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When Personal Trainers Dine Together…Home Style


Hey Friends!

So what do you get when you put 4 personal trainers in the same room for a homemade dinnah?

A whole lot of gym talk, gym fails, gym drama annnnd…


Buttercup Squash that was roasted then stuffed with extra lean grassfed ground beef that was sauteed with tons of onion, garlic, chili, organic and unsalted sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, zucchini and spinach. Oh and dried fennel. So good with meat!


What else would I cook for some of my favourite peeps?

So, how’s your Friday been my friends?

Let me tell you, I am still sore from my leg workout that I did on Wednesday. Of course that is nothing new but ouch. Even more ouchness came from the fact that I have been getting more into bikram yoga again to get my stretch on and I have totally forgotten that when you first start up again you get sore.


You can get sore from stretching. Try bikram.

No really, if you’re in Hammertown and can get to Dundas there is an amazing WagJag deal going on that is 10 classes for 30 bucks. To put that amazing price into perspective, normally a drop in class alone is like 15-20 bucks. Do it!

Those muscles are not used to being stretched to that extent! In particular I find that my inner hip flexors get really sore so I fail at bringing my leg to my chest to put socks on…

Random side rant: WTF is with old man winter showing up in August?!? Why am I wearing socks?

I’m also failing at sitting down still because 1. I am working on dead lifting slowly but surely so my hams are a wee bit touchy and 2. bikram likes to target those hammies as well. Crunched and stretched. I also feel some discomfort in my knees the day after because there are some awkward knee positions towards the middle of the bikram session that take some tweaking.

So yeah, yesterday morning, the day after leg day (my rest day) I went for the 9:30am bikram practice and to my surprise my legs didn’t die. Who knows, maybe it helped them out..

No, no they still hurt.

Before I left I also crushed a random and slightly expensive craving


Raspberries. My typical rest day zoats BUT with fresh organic raspberries from my store. Can I rant again about how expensive a tiny 2 serving pint of raspberries is in the middle of summer. Five bucks! Geez. I thought it was the season of berries, give a girl a break. My random cravings really don’t help my wallet.

They were so good though πŸ˜‰

Before my lil trainer gathering, one of my guests, fellow trainer and friend, Gen, came along with me to the farmers market to pick up zee cute lil squashes that were to be stuffed for the main course of our dinner. It was fun because she had never been to the market so I got to be a lil tour guide.

So we stopped in at my favourite vendor for squash..

Buttrums. Although they aren’t organic, I like that they don’t use any spray on their produce. I ain’t happy eating pesticides and herbicides. Nope. Plus they always have the largest selection of different squashes and the majority are from their farm so they are local.

How cute are these lil guys?

Patty Pan Squash. I believe they are more on the zucchini (so summer squash) side of things but they are so cute! For some reason they always remind me of the lil ghosts in pacman


Anyways, so we had our fun at the farmers market and then pick ourselves up a lovely planner for school as we are both heading back to school in the Fall (ahhh I mean 2 weeks away!?!)


We discovered that we both have a slight problem when it comes to being overly picky about what our planners contain…

  • Must have rings. No spines that don’t bend and flop shut if you don’t hold them down.
  • Large space for writing
  • Whole calendar month before the individual days start
  • Must have lines in said individual days, not just blank spaces.
  • Must be pretty and interesting.

I think these fit the bill. How cool are these inserts??


Because it’s a “Gal’s Guide” one, they have things like famous female figures, party planning tips, relaxation tips, decor suggestions, etc. Cool eh?

Do you have certain standards for your school planner? Do you even have a planner?

After we got back to my apartment, Gen and I started carvin out those squashes which were then roasted/steamed up (I was running low on time so I steamed them mostly, not ideal but hey I had to get’em done!) and then we stuffed them with the beef mixture I had cooked up earlier that day pre-farmers market trek and shoved them back in the oven at a lower temperature to warm while we were waiting for Chaunda and Daniel to show up.


Chaunda and Daniel breaking into the squash. Ain’t they cute with their whittle hats?

We started off with some unpictured salads and then dug into the squash vessels. They were a success!

Thanks to Gen for this photo moment. We be happy peeps!

So what else do you get when you put 4 personal trainers together?

Everyone whipping out their phones to instagram their food

Daniel’s Instagram.

…and lots of macro chatting. I know I don’t promote macro counting but both Daniel and Chaunda count and weigh their food. Chaunda because she’s in competition prep and Daniel because he’s in cuttin season brah.

So Gen got the experience of getting (and prepping!) a weighed out meal with specific macros.

We crazy peoples.

It was a super fun night and I got Daniel hooked on Cookies and Cream Questbars. Yeah, Daniel, you know you be lying when you said Questies weren’t good. Yet another one of my victims who’s wallet will be sending me some hater beams soon enough.

And so, in the words of Daniel

Great food, even better people.



20 thoughts on “When Personal Trainers Dine Together…Home Style

  1. Hi Chelsea,

    I just tried quest bars because of you! I bought the entire variety back. I wasn’t crazy about the calories in them, but I absolutely love the cinnamon bun flavour!!!

    • Haha questbars are the best and don’t be afraid of the numbers. That is why I never recommend calorie or macro counting for the general public because you are now afraid to eat something because of a number. The ingredients list should be the thing you check not the macros and in quest bars the calories are coming from healthy sources of fats, fiber rich carbs and proteins. Yes some have a lil but of sucralose which I’m not a fan of but the majority of the bar is perfectly fine to eat and not feel guilty about. Personally the peanut butter supreme bar is one if my top three favs and it’s one of the highest calorie ones.

  2. Awwww looks like so much fun!

  3. Oh that looks so good πŸ™‚ But why aren’t you into counting macros or anything?

    • Thanks! I personally do count macros because I’m trying I gain weight and so I need to ensure I’m getting what I need. I never recommend for general public to do it because it leads to obsessions and not seeing food as fuel but rather as numbers of calories. This can then spiral into disordered eating patterns and isolation.

  4. Hi there, this is more of a question I guess for your friend but I thought I’d ask you anyways… you think its possible to train to be a fitness competitor or at least look like one without a coach? How?

  5. Hi Chelsea, I’ve been thinking of going gluten free recently for IBS/GERD. Since you have both have you noticed a difference since going gluten free? One of my hesitations is that I eat out A LOT and my family’s meals often centre around a lot of bread or pasta.

  6. This isn’t really a fitness or blog related question but I really thought you’d be able to help since I’m too shy to talk to anyone I “know” about this. I’m moving to a new school/city tomorrow and am really really scared. I am not independent at all and know no one in that city. Its so much larger than my small town of Beeton. I was wondering if you had any tips. I am so nervous to go to a new gym and not know what to do or use the bus system. AHHHH

    • I will be dong the same thing in two weeks and I have done it before when I moved by myself to Hamilton for School 4 years ago. Don’t be afraid, I know it can be overwhelming, but think of taking everyone one thing at a time. Go get your gym membership and feel good that you got that. The bus system was also completely new to me as my hometown didn’t have one but hamilton is very much a bus city. It takes a bit of time to get to know it but don’t be afraid to ask questions!! It is new to you and how else are you going to learn? You need to ask.

      To get more used to it when you’re not having to rely on it (ie. youre in a rush to get somewhere) take your days off and go explore the city but use the bus. Ask your questions. Look up routes online. Etc. By doing this you are not in an already stressful situation where you would be late for something important if you messed up by accident.

      The independence will come with you getting more confident at getting around on your own. Not to worry πŸ™‚

      I hope that helps and good luck!

  7. Do any of you guys use waist trainers? I’ve been thinking of buying one but they’re expensive.

  8. how does one deal with your boyfriend’s pizza and beer habit without giving in to temptation.

  9. I never thought to stuff a squash! I love stuffed peppers so maybe i’ll have to try this asap

  10. Hi, I’m new to calorie counting. I weigh 150-160 pounds and am 5’2″- this is the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life! I’m completely disgusted with myself. I need to lose ten pounds, a weight I’ve maintained for the past five years, but I find that no matter what I do it won’t come off. I know this is not my body’s “ideal weight” or whatever because I feel miserable and unhappy all the time.

    I’ve tried eating 847 calories a day to lose two pounds a week, but even then didn’t lose weight. Should I be doing something differently because I’m so short? Thank you.

  11. I love it! They look (and apparently workout) fantastic! Great post!

  12. that dinner looked amazing. you’re very lucky to have friends who eat like you do.

  13. Hi that dinner looked really good. I really have been wanting to lose weight for about a year but after 2-4 lbs I always gain it back. I think its because I give in to eating the shitty foods my family or friends eat. Any tips?

  14. Hi Chelsea, I’m not sure if this was addressed before (i tried to ‘search’ it). I was wondering how you plan on balancing school and fitness next year. Luckily, I won’t be working next year so I can focus on my grades and want to add fitness into that mix but sometimes its so hard. Especially when the gym gets packed after classes and then theres always midterms etc.

  15. Your life looks so great and perfect!Can I spend one day in your shoes? πŸ™‚

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