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Im Thinking….I’m Not Dead…Out Loud


And most importantly

I have not left blogging!

You are all stuck with me.

Before I start saying how sorry I am for literally falling off the blogging planet for the past month or so, I will say instead that I really hope to find my balance next semester because this is something I really do love to do and miss. You guys have asked before about how I balance everything and, well, as you can see, I’m still learning too. Balance is tough ain’t it?

Speaking of balance…

Does anyone else feel as though during exam times, balance is a word that just fails to compute?


Why does our education system try to kill us before the holidays I ask…

May I repeat I had 3 exams in past 24 hours…

Which is why I am here because…

Pardon my freeennch. But it had to be said.

So what am I doing with my night of nothingness you ask?

IMG_6820Baking protein doughnuts for my housemates.

Yes Dean, those are your beloved Chocolate Raspberry pronuts. Are you gunna come visit me now?

I don’t know about you, but baking and listening to this

… seems like a good ol’ time to me

On the topic of Christmas…

It’s my favourite holiday. Like hands down.

It’s not the presents, but its pretty much the whole spirit of it. Is that cheesy?

But no really, I was telling Emily today that I love when I don’t have to be all ‘mind in the books’ long enough to stop and appreciate all that is going on around me.

  • The snowflakes outside my window (despite hatin winter)
  • The holiday candles coming out and perfuming the malls like they just don’t care. Ps for all that know me well, they know never to take me into a place with yummy smelling candles and/or lotions because you are never getting out..
  • The baking
  • The family gatherings
  • The ornaments

I will say that, although I was really hatin on life the past 1/2 a week while I was doing that whole sleep-study-eat-gym-study-study more-nope not done studyin yet-pass out-repeat thing thang, I am so excited to have so much more time off this year. Three whole weeks to be exact. 😀 At McMaster, you finished exams practically on Christmas Eve only to start the semester on January 3rd or something crazy like that so I always missed out on my favourite traditions like baking and putting up the tree with my Mom.

Without those, I felt like Christmas just slipped away from me

This year though, oh this year will be different and I’m gunna enjoy the hell out of it!

What’s one thing you do every Christmas?

Now that I have space in my mind to actually see what I have been missing, here’s what will be enjoyed sooner than later, amongst family, friends and blogging of course..

Watching this with ma Momaaaa

…December 9th for all of you who love the show like me…

I will have to keep myself occupied so I don’t watch it before I get home!

Likewise…OMG on the same night?!?!

Okay maybe not so likewise…sorry Mom, this one won’t be able to wait.

Screen shot 2014-12-04 at 9.58.46 PMI also just found out this week that I had missin out on another favourite…Dont judge me..

#FoodiePleasure. These kids put me to shame.

“Pancakes…really? I’m more of an egg benedict kinda girl…” Said the 8 year old. Geesh. Mad skillz.

Speaking of food, I have been watching the tracking on these guys for waaaaayyy longer than I’s ready to deal with…

Quest, don’t you know that a week and a half is way too long when you bring out something new like this. Like, Ermagawd. Oh and I totally posted on their wall like eons ago that this flavour was a must.

You’re welcome.

Yeah I’m totally gunna say it was all me 😉

Anyways, I’m off to do more of nothingness (which should probably be sleep…) so I’m gunna link this bunch of rambles up with Spoon’s partay over at Running with Spoons and I will catch you all lata times.


Oh one last final thing before I wish you all a fabulous evening…

What do you want to see from me now that I’m back and ready to blog my lil heart out this Christmas? Ideas peeps! Oh and for vlogs too! I really want to get my channel going as well.



18 thoughts on “Im Thinking….I’m Not Dead…Out Loud


  2. i’d love tips on how to not over eat, or how to maintain weight loss etc. it’s only december 5th and I’ve gained 4 lbs!

    • For sure! Keep in mind that it is a stressful time and hormones alone can cause excess weight gain and water retention. I’m not sure if you’re a student or not, but I tend to get a lil bit of gut upset and digestion issues around my exam stress which can lead to a bloating issue. Just don’t get frustrated, ensure you keep really hydrated and always think about whether something is really worth indulging in. If it’s a meh thing, you don’t have to eat it and it saves you for something better 🙂

  3. 3 exams in 24 hours- is that legal? how did you fit in gym time and sleep!

    • HA I know right? At my other university it was illegal, but apparently it’s entirely possible here. I tried to get one moved but they said the exam schedule was set and they couldn’t do anything for me. {insert inappropriate curse words} lol For the first time in a long time I had to take two days off in a row from the gym and you I had to tell myself to accept it because trying to get in a later gym sesh on that second day after the 3rd one just wouldn’t have been smart on my part as I was running on about 4 hours of sleep both nights and I had pulled a muscle in my gym sesh the day before probably due to tense, stressed out muscles. I’m happy to say that I was back in the gym this morning, a little bit weak (still need more sleep catch up) but was super motivated.

  4. I would love maybe some tips on not being embarrassed by your special eating etc/

  5. Welcome back to us ❤

  6. YAY your back! Missed your posts.!!!!! Now get some rest and then come back to us!

  7. I recently got a 50$ to amazon- what should I splurge on besides quest bars!

  8. YAYAYAYA we missed you!!

  9. How about doing a gift guide for a ‘lil miss fitness freak’ 😉

  10. I love day in the life posts!

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