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Workout Split Vlog + Leg Workout Example


Happy Thursday friends!

Can you believe that this time next week we will be celebrating Christmas??

So exciting! What are you plans?

As I mentioned in the video, I had just come back home from my leg workout (2 hours of legs to be exact….#Exhausted) so I decided to tackle Andrea’s question regarding my split.

I had a few disruptions during the video so I hope it still explains everything okay, but if you need more clarification, don’t be shy to ask in the comments!

Click on the picture for the link up to my YouTube as usual

Photo on 2014-12-18 at 13.34 #4Also, I mentioned I would link up a picture or demo of those weighted “press up situps” I believe so here that is. Oh how I love Click on the picture for the full instructions and video demo by Jamie Eason.

Press Sit-Up

The only difference is that I use a plate and bring it back over my head before coming back to press it back up.

Happy “almost Friday” for all of you still working or grinding out those last exams.



33 thoughts on “Workout Split Vlog + Leg Workout Example

  1. All these new posts feel like I Christmas treat πŸ™‚

  2. Maggie- girl is so cute!!!

  3. Thanks a lot for answering my question πŸ™‚ When I first saw this post I thought “I’ll bookmark it for when the new year starts” (since I’ve fallen pretty behind on my fitness and health with the holidays and with school). But then I thought about you, and what you’d say & well I think I’m making a split today πŸ˜‰ (that was suppose to be a lil’ jingle)

  4. Maggie is so adorable. She is also so well behaved! Love it!

  5. You look wonderful after the gym πŸ˜‰ You’re such a pretty girl (inside and out). Thanks for walking us through your leg workout & bringing Maggie to the camera.

  6. Thanks for always introducing me to new gym lingo πŸ™‚ Such a silly question, but do you think working out quads will make them bigger?

    • No problemo πŸ™‚ and remember no silly questions, but to answer you, it depends on what your definition of bigger is. Muscle is more condensed than fat so building muscle in your legs will generally make them leaner BUT more muscle means more definition so you make have more cuts depending on how your body responds to the training you do. In my option, I love a well defined set of legs. muscular always looks nice. No stick legs here that’s for sure. For me, I have powerful legs so I want to put them to use and enjoy seeing them progress

  7. “a bro day”… literally lol’ed.

  8. “oh don’t bite your back”- silly Maggie girl. Love her!

  9. Plank variations would be great! Tips for someone who wants to build a stronger core (currently can only hold a plank for 20 seconds)

  10. Thank you for going through everything so comprehensively. This was literally like “working out 101”. This was actually SUPER helpful etc.

  11. You’re so strong. It always amazes me. Super creepy- but because I have seen you in the change room in the Pulse back in the day… it amazes me that someone so tiny is SO strong. (stronger than some guys I know who weigh A LOT more than you). It is really inspiring.

  12. Thank you for this Chelsea!

  13. No measly weights…. that is something I want to work on when I can get back in the school’s gym in January. I’m that girl with the 3 lb weights :S

    • I regretted saying that after I said it. Everyone has to start somewhere and I guess where I was going with that statement was that some people CHOOSE to lift lighter weights and not put much effort into it. So what I should have said was pick a weight that is challenging and doesn’t make you look pretty lifting it πŸ˜‰

  14. I love your blog and am a daily reader. You always look so fit and trim. I was wondering: Do you ever have β€œfat days”? Days when you feel gross, bloated and down on yourself? If so, how do you deal with them?

    • Thank you so much and oh yes I do. I’m human and I’m a girl. Those two together make for self judgements even for the most confident girls. To be honest, I can be really bad with body shamming, but I try not to publicize that (I’m just being open and honest with you) and it’s something I have been trying actively to work on. For example, if I’m feeling a certain way about my body during my period for example, I have to try to tell myself that it’s only a few days and it’s not something I can change so I mind as well stop talking badly about myself because that’s not going to change anything. You body responds to different things in ways that we don’t appreciate sometimes and so no one will have a good body day everyday and that’s just life.

      But yes, I certainly do still have those days, especially with having a hypersensitive GI tract, I get those weekly due to something I ate (or just ate in excess like veggies) that then upset it and makes me retain water or feel like crap or both. So I understand.

  15. This was really helpful πŸ™‚

  16. I would love to hear from you in a future post: What has been the biggest fitness game-changer for you and changed the way you approach fitness?: Interval Training? Barre? Running? Dance?

  17. Now, I know you mention you don’t do a lot of cardio because it makes you lose weight/muscle but for some of us, more … well ‘soft’ body chicks, how do you recommend we add cardio to our ‘split’

    • I wouldn’t recommend doing it every day (other than a simple 10 minute warmup before lifting) as that can lead to issues if you’re overdoing it (check out Layne Norton and his research on the negative effects of steady state cardio on the metabolism). Cardio can and really should be a part of everyones life for their heart health and if I were to recommend anything I would say to do something that you enjoy doing. Instead of jumping on the cardio machine, go play squash, or tennis or something that seems like you’re not exercising. Go swim, do a kickboxing class, etc. Whatever you like. If you’re stuck using equipment, I would test out HIIT ir interval training to get’er done in less time and it’s also muscle building rather than muscle breaking down like steady state is if you’re not careful. Only do HIIT max 3 times per week though as it can be hard on the system.

      As for when you should do it…go by what feels good to you and for your goals. If you’re goal is to get stronger, make sure you lift first so you give all your energy to that and then do cardio after if that’s what you choose to do. OR you could try having lifting days and cardio days if that works for you and your schedule

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