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Thinking Out Loud…Puttin Your Mind In The Gutter


Why hello there

Welcome to my Thursday rambles…oh this might be a good one as I sit in a sexuality lecture…You have been forewarned

Isn’t it crazy how something that is apparently awkward to talk about lights up a classroom? Every night class should throw a lil sex into their class and that will keep students awake


We are currently playing sex ed Big Brother style…

Can’t say I have ever watched the show, but this is entertaining. Someone just won a vibrating penis ring + a free talk on how to best use it.

Best prof ever?

Anywho, other than sex, what else has poppin into my mind lately

Do I need to make mention of our weather right now?

Prof comment: “If you walk around with that vagina exercise ball in all day you will be shooting footballs across the field with your lady parts in no time”

Do you ever notice how the importance of appearance for women seems to change over time? This is purely observation but here’s what I have noticed and thought about recently..random I know.

As a kid you don’t care

As a slightly older kid you think you care, but you really don’t. (ie. you bounce your lil piggy tails around or wear that flouncy skirt because it gets comments from others)

Around puberty and up until your 20’s (mostly) it’s EVERYTHING

In adulthood it doesn’t seem to be as big of deal. I would like to say that this is because we finally have an understanding that attraction comes from within and we are comfortable with ourselves enough that we don’t focus only on the external components.

and now this one slightly confuses me…the elderly woman

Ever notice that it’s the elderly women who will wander around butt naked in a change room, which makes you think they are completely comfortable with themselves and simply not care about what others think, yet they will flip out if a strand of their hair is out of place.

What is it about the hair that is so special when you’re older?

Prof Comment: the weight of the testicle is 1 ounce or a serving of almonds.

Movember isn’t showing it’s hairy face…

Am I complaining? NOPE

Can’t say zee mustache is my favourite look.

a lil bit of stubble on the other hand…


Speaking of smoldering looks…

My lil YouTube crush

Christan Guzman. Check him out here if you’re all into fitness, bodybuilding and nutrition…

or if you’re just into this..

Sorry Nikki, you don’t mind be staring looking right?

Superficial self coming out…

What appearance related factors attract you to another person?

Well I suppose you can kinda guess my “type” based on said ‘crush’ above but here are a few particulars

  • Eyes. I love eyes. Dark eyes get me always but so do highly contrasting eyes (hello Avery on Grey’s) like blue against dark skin.
  • Muscle. Sorry, I’m being honest here. A big muscular back and that overall upside down triangle form is always attractive in my mind
  • Darker skin. This is not a necessity or anything, but I tend to always be attracted to European or South American skin tones.

I won’t say abs because that would just be too easy to say

…they are nice though 😀

On the topic of abs

I caved and bought a waffle maker…

So this Sunday morning I’m hoping my 25 buck waffle maker makes me some decent ‘zoat’s waffles.

I blame instagram for making me desperate to loose my waffle virginity

Sex still on the brain apparently…

I’m hooking up with all of the other thinkers with Miss Spoons once again this week, so check everyone else there!


Ouch, just stood up and my legs feel like logs. Damn leg day. #CrippledForTheNext3Days



13 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud…Puttin Your Mind In The Gutter

  1. I am doing my master’s focusing on older adults’ sex lives so to speak…well not really…but mostly…”very night class should throw a lil sex into their class and that will keep students awake”. My thesis keeps me awake

  2. ‘Someone just won a vibrating penis ring + a free talk on how to best use it.” <- i nearly spit out my coffee.

  3. Those babes you posted pictures of ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. We have the same type. Minus I prefer light eyes and DIE for highly contrasting eyes (hello Avery on Grey’s) eyes, dark hair…..oh goddness.
    muscle and dark skin.


  5. One day fitness, One day sex. Your blog is always the best part of my day. You always keep us guessing.

  6. Thanks Chelsea…I just spent the past 20 minutes watching that babes’ youtube instead of studying

  7. Interesting stream-of-consciousness post…

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