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WIAW Quick FoodPic Dump


Hey Friends!

I’m sorry I have been so offline as of late, I just moved to my new city to start school tomorrow at the University of Guelph in the their Bachelor of Applied Sciences Nutrition program and I’m kinda excited. I’m also really busy which is why Lil Miss Fitness Freak hasn’t been speakin much to you all. I promise I will get back to the bloggie soon.

Back to school I go!

Speaking of speakin, I posted a new vlog giving a quick update and answering a reader’s question about balance during school if you wanna check it out. I would also love your opinions on the question I asked you guys at the end!

Here’s the link-up ->

Onto the noms. This is just a mish-mash of things I have been eating lately, whether at home (Acton with my parents) or back in Hammertown. Enjoy!

Fall into Good Habits: WIAWI don’t like that Fall is officially be said to be ‘here’. We never really had our summa…sadface!

20140903-095155-35515551.jpgA typical dinna on this girls plate. Baked marlin steak with pesto and avocado, roasted squash (that kabocha I have been using up from my store has been absolute crunchy perfection!) and greens.

20140903-095154-35514877.jpgThis was amazing! Post workout lunch using up freezer stuff before the move and lookie lookie who had massive scallops just chillin in the freezer? Woe is me, have to use them up right? 😉 I made my concoction (sans chicken) and topped it off with those beautiful scallops seared perfectly in a Lil Miss Fitness Freak fashion.

20140903-095157-35517089.jpgPost Leg Day bliss on a plate. Used up that final elk steak to give me some good ol’ iron and creatine. Stirfried asparagus, shitake mushrooms and onions accompanies and a sweet spud.

20140903-095154-35514560.jpgMy “Cheat” of the week was my favourite Thai take-out on the way to Acton after a long and exhausting day of packing and unpacking and moving. I got a medium spicy basil stirfy, hold the rice and add moooooore veggies. I kinda wish I had gotten the cashew version because 1. Cashew’s are delish and 2. this held me over for a whole hour…

20140903-095153-35513897.jpgMakin my own stirfry at home with the parentals. Brown long grain rice was ‘fried’ into bok choy, eggplant, onion, asparagus, water chestnuts and mushrooms along with copious amounts of garlic, ginger and chili flakes. Simple and tasty. 20140903-100102-36062916.jpgMore stirfryin‘. Seeing a trend here? Shrimpies!! 😀

20140903-095155-35515983.jpgSee another trend? Shrimpies! Messy but always good saladbeast in a mixin bowl.

20140903-100103-36063857.jpgSpeaking of saladbeasts, my parents and I visited the Eaton Centre for some shoppin so of course I had to get my insanely expensive customized salad at Fast And Fresh.

20140903-100102-36062605.jpgFueling up for LegDay with ma voluminous proats.

20140903-100138-36098313.jpgAmazing grilled dinnah with my parents and Nana and Papa. I had a grilled mahi mahi kebab, grilled portabello mushroom cap and a big plate of salad.

20140903-100105-36065458.jpgEat all things grilled! Leftover grilled veggie kebab with some prepped grilled pesto turkey and brown long grain rice.

20140903-100138-36098982.jpgPost workout lunch of baked chipotle seasoned basa (Mrs. Dash salt free seasoning blends), roasted Japanese purple sweet tater sprinkled with rosemary and a mini salad.

That’s it peeps. Talk at you soon! Don’t forget to pay a nice lil visit to Jen over at Peas and Crayons for more #FoodPorn.

Good luck to everyone who is starting school this week. 🙂

Aaaannd to end off with a lil something something nice…

20140903-100929-36569566.jpgShoutout to Instagram.



12 thoughts on “WIAW Quick FoodPic Dump

  1. Best of luck at Guelph, girlie. I (and all your readers/fans) know you’ll do amazing.

  2. I really needed and loved this video. Goodluck on your move

  3. Best of luck. You gave some really great advice that I think can apply to anyone reading this blog whether they work 9-5, more, or are going to school of course.

  4. Cute room 🙂 just like first year all over. I really loved this advice. I just moved to school this weekend, and am so glad I found this.

  5. Your blog is my number one source of comfort now that I just moved away for school. So glad for this video/vlog. Keep us updated.

  6. All that food looks delicious; best of luck at Guelph.

  7. Best of luck. Cannot wait to see your future posts and how much you learn and grow.

  8. I’d wish you good luck but you don’t need it. Thank you very much for this blog. I was very nervous about moving and balancing grad school with my new found health goals

  9. This v-log was very helpful. I cannot believe I almost missed it. I absolutely also loved all those food pictures. Everything looks so yummy.

  10. Awww. I am very glad you posted this video. How do you navigate student eating on campus or will you be doing your own groceries.

  11. I love your video posts 🙂 I love your chats because its fun and reminds us all that you’re human and not this super fitness person who that is your WHOLE life (although I acknowledge what a role it is for you)

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