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Feed Me Mamma, Feed Me! What I’m Thinking Out Loud


Hey Friends

I’m stoppin in again to chat with my favourite Spoon and all the over thinker’s for Thinking Out Loud because I’m feeling random and I’m feelin chatty.What else is new eh?


So I’m currently multitasking in my night class…Chattin with you guys…write notes…chat…notes. I’m a pro. Don’t worry Mom and Dad, we are talking about why alcohol and drugs are bad for you….

Oh hey first year required course. #BirdCourse.

Maybe I shouldn’t say that…I might have just jinxed myself for the midterm next week.

I take that back…Super hard. Super hard course.

Speaking of courses, I learned something interesting in my nutrition course on Monday…

Refer to the title of this post.

Did this sound too harsh to be funny?

That ol’ saying that babies are parasites is actually not true. Quite the contrarrryyy actually. They are last on the list of things to keep functioning.

Mom >>Placenta>>Baby

So yeah, that precious gift you are growing inside you is really just begging on a constant basis to be fed. Well, if you’re not taking care of yourself I suppose. The placenta…the placenta gets nourishment before you. Pft. So even when you’re growing a new being inside you, it’s still really all about you.

Another thing, did you know that pregnant women are fat burning machines?

After the first few weeks (1-20), the mother goes from “store all the fat’ to ‘no carbs fo you” status. You see, after that initial development of the fetus, its now for that lil guy to grow, grow, grow and so the mother experiences insulin resistance similar to that of a diabetic. Put simply, this disables her to use consumed dietary carbohydrates in a normal fashion (ie. bringing them into the cells and out of the blood) and instead, all of it gets shipped off to zee baby. So basically ALL dem carbs you eat essentially go right from your mouth to the baby and you are stuck workin off dem fats you stored up in the first 20 weeks.

Interesting no?

Last thing about classes...

For my Canadian readers out there..Did you know that Nova Scotia has the highest number of bars per capita?

So why are you all wasting your money going to booze it up in Cuba over spring break? It’s not like you will remember anything anyways…stay local..Eh.

Bottoms up?

We won’t mention Cuba though…. Oh that warmth. I’m still in denial that it’s that time

Tis the season of orange.

Glad I look good in orange. 😀

Pumpkin is everywhere…it’s haunting me.

Don’t get me wrong, kabocha (Japanese pumpkin) is my jam…no make that my life, but pumpkin flavoured things…

Icky. Just icky.

Will you all hate me if I said that pumpkin pie completely turns me off. I mean look at it. Have you actually really looked at it? It looks gross. Am I crazy?

I’m the scrooge of Fall apparently.

So while you’re all trippin over yourselves trying to get your hands on the latest pumpkin flavoured thing (umm pumpkin spiced condoms Laura??), I’m just continuing to get my orange glow over here daily squash binges.

There ain’t no season for squash. #AllTheSquashAllTheTime

Speaking of food obsessions, there have been a few things I have been obsessed with randomly…

Omeletes and peanut flour.

20141002-204838-74918561.jpgAre you shocked? Some of my mornings have consisted of an appetizer overstuffed veggie omelet (nommin on that yolk yummm) followed up by a nice ol’ bowl of peanut flour zoats.

Oh yeah, toss zoats into that obsession category too. Every morning.

Mess of a bowl but still gotta have my Questie bites and nut buttah in there too. Obv...

Mess of a bowl but still gotta have my Questie bites and nut buttah in there too. Obv…

I don’t know what happened to me, but hey, who can say no to a multi-course breakfast?

Campus was kinda weird today.

There were animals everywhere…

By animals, I mean people in random panda and tiger costumes randomly airhumping dancing on the sides of the walkways….

Did I miss something?

Also, can I just rant on about how it’s not cool to walk past a guy with a fistful of balls. Sorry was that vulgar? Guys we realize you have a penis. We learned that in grade school.We also learned that they don’t disappear, so I think you can stop public…all the time.

Maybe us girls should go around double fisting our boobs. It’s all the same right?

Related? No so much but it made me laugh.

Not that food has anything to do with what I just said, but I’m super excited for Saturday and it’s not just because of the farmers market...

Yes. I’m finally doing it. I’m finally going to crush this craving I have been denying all summer.

Prepare to die.

But really though, I’m hoping I don’t. #LactoseIntolerantProblems.

I deprived myself of this treat all summer because 1. too much guilt associated with such a ‘dirty cheat’ and two. because I was scared of the physical consequences that could follow. But you know what, summer is kinda over and I’m kind of mad at myself that I have let my mind talk me out of something I enjoy all summer. It caused me to miss out on the ice cream flavour I really wanted back in Hamilton (locally made, peanut butter fudge OR moose tracks on Locke Street), so Marble Slab will have to do (Molly, this one is for you!).

So, to support my lil scared self I have my arsenal of a bottle of lactaids, digestive enzymes and a time booked at zee creamery with all my amazing housemates. When you are scared to do something, make it a social thing so it takes away some of your over analysis of the situation so might actually have the ability to enjoy your treat.

So bring on a Lil Miss Fitness Freak peanut butter and cookie dough creation! If all else fails, my Sunday date will be with my bed and the toilet. Ugh. TMI.

aaannnd my computer is going to die soooo loggin off.

Final words…

20141002-204839-74919066.jpgOh legday. You got me all sorts of bottomless pit-ness.

Nice chattering with ya!

Thanks Amanda for the linkup!



30 thoughts on “Feed Me Mamma, Feed Me! What I’m Thinking Out Loud

  1. This was an epic post of hilarity. You rock. And I will definitely be passing on the pumpkin condoms. 🙂

  2. I actually found myself laughing out loud reading this!

  3. This post brought out a whole other side of you and I loveeeeee it! So funny. Still cannot understand why you hate pumpkin pie, but I still support you!

  4. You’re very brave for admitting your fears of certain foods and how you do cope with it. Very, very inspiring.

  5. I let myself become brainwashed by the various media outlets -magazine articles claiming “Five foods you should NEVER eat again!” and the various nutrition and fitness books I studied, which all somehow contradicted each other- and added certain things to my fitness routine and removing others from my diet. It took a while to tap into an intuitive style of eating, but it’s freeing to eat everything and still attain your fitness/health goals.

  6. really good post….. too much to write or react to, but just THANK YOU! ❤

  7. I love this and how real you are! I think that a lot of people need to just CHILL when it comes to food and remember all the good things about it. Sure there are a lot of risks, allergies, sensitivities, etc out there but letting those things rule your life is no way to live. Thanks for sharing this! ❤

  8. Good for you, Chelsea! Great post and perspective. Cheers to eating everything! 😉 Enjoy that ice cream

  9. I really loved this post. 🙂

  10. Good for you! The whole path to healthy living is a full life’s journey, and that journey is different for everyone at different times in your life. Thank you for sharing that truth and show that its ok to learn, grow and develop your healthy lifestyle.

  11. What a great post.. It means a lot to ur readers that u shared this. You have an amazing blog that I enjoy reading all the time!

  12. I love that you are authentic and just go with what feels right. That makes you a wonderful blogger 🙂

  13. As a ‘stalker’ of your site for about 6-12 months now (first time commenter), you resonate with so many of us due to your honesty about ‘finding your own way’ in health & happiness. You should be so proud of yourself for recognising the important role you have in reinforcing a positive relationship with food and fitness with your wee one. Great Post! – as usual 😀

  14. Wow, way to put things in perspective! I love reading your blog. It inspires me to live my life in a healthy way, and keeping up my relationship with all sorts of food. Thank you for your writing, your inspiration and your advice, you’re amazing at it!

  15. I’m a bit older than you, but I feel I’ve been on a long journey similar to yours it’s just taken me a bit longer to get there. Like you, I hope I now set a good nutrition balance and example to my children. I fully believe in the saying that a little bit of what you fancy does you good. Enjoy that ice cream.

    I loved your post, thank you for taking the time to write it. ❤

  16. I love this post. To me, being healthy starts and ends with being happy. If you’re torturing yourself to be a certain way, I don’t know how it could be classified as healthy! You are an amazing woman who has spread her knowledge to so many people, and allowed herself to grow throughout the whole process. I think you most certainly deserve some ice cream to celebrate that 🙂 Thank you for all you do, Chelsea! ❤

  17. Absolutely lovely and funny post. 🙂

  18. Love the post and the authenicness of it. We all try things, adjust, modify, and learn along the way – there are somethings some people have trouble with and hopefully can learn to live without. An alcoholic for example has to learn they can’t have one beer, even though millions of people can – they can’t. Me, I’m a diabetic and a sugar-aholic and after 19 years being diabetic and thinking I can have just one sweet and a week/month later having binged, I have come to the decision that I can’t just have one. It’s been 2 years and I know I cannot have just 1. Can’t say it’s easy, but it’s my life and I feel better, and want to be around for those I love now and those to come. That’s what it’s all about! Love life! Never think you have the right answer for everyone. It’s about individual’s and what works for each of us! You have a great blog and I feel that is how you live, honestly!

  19. What a GREAT post! I recently stopped counting calories and I think it has really helped me let go of categorizing foods as “good” and “bad.” I still find myself calculating sometimes, but I just have to remind myself that the quality of the food is more important than the number. I also recently started a regular yoga practice, which I think has helped me become more mindful of my health choices and my life in general. Thanks for the inspiration, Chelsea!

  20. Love it. You are honest, confident and just downright lovely. This is why I love your blog.

  21. AH! What a PERFECT post. SO needed this.

  22. Really enjoyed your post. Sounds like you’re healthy, happy and enjoying life, what more could we ask for! x

  23. I love this post. Over the last 6 years it has been a struggle to “love” my body. Over the last few years I’ve tried to really look at myself and be proud of what Ive accomplished and I think over this past year I have FINALLY gotten to the point where I do not freak out if I miss a workout, or freak out if I have desert. I’m so much more comfortable in my skin and proud of who I am. Reading posts like this and having such amazing woman to help empower me is so encouraging and motivating for me!

  24. I love your insight here in mentioning your ice cream craving. I have also done a lot of harsh things in order to have the “perfect” body that would make me happy. After a lot of yoga that helped me be easier with myself, I have learned to just be gentle with myself. Yes, I need to move. Yes, I need to eat well most of the time. But splurges are also apart of treating myself well.

  25. Nice post-very funny! What helped most for me was eating for my health rather than some preconveived idea of what I had to eat so I could look a certain way. I love to workout, but I take a rest day and just enjoy a nice walk if I feel I need it. I regulary have the things I love – like wine or chocolate without guilt too.

  26. Such a fun post! I totally fall into the obsessive mindset a lot and have to remind myself that it’s okay to be human and to crave Mexican food and whatnot. What you do/eat most of the time matters more than what you do/eat sparingly.

  27. Haha love this post (air humping 🙈) I hope you enjoyed your ice cream treat tonight! You deserve it hope it did not make your tummy rumble or you sleep the evening away lol. I prepped some swai tonight with mushrooms kale and dumpling squash thought of you, have a good night! (Jcannon)

  28. oh chelsea!!!! you are so funnnnnny and knowledgeable, approachable, sympathetic, engaged in your personal issues, and last but not least, inspirational.

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