta Love


Hey Friends!

Quickly dropping in to wish you an amazing Christmas and I hope you have tons of fun, laughter and good times with your loved ones. I will certainly be enjoying my time today as my parents and I host Christmas for my Dad’s side of the famjam. For now, I’m off to wake up the parentals and the poochie so we can start our morning with pressies before getting a motor’in on our busy day ahead.

Before I go though, I wanted to post this lil numba I made up for those who perhaps have a second and want to work up a good sweat.

Slide1This is a reps for time type of circuit meaning that you are looking to do each round as quickly as you can while still maintaining proper form (no cheating guys!). There is a lot of traveling/movement in this one which is why I called it the reindeer circuit. Those guys have quite the distance to go on Christmas Eve so lets join them on their journey, even if it’s not around the world.

For those stairs I want full sets of stairs (if you are in a bungalow and only have 1/2 flights, double the numba I put there), where each round includes both up and down a flight. You can run, jog or walk it’s up to you, but push yourself and see how fast you can do them…just no tripping up the stairs and breaking something. Christmas is for celebration not hospital visits. Mmmkay?

For the pushups, do as many full as you can, then drop to the knees for the rest. Take breaks as you need to but do the full 20 before moving on. For the lunges, 1 rep would include a lunge with both legs and I want those back legs to get LOW. No half lunges here my friends. For the mountain climbers, ensure those knees are being brought right into the chest but ensure to keep that butt down. Lastly, for the wall sits, make sure your quads are parallel to the ground (meaning that your legs should make a perfect right angle with the wall and the floor). No resting your hands on your legs as that makes it easier and just remember to breathe.

Have some fun with it, play some Christmas music and let me know if anyone tries it out!

Have an amazing Christmas friends and remember, EAT! Do not starve yourselves all day for your dinner or you will binge. Eat normally and choose your indulgences at dinner. You don’t need to go ham on the food. Balance is key.



8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas…Sending A Ho Ho Ho-Lotta Love

  1. Merry Christmas Chelsea! Hope it was wonderful!

  2. Hope Santa was good to you.

  3. A at-home workout is EXACTLY what I needed today, post-food coma. I tried this… but once πŸ˜‰

  4. Oh…what guilt, coming and seeing a workout after not having done anything in 2 weeks. BRB going to go walk my dog. Thanks C πŸ˜‰

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