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Quick Update Part Deux…Vlog Style


…In zee dark

Sorry about that. As I said, I really want to do more vlogging and add to my channel but with that said, I do not own any fancy equipment so please bear with my poor iMovie camera. It does it’s bestest in the dark and I have to love it for giving at least trying. I will test out my iphone camera and also try not to vlog so much at night to see if that helps with zee quality.

Link up to my channel if you want to catch a still slightly ghostly and tired Lil Miss Fitness Freak for a few rambles.

Clicky on zee picture

IMG_6822So as I said, hit me up with some fun recipes to tweak and test out on my parents and if they turn out well, I will post them up for ya!

Much love and thanks always for all your support!



76 thoughts on “Quick Update Part Deux…Vlog Style

  1. Easy snacks and work lunches! Salads get old fast and I’m a vegetarian. Do you know of a really good protein shake for lunches? Not one I have to use a blender.

  2. I’d love to see a post on some of your favourite processed foods… like canned soups, cereals etc but healthy alternatives.

  3. This post is coming at the perfect time for me. I’m just in the beginning of my weight loss journey and you have been a huge inspiration for me. You coming back is going to be a huge help 🙂

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