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Gluten Free? Are You Sure….


Hey Friends!

So this is a post that I have wanted to do for a while after watching this video. Click on the picture for the link up to YouTube.

Yes, it’s kind of long but it was eye opening to say the least. It was interesting to me in many ways…

1. It advised me that I fell for conventional ‘wisdom’. #FutureNutritionStudentFail. I followed the public knowledge rather than doing my research when I decided to go ‘full’ gluten free. Well, now I can understand why some of those gluten free grains still gave me issues (here’s lookin at your quinoa!).

2. I was slapped in the face by how stupid I actually was now that it was simply explained. If gluten is the protein that is found in a given grain of wheat or barley, than wouldn’t it make perfect sense that oats would also have their own specific form of gluten? Same with quinoa. Ditto for buckwheat. Etc Etc.

3. There are apparently hundreds of different types of gluten and more yet to be found…geesh. Again, makes sense now that we are all aware of the fact that every grain has it’s own specific gluten protein.

4. You may only be sensitive to certain types of gluten and not others. Oats may be perfectly fine with your gut, but not wheat. Even corn may fall under your no-no list despite it not being listed under the standard list of grains to avoid. FYI many Celiacs have a huge problem with corn.

It also made me wonder who first put together this conventional list of gluten free do’s and dont’s? If said list is not completely accurate, why has it been allowed to be broadcasted to the public to the extent where it’s seen as common knowledge?

Gotta love the food industry. Also gotta love the fact that now we need to go back and tell people that what they have learned is not 100% true.

So what does that mean for all the Celiacs and gluten sensitive peeps?

Well, maybe nothing if you are feeling just fine and dandy on your current ‘gluten free diet’. Perhaps, like I mentioned earlier, you are okay with the specific types of gluten found in the approved grains and you can go on with your food as if you never read this post. On the other hand, if you are finding you are still having issues with digesting your food, you may need to consider trying to pinpoint the grains you are having issues with through keeping a food journal OR just cut out ALL GRAINS from your diet and say hey to the paleo life.

It’s really not that bad if you have to go the paleo route. I’m about 90% paleo and completely content. If I could go full paleo I probably would, with the exception that loosing my oats would make me sob uncontrollably for days. 😛 Unfortunately for me, my gut is at it’s wits end with my current veggie intake as it is and with my carbohydrate requirements I would be on the floor if I were to try and reach that intake with veggie starches alone. Bleh.

….but I love sweet taters and squash…

So whatcha think friends? Anyone surprised?

Post up your thoughts in the comments. I would love to hear your opinions and experiences!

Oh and to end on a comical note, click on the picture below.

Sorry, I just had to. It’s lol worthy 😀

FYI, if you’re claiming to be gluten free you may want to know what you are supposedly ‘allergic’ to. Just a thought…:-D

If you do want to learn more, here’s a video on the basics.

Have a great night friends!

Could you explain to someone what gluten is?

Any fellow gluten free readers? Do you still eat conventional gluten free grains?



27 thoughts on “Gluten Free? Are You Sure….

  1. Thank you for the very interesting info on gluten! I know a lot of people who are intolerant or have celiac, and I’d wondered if going gluten-free was actually healthier! But after reading this, I’ll just stick to my whole grains! Oh, also it finally makes sense why gluten-free food is so good sometimes… all that added sugar and stuff! Who knew?!

  2. Great post! I have had many conversations at work (we’re all foodies) and in my personal life about this exact same thing. I love my whole grains! But sometimes at work I feel like I’m being judged because I’m not 100% gluten-free. I’ve done an elimination diet and I had no ill effects when I re-introduced gluten. I also totally appreciate that some people are sensitive to gluten – it’s definitely a real problem. But if you’re okay with it, then don’t cut out whole grains because you think you’ll lose a few pounds (the reasoning many of my girlfriends who are gluten-free use). There are much better, more nutritious ways to lose weight. 🙂

  3. this post was handy. I like how you explained it. There is a lot of crap going around about gluten-free and I like how you set it straight. 🙂

  4. Great post! I admit that I have a very grumpy reaction to most gluten avoidance, because I think that a) people are far too quick to self-diagnose, and b) people assume that, if you *don’t* have a gluten allergy, eating GF is nevertheless a magical path to weight loss and perfect digestion. It isn’t, and a lot of foods that actually help people digest better (whole grains, for instance) have gluten in them.

    That said, it’s an allergy epidemic we can’t ignore, and you shed light on its advantages beautifully.
    Miss your posts 🙂 hope all is well!

  5. Thanks for the post, Chelsea! I have actually been trying to eliminate gluten from my diet after having GI problem for years! It was said that I had IBS and my dr kinda blew me off. I haven’t been test for Celiac because I just cannot go back to eating gluten again in order to be tested. So I agree with you in that if anyone suspects they have an allergy or intolerance talk to your dr so that you can get tested before you eliminate! Thank again! Great post 🙂

  6. Paleo emphasizes whole foods, which is always a winner for me. I also think it’s great that many followers of this style of eating also pay close attention to the origins of their food and strive to buy organic products. Wayyyyy back in the day, when we had to hunt for our meat, it wasn’t pumped up with antibiotics and hormones, and fruits and veggies weren’t sprayed heavily with pesticides and chemicals.

    Health benefits. No matter what style of eating you follow, eating whole foods will provide health benefits. Whole foods are higher in nutrient value and by avoiding processed foods, you’re also avoiding chemicals that make the foods more difficult for the body to recognize and digest.

    Lower carb. I agree with the fact that society eats way too many starches and carbs as a whole, but don’t think they should be eliminated.

  7. Paleo isn’t something I’ve tried.

    I can totally see that it’s a method that works for many people –otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular- but don’t agree with eating styles that totally eliminate entire food groups. I do understand the beef with dairy, as I don’t consume cow’s dairy myself, but think that starches and grains are beneficial if used in moderation, especially if you’re active. Salt is also a beneficial in moderate amounts.

    One of my friends, who is Paleo, told me that by eating so little carbs, you’re tricking the body to use fat as fuel instead. This isn’t something that I’ve heavily researched, so I can’t say whether I know if it’s true or not, but it seems a little unnecessary to me.

    Paleo seems to be very hard to follow in everyday life, especially if you’re social and have and non-Paleo friends. I prefer to recommend diets based on whole foods, lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole grains and lowfat dairy if desired. Not only does it provide health benefits, it’s an easy and feasible plan follow.

  8. That video was great! I’ve heard so much about Paleo lately and have done a little bit of research but I always love learning more. But I could not give up quinioa, oatsmeal, and greek yogurt! I think any diet that is that strict makes it very hard to stick with!

  9. i totally get paleo and im sure it works well if you’re trying to lose weight…but for me, its just not realistic. i tried it this summer (while working at a bakery btw haha) and obviously, did not last. i honestly dont think any strict diet would work for me….so instead, ill just try to focus on clean eats and giving myself a break once in a while. it totally works for some people though so thats great!

  10. I could never eliminate grans from my diet! I love oatmeal too much! I do though, sometimes eat paleo-esque meals, but rarely! I believe that grains are necessary (at least for my body) so that I can function at my maximum! Did just make a one of your recipes for desert though – yummy!

  11. Anyone who says that they *could not live* without any certain food is in denial. Or scared. Or lazy. The point is that its wrong to poo poo something that you have never tried for a significant length of time. I was eating paleo well before it was a “fad” as you say and I have never been healthier or more fit. The reasons I did it aren’t relevant, but for sure there were things that I thought, omg, I am going to die without. I did not die. In fact, I have never eaten better in my life.
    Point is, no one should be afraid or turned off of trying this way of life. There is no more natural or healthy way of eating.

  12. I started my paleo journey in January 2011. I had already lost 35lbs with relatively clean diet and exercise but needed a change to overcome plateau. I have maintained 50lb weight-loss with a modified Paleo. Conclusion-it works for me. But I know it is not for everyone. I would be a happy girl if everyone around me just changed one processed meal a day. It is an uphill battle. After removing dairy and gluten and trying to “cheat” with them, I found myself with a very upset stomach. I believe that they were both bad for my digestive system but since I had never eliminated for extended time period, I never knew. So, my “version” is no dairy, gluten or soy. Rice (I don’t eat at home, only with sushi and my love, thai food), corn, and sugar in moderation. I was never a huge lentil eater so I have no problem avoiding, though occasional enjoy some bean chips with guac. Oh and for everyone saying “I couldn’t imagine a life without ___ (bread, cheese, milk etc), I LOVED bread and cheese and now I have little desire. I do love the smell of bread (I live with a vegan, all she eats is bread!). And miss the occasional piece of pizza. But there are rice crust pizzas and non-soy/dairy cheeses where I can make my own!

  13. I love hearing about new diets – I always take away a bit of info even if I wouldnt personally do it. What I am curious about is how is this different then Atkins? I don’t know much about Atkins either, but this sounds to be about the same – except no dairy…..

  14. I have some friends who follow the Paleo diet and other friends who have tried it for 2 days and gave up. Personally, it’s not for me. I’m not a fan of “diets”, as I’m more of a eat clean healthy whole foods (80% of the time) and excercise. Since having Sophia, our social life is all about meeting friends for dinner, and the Paleo diet doesn’t really go along with that…in my opinion. 😉 Also, being a breastfeeding momma, I shouldn’t cut out any food groups entirely.

  15. I’ve been primal ( as in I do eat full fat dairy in moderation) with very limited grains for over a year. If anyone is interested in some very good info on paleo/ primal eating check out Robb Wolf (Paleo) or Mark’s Daily Apple (primal). Mark’s site is brilliant! What helped me most was cutting out the sugars from starchy carbs- I suffered from terrible panic attacks and it helped to ease them. My husbands cholesterol and tryglicerides went down all the while eating organic butter, full fat milk and pastured bacon. Heck, I have been drinking/ eating full fat dairy for over a year and have lost weight, so somethings working. As for excercise- it’s something that you do every single day, because that’s what our ancestors did. Lots of walking, lifting heavy things and some sprints here and there. Of course it’s not for everyone, but I was a vegetarian for 12 years and I NEVER felt this great!

  16. I have elevated insulin (not diabetic…yet) and am taking a med, eating better and exercising more. I’m not any where near my ideal weight but am working on the process of improving everything. I am more or less following a Paleo way of eating. I think the whole “this is the way people ate in ancient times” is marketing b.s. People in ancient times also had much shorter life expectancies.

    I hate any diet that implies that the world will end if one were to very occasionally eat a treat. With all that said, cutting way, way back on refined carbs and dairy has been amazingly beneficial for me and has brought down my insulin levels. Granted I’m not brainwashed, I like oatmeal for breakfast. If I want a piece of cheese, I eat it and move on.

  17. Thank you for posting this! I have been needing to change my diet for awhile I now and I’ve been thinking about going gluten free (a friend of mine always raves about it) but the restrictive nature of it has always made me nervous. I had problems with disordered eating in high school and any kind of major diet restriction tends to backfire as a result (I obsess over it until I eventually can’t stand it and usually binge!). I fully support a more clean eating style…and like you, I don’t think I could ever live without oatmeal! Anyway, thanks for the info!

  18. I am pretty shocked when I read people find the Paleo diet ‘restrictive’. Maybe as far as eating out at restaurants, but in that sense it’s not more restrictive then a vegetarian or vegan diet. Eating out is not a factor for me because the whole idea is to try to cut that down significantly in my lifestyle. It’s a diet where you can eat pretty much any fruit and vegetables, most meats, nuts and seeds. It’s modified based on whether your goals are (eg avoid starchy veges if trying to lose weight). The main things is to avoid processed foods, and try to use as many locally produced foods as possible. I guess I am just crazy (or not lazy), but I find it incredibly easy to come up with diverse menus based on those criteria. As others have suggested, I would recommend going to Robb Wolf’s site or listening to his Podcast, because people don’t seem to have a very clear idea of the philosophy of the diet.

  19. I wouldn’t/couldn’t give up grains if you paid me—so I guess this isn’t for me?! Haha!
    I guess whatever works for you, works for you. This just isn’t my style. Like you, I prefer a more balanced, “everything is fine in moderation” approach.

  20. While it’s interesting to me–I was done when they said no grains or dairy. I eat very little white flour to begin with (except for certain treats) so a little whole grain bread is not going to kill me. Although I have tried some Paleo recipes I’ve seen online and some of them are good. But not full time goo.

    I also couldn’t live without my Greek yogurt!

    I prefer just trying to eat a clean diet with less over processed foods.

  21. I prefer just to eat a clean diet with little processed foods. If I ate a bunch of meat and protein, I’d feel sick all the time. I think most people just need to incorporate more fruits and veggies into their diet, cut out processed foods, get more exercise, and be done with it. The weight seriously stays off when you eat clean foods. It’s almost effortless.

  22. I’m with you – I don’t believe in any diet that discounts full food groups. I went through a fad diet phase, but the only one that seems to really work (and is actually the easiest to follow) is to just eat whole foods, go with what my body seems to want that day (some days it wants more carbs, others more protein), pay attention to my fruits/veggies and exercise. If you do that most of the time then you can treat yourself to drinks with friends or a decadent dessert here and there. I like that you seem to preach that lifestyle, which is why I read your blog 🙂

  23. I am not full paleo, but I would like to be some day. I have to be careful about restrictions given my anxiety and risk for EDs.

    I do agree that whole foods that have been the least processed are best. I think this is one of the main arguments about grain. Flour is heavily processed and specifically the wheat we eat has changed dramatically from it’s natural state.

  24. i have been gluten free for several years (intolerance), and until recently, vegetarian. As an athlete, I found myself heavily relying on beans and other legumes (soy, lentils, etc) for protein. I added meat back to my diet and have been 95% paleo for several months now. I thought going gluten free had solved my digestive issues, however I think the other (not glutenous) grains and legumes were doing just as much damage! I feel better than ever! However, I am currently training for a half marathon and a triathlon, and have found I need additional carbs to fuel my workouts. Since veggies and fruit were not providing enough, I’ve added white rice, sweet potatoes and non-GMO corn in moderation. I highly recommend anyone who has digestive issues to try paleo out.

    (P.S. I could NEVER tolerate any part of cow dairy: fat, whey, or casein. However, since eliminating grains and legumes from my diet, I can eat yogurt and cheese with no digestive issues. Greek yogurt is back in my life!)

  25. Well said! The first time I heard of Paleo, I thought it preposterous because it was so contrary to conventional “wisdom”. But as soon as I started researching and considering the arguments and studies with an open mind, it’s been such a positive experience for me – better energy levels, clearer skin, less inflammation. It’s been an freeing lifestyle, and for the most part effortless (the hardest part is actually having to cook/prepare your meals from whole foods, but this is good thing!).

  26. I’ve actually been mulling over the idea of trying the Paleo diet. Starting Monday, I’m doing an intense 8 week eating plan (it’s not restrictive as far as calories go, but it TOTALLY eliminates sugar and starches). It mainly focuses on lean meat (chicken and white fish), green vegetables, and egg whites. On the weekends, I will be “indulging” in something like a sweet potato or oatmeal. I’m excited to see my results after these eight weeks, and I may do some more research if I really enjoy the non-carb filled diet. However, I think I may always have a soft spot for goat cheese and the occasional frozen yogurt! 🙂

  27. Thank you for writing about this! I’ve been seeing it all over the blog world and then happily go on eating my grains. I could see myself following aspects of it, but I cringe at the thought of eliminating entire groups of food. Ummm…no thanks!

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