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Surviving My First Week Is Marvelous…MIMM


Hey Friends,

This first week has been a lil bit crazy which is why you haven’t heard from me lately. Trying to adjust back into school life after taking the year off is a lil different but I’m slowly getting into the groove of things. Please give me a lil time to get back to your wonderful responses on my last post!! I will get my act together soon. I decided to jump into Katie’s Marvelous In My Monday linkup to give you all a quick lil update on this lil bloggers life because, well, I think surviving the first full week (let alone the move to Guelph!) is quite Marvelous!

Β MiMM MIMM #115 Glow News, Unicorns, and Destination Beach!

So many changes all at once was a lil overwhelming for me as I’m not a fan of change at all (type A, OCD personality type looses her sh**, jokes…kinda)

So what changes do I speak of…? Well I will tell you but in light of MIMM and trying to keep a positive outlook, we shall make the best of these changes. kapeesh?

Anyone else in the same boat? Any change-avoiders?

Change is moving to a whole new city alone…

Zee Griffin welcomes you all to Guelph University

Moving to a new city is scary but it can be Marvelous because…

  • It’s a new adventure
  • Meet new people
  • See new places
  • Eat at new restaurants

It’s also great for personal growth. It forces you to get out of the routine your used to and break out of what you’re comfortable with. Being uncomfortable is needed for you to gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities plus it teaches you new skills.

20140915-130235-46955991.jpgWhy do I have a picture of a toilet all up in yo face?

Because I had to unclog my first toilet this morning. FYI I didn’t clog it (thought I should make that known) BUT I did fix it.

See, personal growth. πŸ˜€

Change is…Leaving my friends

But meeting new friends is Marvelous.

Lets be friendsIt’s sad that I don’t have a picture of my housemates and I yet but they are amazing peeps! I really lucked out with my girls and I’m enjoying spending lots of time with them while we are all still kinda chilled out.

Ainjel: The youngest of all of us, she just turned 19 before school started and is in 2nd year as an English major. Although she is the youngest, I appreciate the fact that her maturity is not that of a freshie because that would start to drive me crazy after a while. She’s super sweet and has been our lil tour guide as we are all new at Guelph except for her.

Rita: Coming all the way from China, Rita astonishes me at how strong of a person she is at only 20 years old. I mean, she is truly independent. She has no family here in Canada and still struggles with English, but she manages just fine on her own and is the nicest person and and it’s really cool to see all of her Chinese traditions, especially in the kitchen. πŸ˜€ Oh and she’s an Environmental Architecture major who is actually taking french as an elective.

Emily: Also 20, Emily is an Environmental Governance major and is pretty much what you would picture a daisy to be in human form. Does that sound weird? She is actually cute as a button and the sweetest girl you would ever meet. I’m currently teaching her how to cook and O’m loving the enthusiasm she has for it. She made her first piece of fish ever the other day and the way her face lit up just made me smile. #ProudTeacher.

20140915-133659-49019519.jpgThis was from our first housie date at Lemongrass Thai. The food was really good but the place was really small. A lot more sketch than what I thought when I searched for the nearest “Thai Restaurant” on Google Maps.

Change is….Leaving my gym

This is a wound that I’m still trying to heal. I miss my gym family a lot. I miss the Pulse but sometimes something Marvelous can come from changing my second home

20140915-215045-78645693.jpgMy gym fam…some of’em. Chelsea’s spot crew wassup!

The Athletic Club is a great gym with new equipment to explore and some great classes that are free because they are part of my membership. Hello free hot yoga! Oh and more recently, aerial yoga. Holler. I have no excuses not to stretch now.

I have also been on the radar of some of the trainers already which is alll part of zee plan (mwah ha ha ha) on building up my rep and hopefully snagging a PT position at that gym. Wish me luck!

I’m really not that cynical and have some weird master plan, but I did really hope to gain some attention early so that it might help my chances of getting in.

To start, I marched myself into the personal trainer office this morning after my workout and shook the hand of the director and introduced myself. Something a younger version (two years younger even!) of myself would have never done. D’aww I’m growing up.

Like I said, I still do miss my Marvelous spotters. My friends. My supporters. Thank you for always encouraging me to push harder in the gym and being proud of my accomplishments both in an outside the gym. So much love for your guys!

I did get the pleasure of celebrating one of my spotters’s, Vince, birthdays before I left. I made him a cute (healthy!) protein cake which he then cut just like a birthday cake and shared with everyone at the desk.

20140829-114856-42536409.jpg“Vince smile I want a pic of you with your cake”…
20140829-114857-42537055.jpgWould you believe that this oozing double-decker cake is healthy? Cake batter protein cake with a peanutty, greek yogurt ‘icing’
DSC_0038Yeah I’m short.

Change is…I’m a student again.

But Marvelous is the fact that I’m now studying to be what I’m pretty sure I was born to be. A Registered Dietician. Someone to help others struggling with food. To teach about the importance of a healthy diet and to hopefully, combine food and fitness later on down the road as my main career.

20140915-220347-79427277.jpgLife of a student bodybuilder. Forever eating in class..

Time to put my study cap back on and get on that studious grind once again. Here goes nothing…But first

Some cool things I have seen, done and bought in the first week. Photo reel time!

Of course a trip to the Farmer’s Market had to happen ASAP and Emily came with me to enjoy it! Let me tell you, this market was probably the best market I have ever been to. Almost all of the vendors were organic and local

20140915-073358-27238454.jpgAll of the meats were grassfed

20140915-073410-27250701.jpgYeah the weird “I’m not taking a picture of your sign” camera angle…

Their fish was from Nova Scotia and looked amazing! I snagged a beautiful piece of wild caught swordfish to enjoy. Plus, if you like to eat, well they have you covered. Aside from some different cultural dishes and samples, they had tons of organic baked goods, a smoothie bar, gluten free and vegan options and this lil numba

20140915-073358-27238993.jpgThe doughnut roller coaster. Hot and steamy cinnamon sugar doughnuts. These things were flying off the counter.

The space was cramped despite being surprisingly large and the atmosphere was that hippy-like vibe that I love seeing at the market. People just looking to boost their health and looking for the best of the best in quality food.

Only a fellow Tea Addict will understand why having this place 5 minutes from my house is bound to be a problem..

20140915-133659-49019869.jpgTrip one cost me a infuser mug along with two delicious sample bags of their new fall line teas, Snickerdoodle and Forever Nuts (smells like pie!). The Forever Nuts would probably be my favourite of the two.

To cut this post off before it gets beyond monstrous, I will leave you with one of the posters I bought at the poster sale that I have hung on the outside of my bedroom door for all to see.

20140915-130236-46956316.jpgI love motivational quotations. They make me smile. πŸ™‚

I wish all the best to everyone starting off school life again and I hope everyone is transitioning well. I have had a few questions about balance and how to transition into school while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and I hope to get to that post (or video) soon!

Enjoy your nite and a big thanks to Katie for hosting.

Put a positive spin on a big change you had face lately. Post them up in the comments section.



17 thoughts on “Surviving My First Week Is Marvelous…MIMM

  1. I am so glad you posted πŸ™‚ I kept checking this lil’ blog daily waiting for an update on how your big move went (although I had no doubt you’d thrive). I made a slightly less big move, moving back home in with my parents after 4 years in Hamilton/McMaster. Getting adjusted to “rules” again πŸ˜‰ Best of luck!

  2. So glad you posted again. I cannot wait to see your blog grow as you continue to learn and experience new things

  3. I am SUCH a tea lover, and easily (and willingly) spend wayyyyy more on different teas than on say, alcohol like a typical university student. Having a David’s tea near me would killl my Visa.

  4. ohhhh yay- glad that things are going so well. That farmers market looks amazing.

  5. Good luck about your personal training job hunt. Glad you got amazing roommates. Thanks for the introduction πŸ˜‰

  6. Awe I’m so glad you are settling in and loving Guelph!! πŸ™‚ Looks like a lovely past few days!

  7. Farmers Markets are the best!!- What do you buy there?
    The tea looks delicious too. Glad you had a great first weekend in Guelph!!

  8. Looks like you’re loving it!

  9. Love your positive spin. You seem to be adapting really well

  10. sooooo jealous of the free hot yoga classes! Western cannot compete with that

  11. So glad you posted and didn’t abandon this wonderful blog. As jealous as I am of your free yoga- I have no time to go to the gym so can I just overhaul my diet and see results? Also-What is the best way to kick start a healthy lifestyle?

    • Start with small changes, stick to them and if you want, add a new challenge. The term lifestyle means you should be fine with living with it for life so try things out and see how they work for you. Diet is super important and yes you can stay lean with a great diet alone but you just won’t put on any lean muscle. Try to incorporate some exercise to be healthy and fire up that metabolism with muscle. You don’t necessarily need a gym to do that, just push yourself

      Thank you for your support and I would never leave this blog and you guys not to worry πŸ˜‰

  12. I can’t thank you enough for continuing to post on this blog despite being so busy and all you have helped me with. It feels so natural talking to you and that was a concern of mine in the beginning. You are such a wonderful person and will be the most amazing health coach.

    • Awww that means so much Lia I can’t thank you enough! I love being able to be that person that people can feel comfortable with and I truly love blogging so that won’t stop it just won’t be as frequent as I would like sad face. Thanks for you love!

  13. How exciting about going back to be an RD!! The time in school will FLY by so enjoy every minute! I hope you do get the PT job!! πŸ™‚

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