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Mini Rant On Fake Foods


Hey friends

I was feelin some kinda way about a topic that I felt like ranting about at 10pm on a Saturday night and decided to vlog about it. Would love to hear your thoughts.



28 thoughts on “Mini Rant On Fake Foods

  1. Absolutely love this.

  2. I actually really needed this. My entire life, was splenda, crystal light, diet pops…. tofurky, sugar-free jello. All that was me and what I ate for years.

  3. I’ve never looked at the back of a diaya package? I thought it was healthier than cheese! EEEEK- thanks Chelsea

  4. Thank you for this πŸ™‚ I’ve been struggling with the whole gluten-free thing. I am not gluten intolerant or anything, but everyone ‘hates’ on gluten. Why would I eat that gluten-free stuff, instead of healthier sprouted regular bread.

    • Exactly, I always go by eating as much real stuff as possible. But just to make a comment, are you gluten free for yourself or because everyone else is? Just asking because I want to make sure that it is something you feel strongly about and that is the reason behind it as gf is a restrictive diet. Overall though, sprouted breads are generally much better than regular bread anyways even if you’re not gf

  5. Really loved this. You just make everything sound so simple/stupid.

  6. My focus for 2015 is really to focus on whole foods instead of calories. I am still that silly girl who will pick a 0 calorie drink over maybe a whole food smoothie.

    • That’s an amazing goal! Just do a few things at a time and not everything so you don’t feel overwhelmed because if it’s a mental hurdle to get over (having to have the 0 cals stuff) it can be scary to do too many things at once.

  7. I would love, love, love to be your housemate! I would pick your brain daily … hourly πŸ˜‰

  8. I’m not one of those psychos who won’t eat/touch/drink anything with chemicals. But if I’m educated & I can avoid them, then I will. For me, I won’t live without cheetos. Yes… I don’t need them to live. But I just try to have healthier whole foods most of the time… then those damn msg-calorie-fat-sugar-bombs

    • Life is about balance and I never preach perfection because you would be very unhappy and not healthy if you went to be perfect. Everyone has their thing and you know I have a bottle of walden farms pancake syrup in my fridge for those random times when I crave maple syrup which is like 1 time every few months. I also enjoy a questbar every day, so I’m no where near perfect, but I go by having the majority of your foods being a wholesome and real as possible

  9. I agree with you. But I think it is hard, since so much of what is in the store is processed. I also think with all the fad- “food-rules” (i.e: diary, gluten etc), it is so much easier to just reach for a faux food and pretend you’re healthy.

    • I always say to stick to the perimeter of the grocery store for the most part as that is where all of the food is. I understand that convenience is important for some and, like I mentioned I’m not trying to judge, but I always think it’s important to have the majority of your nutrition coming from foods your body recognizes rather than heavily processed ones that leave you feeling sluggish and not nourished due to your body not understanding what they are.

  10. Oh goodness- I felt like this was a slap in the face in a good way (because ignorance isn’t bliss). I realized how many FAKE FOODS I eat in a day- even though my fiends would say I’m a pretty healthy eatier- fake cheese, chips, granola bars…

  11. I love making a mug of tea in the morning & watching your videos. It always feels like I’m sitting down with a ‘friend’- a friend who tells their friends how it is.

  12. You mentioned cravings in here. And cravings can be a 271287931 word post. But how do you handle cravings? Especially those ‘trigger foods’ one cannot have in moderation (because it will turn into a full out cookie-binge)

  13. Hi Chelsea- new reader & I am in LOVE- I know that you wrote a lot about If It Fits Your Macros” (IIFYM) (because I read all your old posts) and why we shouldn’t eat say chips over carrots just because it fits in our macros- but do you think one should count calories or count macros, if having to choose?

    • Thanks for the support and hello and welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ Macros over calories any day! Many will say that it’s a calorie budget and that as long as you are within you calorie requirements for the day you will not put on weight and you can strive for your goals. These individuals would say that it’s a calorie counting game. Me on the other hand, I actually want to know how my body responds to the different macronutrients so I always stress macros over calories because a calorie coming from a carb source doesn’t do the same thing as a calorie coming from a protein source. They also have different effects on how your body works and feels. IE some people work better and can reach their goals more effectively eating more carbs, while others would just store fat if they went with a higher carb diet. So from that, I like to ascribe to macro counting…but that’s if you feel like you should be counting in the first place.

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