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S’mores And Pesto…WIA(Monday)


First I wanted to say thank you for your comments on my pushup challenge yesterday and sharing your pushup numbers with me! You all did an amazing job πŸ˜€

So, how long has it been since I have been able to jump into one of these with my legit eats??

Yeah. So I’m gunna jump in this week and show you a full days worth of eats. Everything. Supps and all. So you ready? Let us begin.

Go say hi to Jen over at Peas and Crayons while you’re at it if you want a whole lotta #Foodporn

What I Ate Wednesday Button

So since it has been a while, things have changed a bit over here…

First thing is that my preworkout proats aren’t very pretty anymore…

IMG_6870Oh and the have turned green.

Long Live Zee Zoats!

OMG guys I have fallin in love with the fluff factor that combining egg white oats and zoats has made. Do you see how much is in that bowl for a 1/2 a cup of oats? Genius I tell you. Plus you get a green veggie into you first thing in the morning. I call that a win.

That beauty of an ‘icing’ on the top is another new thing and it’s delicious but doesn’t photograph too well (and I didn’t even put it all on…). Basically I have switched from putting my Cellucor protein powder in my oats (I used peanut flour now) and instead, have been mixing about a 1/3 of a scoop with some US almond milk to make an icing to put on top. Not only is icing amazing in every way, but the flavour is so much more pronounced and with Cellucor’s amazing flavours, I can savor a different ‘iced’ concoction every morning. This one was Chocolate Raspberry Truffle.

What has stayed the same?

The quest bar bites and nut butter of course. Can’t have oats without some party guests.

Despite the UGLY looking picture, here’s how I make’em if you’re interested

The night before…

This is optional, but I do it for the absorption benefits. Soak 1/2 cup of gluten free oats (I used quick ones) + 1 tsp chia seeds + cinnamon in just enough water to cover.

In the morning…

  1. Grate 1/2 a zucchini (about 100grams) into your oats.
  2. Add 10g, or about a tbsp or two, of peanut flour (PB2 or chocolate PB2 would work too if you don’t mind the added sugar and salt)
  3. Mix together with enough almond milk to make it into a thick soupy consistency and nuke for 2-3 minutes. The zucchini leaches out lots of liquid, but the chia seeds and peanut flour are very absorbent so it evens out. If you’re too dry, just add more liquid. It’s a learning thang.
  4. Quickly stir in 1 egg white (about 3 tbsp or 32g). Add more water if it’s too thick (ie not moving)
  5. Nuke for another 2 minutes (ensuring it doesn’t overflow if you’re microwave is powerful)
  6. Remove and add fruit of choice. I generally do banana and sometimes strawberries if I’m feelin a change of pace.
  7. Nuke for a final minute. This is optional if you want your fruit melty like me.
  8. Remove and crank in some pink sea salt (a new thing I am trying to incorporate into my diet slowly…will discuss later) and any other superfood add-ins or extracts you like. I’m currently stirring in either lucuma or my Pranin acerola C (vitamin C powder). Stir that all up.
  9. Then add your questie bites (I bake mine), cacao nibs, nut butter of choice and a sprinkle of peanut flour on top.
  10. Finally, add your icing. Just mix up some whey with water or milk and toss that on top.

Voila, your masterpiece of voluminous, hot goodness. πŸ˜€

You can do this on stove top too, but I just like the microwave technique better. Less pots and I don’t loose oatmeal to the pot. πŸ˜› Plus, if I die of anything, it would probably be due to microwaves because I require my food hot so I may microwave something again halfway through eating…yes I have a problem.

Anywho, this sat for about an hour then helped me find my way to the gym and get me through my 2 hour glute/ham workout Weeeooo….

Glute Hamstring Raises (GHR’s). I just found a place to hook my feet into rather than having to find someone to hold my feet down.

Tried these for the first time in a long time (superset with weighted split squats) and I always forget how nice of a burn they give.

I had to literally run out of the gym because I had a dentist appointment to fix my permanent retainer (the lil wire they put behind your teeth after braces so they don’t move) that I snapped a few months ago at 11:10am. I finished my workout at 11ish

My bad.

I’m stubborn so I tend to just go like a maniac to make sure I don’t cut corners in my workout. Instead, cutting corners that day meant very lil stretching, but hey at least I got my workout done… πŸ˜€

I kinda stretched while scarfing down my post workout muffin…my form of a shake which you have seen before.

IMG_6879Yes it looks UGLY (wow that’s a trend it seems) but it actually tastes good. The ugliness comes from the green colour that is my chlorophyll for alkalizing after workout stress (ie. acidifying the body). The only difference now is that there is pink sea salt in it.

Oh I also sip on these on my water throughout my workout

IMG_6877BCAA’s by Rivalus in green apple. These are the cleanest BCAA’s I have found, meaning they have no artificial crap or sweeteners in them that make my tummy unruly. PLUS they have tons of natural anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric in them for support after your workout.

So after my 5 minute dentist appointment to get an impression done for my wire, I headed to Loblaws to pick up the items I needed for my parents dinnah that night and then headed back home.

Soon after, the stomach yelled at me that it was hangry so this was inhaled…


Under the pile of Mrs. Dash-ified roasted veggies is Uncle Bens brown rice and roasted chicken breast.

Do you ever get to the point where you are so hungry that you don’t feel hungry anymore? I keep telling myself to stop doing that but my hunger comes on in like an instant and it’s always when I’m doing something…then you have to cook and then well…

I swear it eats itself.

Soowwrrry tummy.

So my Dad and I headed into Georgetown and did some Christmas shopping for my Mom while we were waiting to pick up Maggie from the beauty salon…

IMG_6900Shorter hair but not as bad as the last time. They even put lil bows in her hair. Shes so cute.

After we came home I finished the big project that is pesto making that I had started while waiting on my Dad.

IMG_6886It takes forever to make (all that cleaning!) so you make a massive batch! This is my basil-cilantro one with a heavy hit of garlic, lemon juice and chili flakes. Nomz. I put that *it on errythang.

During the afternoon I took my next round of supps (I forgot to mention the probiotic I take every morning after my breakfast, which is Natural Factors Women formula with the cranberry strain).

IMG_6909Two teaspoons of my Botanica Double Potency fish oils in Key lime and 1 drop of my Ddrops.

After preppin my parents dinnah, I then made my own and ate with them while they had their before dinner drink and chatter.


Baked swordfish with pepper and lemon juice. Roasted acorn and kabocha squash. Kale and chard blend with mushrooms, onion, garlic, curry and chili powder.

Man do I love swordfish. Mmmmm and squash of course. This plate is nothing you haven’t seen before but I have had to scale back dem greens because unlike a cow, I only have one stomach and it doesn’t agree with eating an entire bunch of greens in one sitting. Hard lesson I have learned too many times.

After accompanying my parents for their midnight meal dinner and cleaning up, I blogged a bit and answered an email (which should have been done way before now…stupid exams) to an amazing follower who contacted me a lil while back. I capped off my night with my typical frozen puddin and questie.

IMG_6908And just so you know…

The s’mores Questbar is amazing BUT I will say I like it raw better then baked because I feel like it keeps more of its flavours that way. Anyone else agree? Yum.

So that was my full day of eats. Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks again to Jen for the linkup.

NOTE: I have been playing around with pink sea salt because 1. salt is actually needed by the body as an electrolyte and for some reason it only occurred to me recently that I may actually be deficient in salt due to the only salt in my diet being from 1/2 a questie a day and any residual salt in my fish and such. Athletes especially need more as they sweat it out during training. 2. I have heard that there are digestive benefits of including it in your diet AND 3. I have also red that if you are chronically tired it may be a sign that your salt is low and I have to say that postworkout I have noticed a difference. Before I used to be drained completely after my workout and almost falling asleep, but the lil bit of salt has appeared to keep me awake and perky up until I have my next meal about 1.5 hours later. Thoughts?

Happy hump day all!

Do you like pesto? Favourite way to use it? It makes an amazing topping for fish (especially fattier ones like trout and salmon) and salad dressings!

Favourite fish? It’s so hard for me to just pick one, so a couple of my favs include trout (red fish), swordfish, sea bass and halibut for my white fish and scallops and lobster for my shellfish. Yeah…see can’t just pick one. I’m a seafood lover.



42 thoughts on “S’mores And Pesto…WIA(Monday)

  1. You’re so sweet. I mean you did 37 pushups or so, which none of us did., but you always write with such a fun, sweet tone πŸ™‚

  2. I am glad that you came back with one of these posts. IDK why but they’re my favourite.

  3. I am counting down until breakfast to try that egg/zoat recipe. can we call them egzoats?

  4. Since you love Cellucor powder, I went on the website to buy some as a present to myself. I saw they have pre-workouts? What are these? Should I get them?

    • They are actually the best tasting protein powders I have ever had and have the most amazing flavour variety! As for preworkouts, a lot of people like them, but I personally avoid them. They can be filled with a lot of crap ingredients but for the most part the idea is to get you amped up for your workout. In that sense they contain mostly stimulants (caffeine) and can have other things like NO boosters and other amino acids that make your skin tingle or give you a pump or increase in vascularity. In my opinion, they are not needed for you to motivate yourself to workout and have a good one at that, but many people say they have the best workouts with them.

      Another thing to consider is that you can become immune to their effects and so people have to cycle off them.

  5. How did I need to come here and read that you mix chia seeds with oats, to think about this…. LOL

  6. yes yes yes please do a post on sea salt.

  7. BTW: because of you, I asked for Quest Bars for Christmas πŸ˜‰ They should be paying you for advertising because I’ve been so obsessed

  8. I want to try those Glute Hamstring Raises . What is your “split” as of late? (funny story…. I had no clue what any gym lingo was until I spent all my exam study breaks re-reading all your old blog posts)

  9. Glad I am not the only one who keeps breaking that permanent retainer. Thanks for sharing your workout/eats- I love it

  10. What is a BCAA? Should I take them!

    • BCAAs are branched chain amino acids and lots of bodybuilders use them while training intensely while on a cut (trying to cut weight) so they don’t loose muscle mass while training. For me, because I’m so lean right now, My body doesn’t have much fat to take from if my workout burns more then I have prefueled it with, so I take them to try to prevent any muscle being sacrificed as fuel while I’m still trying to gain weight.

  11. “Do you ever get to the point where you are so hungry that you don’t feel hungry anymore?” All the time. And sometimes I think it’s a good thing because yo know, then I won’t eat…. but the funny thing is once I eat, I can literally eat EVERYTHING

    • Don’t think it’s a good thing because that means you body is now doing something else it probably shouldn’t be. I always worry that then it’s tapping into my hard earned muscle if I m not careful. And them you are so hungry that yes it feels like you can eat everything and you can get yourself in trouble

  12. Maggie is soo adorable.

  13. Hi Chelsea, this may get a little personal, and i know you touched on it before- but how did you get your parents so on-board with you cooking your own meals etc?

    • No not too personal, I’m open to pretty much any questions 😊 I think it’s because my parents just want to make sure I get what I need and I’m old enough to cook for myself so they have no issues with it. As long as I eat enough they are content and always interested in what I’m making.

  14. “because unlike a cow, I only have one stomach” – even why you try not to be funny, I end up giggling at your blog!

  15. I’ve read a lot about Pink Himalayan salt Some of the magical benefits:

    1.} It regulates water throughout the body.

    2.} Promotes a happy, healthy pH balance in your cells & brain cells.

    3.} This specific salt reduces signs of aging.

    4.} It helps absorb particles through your intestinal tract.

    5.} Promotes sinus, respiratory, & vascular health.

    6.} Increases the libido.

    7.} Promotes a natural, well-rested sleep.

    8.} And lastly, the salt crystals help to regulate blood pressure. Read more here:

  16. I really love these types of posts πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing

  17. Well, because of this blog I’ve eaten a lot of new foods (hello Questbars) so I now aim for seafood twice a week. My favourite is scallops and ahai tuna but of course, it’s too expensive for weekly use. My favourites have been basa and haddock.

    • Nice and sorry for the quest bars hahah they are not the cheapest obsession haha. Omggeee I hear you on your favs! So good. If you have a whole foods near you though they always have frozen tuna steaks for like 4 bucks. I picked on up today actually 😊

  18. So sweet of you to cook dinner for your parents!

  19. I was wondering if you would ever considering promoting health coaching. I mean, I love love love that you give free advice and help readers etc. But I was just thinking about how selfish it is for us to use you etc. I’ve seen a lot of bloggers offer health coaching for a price

    • Aww that’s nice of you, I really do like sharing and although it would be a great idea and a way for me to get some money I don’t feel like just having experience and a lol bit of knowledge is enough to charge people. I wouldn’t feel right doing if without qualifications behind my name

  20. Great pics!! And Maggie is getting soooo big!

  21. I absolutely love zoats!! Reminds me of zucchini bread!

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