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Thinking Out Loud Can Brighten Someones Day.


My lovelies I have missed you! Man does school and life making blogging tough to fit in. It seems like the only time I get to chatter with you is when I’m in my night class. Shhhhhhh don’t tell anyone that I’m blogging when I should be listening more attentively…but commonnnn it’s a first year health and wellness class.

I do want to thank you for your continued support and comments despite me being more absent over these past few months. I want you all to know that I still read all of your comments and try my best to get back to them. Much love!

I digress….

So some updates and blabs all up in here tonight, so I’m jumping into Thinking Out Loud with Miss Spoons and all the other thinkers


So last weekend was fun…

IMG_6687I’m no Halloween fanatic and as you can see I did not go crazy with my costume (oh hey last minute what can I wear to be let into this house partayyy ‘cat’), but I’m glad I went out for a bit with Emily, her boyfriend Chad, and their friend Cameron.

Speaking of peeps, I wish I would have taken more pictures of everyone, but the event of the weekend was our visitors, Chad and Cameron who trekked their way alll the way from Montreal to spend the weekend with us all. Well mostly Emily, but I totally butt myself into their lil triangle because I’m too friendly 😛 Shoutout to zee happy couple, Emily and Chad who celebrated their 3 year anniversary that weekend. I fourth wheeled on their celebration with a number of outings including…. IMG_6689Yup, Marble Slab happened again and it wasn’t peanut butter this time…

Let me pause for a moment while you pick yourselves off the floor…Whhhhat the peanut butter addict strayed from peanut butter?!?!

Mmmkay we good now?

I had peanut butter swirled in it. So there. HA! Still got my fix 😀

The previous time I had sampled the Apple N’Spice flavour and really liked it so I decided to go for it.

Does anyone else go into an ice cream place being 95% certain of what flavour they are going to get, but still act as if they don’t by getting 5 samples?

Get the full experience yo! 😉

Speaking of ice cream, I hope my housemate Ainjel is all like…

She deserves that sammich after getting her first round of stitches in her life. She took that needle like a champ though.

Long story short…don’t ever lock your bathroom/shower room door because passing out while in the shower often leads to bad things

Luckily for her, no concussion, just a single stitch and a sore (and probably blackened tomorrow) cheek from being attacked by the shower wall.

Again, she’s a champ. Oh and her Mom didn’t strangle her through the phone when she called to inform her of said accident. #Winning

Have you ever been afraid to tell your parents you got hurt?

Now completely going in a new direction because clearly one of the strong points is not flow

I told someone at the gym today they inspired me..

Why is this a big deal?

Because I have thought this for some time and haven’t said anything because I didn’t feel like the opportunity presented itself.

The opportunity?

Why should I need an opportunity to say something nice to someone?

I feel like society these days makes us feel strange about complimenting others. It’s sad, but it’s the truth.

This women is strong, aesthetically beautiful and exudes confidence, so wouldn’t she be an inspiration?

Likewise, why shouldn’t she be told this?

I broke that hesitation today and told her what I should have said a month ago.

Kind of on a similar-ish topic

I have seen a lot of YouTube videos lately about genetics and why comparing yourself to someone else really is not going to gain you anything.

For some reason it is finally clicking in my mind that my body is my body. It has it’s own bone structure. It’s own muscle fiber patterns. It’s own image of what it’s supposed to look like.

It doesn’t care if I like that girls abs, or if I want those beautiful capped shoulders because in it’s perspective, if it ain’t there in the first place, you ain’t gunna get it no matter what you do.

Love yourself enough to not live through a constant cycle of defeat by wanting something you will never have.

So my class is almost over so lets finish’er off bullet style!

What got me thinking out loud in an angry fashion recently…

1. The fact that one of my assignments doesn’t have a mac version therefore forcing me to go onto campus to do it. Can I mention this is a computer and technology course…

2. Dropping my very expensive tub of BCAA’s and having it spill all over my counter at 7:30AM in the morning. Can I mention that the lid was screwed on?


Oh and lil tidbit, BCAA’s are awful to clean up. It basically makes a sludge on your counter the second it interacts with water and stains.

Things that have me happy thinking…

1. Having a heart to heart with Emily. Daaaaawww I love my housemates

2. Having Gen and Rachael coming down from Hamilton to join me at the farmers market on Saturday morning. Weeeoo trainer reunion!

Speaking of friendships

This popped into my mind this morning when I opened Facebook

How often does this happen to you?

Things that have me confused…

Why is my shoulder blade ticking? Like I’m talking it’s having a complete spaz attack and it needs to stop because it’s annoying. The earlier calf ticking I can understand because it was leg day today, but a back tick..

I need a nanner.

Sorry, it made me laugh

What are you Thinking Out Loud about right now?

Wow my prof just said fuck buddy.

Happy Thursday Friends



4 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud Can Brighten Someones Day.

  1. I am so happy you’re back, but most of all that you read all our comments and love- I know many of us (well at least me personally) read your blog because you’re so real and honest with your readers. Wishing you the best always, N

  2. I cannot tell you how many times over the last 2 years (well before September) I wanted to go up to you in the Pulse and tell you, you inspire me. I literally once starred you right in the eyes in the changeroom and then got scared and chickened out (if you remember someone staring at you like they wanted to talk and didn’t—- it was me). Wish I did get the chance to tell you in person

    • Awww I wish you would have but you said it now and that’s okay too! Thank you so much for your kind words. It really means a lot to me that I can have an impact on someone else by simply doing what I love. All the best

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