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Vlog #4 Not Eating Enough & Stalled Weight Loss (Tanya’s Question)


Hey Friends!

Thanks for all the love and questions in response to yesterday’s post! I’m so happy that you liked the workout and I hope to hear from anyone who decides to try it out. I actually ran another HIIT session with those guys again this morning and boy was it a good and sweaty one. I had them legit dripping sweat in a mere 40 minutes. Aw yeah! I shall hopefully post it up soon as another possible one to try out. 🙂

Anyways, I wanted to drop in real quick to answer a question that was posted yesterday in my comments section. Specifically Tanya’s question…

So, I’ve been a big fan of your blog and read it religiously everyday 🙂
Since you’re a personal trainer you can probably answer my question. So, I run like 50 miles a week. and do weights about twice a week
and throw in yoga about once and twice as well. I eat about 1,300-1,400 calories a day, mostly organic, and I have not lost a pound and
it’s been 4 months. Could it be something else you think?

First off, thanks Tanya for the blog love! It always makes me happy to hear that my readers enjoy my rambles. I have answered your question in the vlog link I posted below and I hope that you (and others!) can find some use in my response. 🙂

VLOG5coverHave a great Tuesday friends!



46 thoughts on “Vlog #4 Not Eating Enough & Stalled Weight Loss (Tanya’s Question)

  1. I love this walk through! Thanks for that. It’s sometimes so hard to figure out what to eat/how much.

  2. Awesome tips. I’m pretty bad with pre/post workout eating. Often times my appetite just goes completely missing for hours, especially after intense exercise so I definitely rely on smoothies during those periods. And I’m a weirdo who has to workout on an empty stomach, otherwise I literally get sick to my stomach. It’s been that was sine I was a kid.

  3. Glad you finally had a day off! Such a great post! Thanks for some ideas!

  4. Great post! You are so right- proper nutrition can be tricky, and it is different from person to person.My favorite meal is pumpkin oatmeal with a little bit of syrup and berries mixed in. So delicious, filling, and exactly what my body needs 🙂 Glad to hear your tattoo was not as bad as you thought…maybe I’ll be brave enough for one 😉

  5. Loving these tips! I’m always down for some healthy carbs so yippeeeeee 🙂 PS: YOU”RE SO BEAUTIFUL

  6. This has taken me a while to figure out too! I know everyone’s needs are different, but even figuring out my own was tough. I workout best when I’ve had a mix of protein and carbs before hand (wheat tortilla, banana, PB or some Greek yogurt, fruit, and cereal). I’ve been doing some serious strength work lately, so I’ve been loading up on protein after those lifting sessions—I’m already seeing a huge difference!

  7. This is great information and exactly what I’ve been working on to find the right balance for me. I burn about 400 calories per workout and have found that three meals a day works better, so finding the quantity of snacks per day that satiate but aren’t too caloric, plus keeping meals in check nutrition and calorie-wise are a work in progress right now. Thanks, as always for hitting the nail on the head with your great posts Chelsea!!! I am very happy you finally got day off!

  8. I prefer to fuel my workouts (and life!) with healthy fats. Lots of em. Now that I’m ‘fat adapted’, I’m able to train longer and harder using dietary fatty acids instead of relying strictly on glycogen. Plus, I don’t need to refuel or experience a blood sugar crash 30-45 mins into a run/bike ride, nor do I get an upset stomach. My fav preworkout snack is usually coffee + full fat cream and a couple spoonfuls of almond butter, then I just eat a regular meal after- usually a big salad with a protein and goat cheese. 🙂 I also ADORE YOUR TATTOO the writing is fabulous.

  9. My boyfriend is probably jealous but you’re my total crush (he should also be jealous of your abs!). I know I should probably not try to sound like a creep….but I mean, those abs! CONGRADULATIONS! Holy moly….NTS: “get-to-the-gym”.

  10. Thanks Chelsea! Great video! Glad we finally got to see the tattoo! I love the writing but boy, does it look painful. However, I really want to comment on those amazing arms & abs! GIRL YOURE PERFECT.

  11. This is always something that I wonder if I’m doing correctly so I’m so happy you posted on it. However, I’m still a little hazy on what exactly I should be eating post-workout for optimal fat loss. A trainer once told me to never eat any carbs after working out (in fear of spiking insulin) but I’ve recently been reading up on it and following my strength + HIIT workouts with a green smoothie (almond milk, protein powder, spinach/kale powder, banana/berries or sweet potato) – would this post workout carb intake hinder weight loss efforts? I haven’t done it long enough to notice any differed results.

    Also, i know that coffee PRE-workout can be beneficial, but what is your opinion on caffeine post-workout (in terms of insulin). Thanks Chelsea!!

  12. Your abs are what dreams are made of!

  13. I used to eat sugar-free everything, but my stomach hurt me all the time. I’ve since cut out Splenda and feel so much better. Natural is the way to go!

    I also think that making the transition from processed to whole grains is one of the best things I’ve done for my body. I have so much more energy!

    You look beautiful by the way.

  14. See, this is why I read your blog and recommend it to my friends… I feel the same way about diets and eating too little! Because I’ve lost a significant amount of weight people talk to me about weight loss a lot!

    BTW: You’re arms look so amazing! THOSE MUSCLES. Lil’ miss fitness freak really should be called lil’ miss muscle FANTASTIC (or something…I’m not the cleverest :))

  15. Back in the day, I effed up my metabolism. It was during the transition from weight loss to maintenance mode, and I was still eating diet foods, not fueling myself properly, and working out too much. My body was eating away at precious muscle, and I had no idea how much food I should be consuming. This is also when a large portion of my diet consisted of low-calorie and low nutrient ”food-like substances” instead of real foods. Live and learn. Any tips on how to restore such a metabolism. PS: I love your tattoo….oh and your abs 😉

  16. I think a lot of blogs out there are little ED communities, with all members trying to convince themselves, and reassure one another that they don’t have an eating disorder. (“Hey look we both do this, so it must be okay!”)
    But the more people who tell them their habits are normal, the harder it will be for them to seek treatment. 20 bucks says if you have a BMI of -3 and never touch anything with butter or sugar, it’s not because you’re super healthy and *just happen* to have have the metabolism of a humming bird.

  17. I would love to hear some Staying healthy while being a stay at home mom of a new baby tips!

    • Congratulations on your new addition!! Definitely a transition that’s for sure and everything is all about baby now! So you need workouts that are fast at home and, even better, could be done in sight of baby or even with baby. I have been trying to post up some HIIT workout circuits that you can do at home recently so definitely check those out as they are quick and efficient and gets a good sweat going within 30 minutes! As for other staying healthy tips, make sure you are still nourishing your body. Yes, your world is revolving around the baby and their feeding, but to be the best mom you can be you need to keep yourself nourished as well so make sure you are getting enough food and water throughout the day.

      One thing you could totally check out is yoga that is done with a baby which is great for bonding and getting a good body relaxation in.

      I hope that helps!

  18. This helps a lot, Chelsea! Never did I expect a video so I love it! Thanks for the tips! Lately I’ve felt like I’m at a plateau. I love this advice though and I’m excited to switch up my routine to shock my body.

  19. I don’t know how much I believe that eating more will increase your metabolism. I’ve heard this and read about it numerous times. But–I don’t know–whenever I’ve tried to increase my calories–I end up just gaining weight. I think it’s a very personal, subjective thing. If that’s what worked for you–that’s great! But for me–just eating more would backfire–especially during periods that I lack motivation to exercise as much. I think everyone has to just find that special balance that works best for their individual bodies.

    • What you are saying I 100% agree with. Every body is different that’s for sure! I will say that some people tend to put on weight if they increase their calories if they do it too quickly and have been in a deficit for a long period of time. Refeeding takes patience and can easily cause weight gain if not done carefully because the metabolism is damaged (again, see Layne’s video). A tiny increase of merely 5g of carbs a week is what some people have to do if their metabolisms are in really rough shape to try to repair it, increase their calories back to a normal range and not put on weight.

  20. I REALLY LOVE YOUR TATOO…and hair 😉

  21. Chelsea, I lost weight by counting calories, eating diet foods, putting every sauce, condiment, dressing on the side, in addition to cutting portions in half. I’ve gotten to the point in my fitness where I now enjoy hard workouts, but don’t know how to eat like a normal person (in other words – how to not eat like a dieter). Like you mentioned, I don’t know how much to eat that I think It’s made me too thin with no muscle tone. I’m working on this though and trying to learn to eat to be strong and not fear the scale. Your posts really help – thank you!

    • I can understand that. I currently track in the attempt to gain weight but I find that using a tracker can really put a damper on how you see food. You start to see it as numbers rather than fuel which is not a nice thing. Unfortunately the only tip I can give you, as you seem to be in the same boat as me (not knowing how to eat enough), is to do trial and error. Try intuitive eating first, while increasing your portions a wee bit and if you mentally cannot handle that or find that you are not gaining muscle tone and looking frail, you may need to track for a bit to ensure those calories needs are met. Personally I have found that I cannot just add more volume to my plate. Mentally that is too hard for me and I end up skimping. So, if it’s in my log it’s like its a done deal and I just have to eat it.

  22. I am not a big fan of weight loss tips but enjoyed this post. Very honest and full of solid advice. Also, your abs, arms…and hair are crazy beautiful!

  23. I’m trying to lose the “last 15 lbs” of baby weight and they just will not budge (I lost 15 pretty quickly over the fall but it’s been stalled out since the new year). Definite plateau, even though I eat about 1300 cal/day (I use myfitnesspal to track) and exercise 6 days a week. The problem I’ve found with the “eat more” plan is that it just doesn’t seem to work for me – I tried to up it to 1500 cal to see if that worked – after a few weeks I’d gained several pounds!! I eat clean (whole-foods plant-based diet, no “diet” foods, wheat, etc), sleep enough, etc. The only thing I could do more of is weight training. I don’t know, maybe that will help. It’s just really discouraging to find that a single day of eating 1500 cal instead of 1250-1300 makes the scale go up a whole pound. I’m stuck and don’t know how to get it moving again!

  24. This is an amazing post! You went about it in exactly the right way. As someone that used to struggle with body image and eating issues, I can tell you that this is exactly the way I would want it phrased. We all need to focus on fueling our bodies and enjoying ourselves while doing it! Thanks Chelsea 🙂

  25. Pretty sure my metabolism is screwed up also from years of dieting. Looking back i wonder why in the heck was I even dieting! I was at a healthy place for my frame. Even now eating whole foods and working out consistently. … It seems as though it’s doing nothing for me. As far as changing my physical body and getting leaner. And the older I get the more worried I get that I’m never going to figure out the formula for me! Huge frustration in my life right now. But I loved this post!! I also loved finally getting to see those beautiful abs and that TAT!

  26. Preety useful points!! right diet, proper sleep and adequate water intake keeps your body fit and active. As it helps to generate required energy for your body and makes you active throughout the day.

  27. Thanks for the encouraging post! Definitely mixing up my workouts in the summer. Love your blog and your tattoo!

  28. After reading this post and seeing your abs. I really feel that I need to workout and eataccordingly.

  29. What a great post! I often get stuck in a rut and doing the same exercise routine becomes stale. Switching things up often is a better motivational strategy. I also loved your tattoo!

    • Thanks! Great job on switching it up! I’m sure you will notice changes in your body because of it. Never let your muscles be unstimulated (ie plateau). Plus it’s more fun to try new things right?! 🙂

  30. Thanks for the great post Chelsea! Last year I lost about 15 lbs by committing exercising 5-6 days a week and eating mindfully through Weight Watchers (I’m petite so a few pounds can really affect my body shape). However when I got distracted and wasn’t as vigilant I gained back about 3-5lbs. I was immediately frustrated. It took me a while but I realized that if I push myself I can lose those pounds but really my body is at it’s “happy weight” as you put it. I have a healthy weight, BMI, and fat percent as per the measurements from my personal trainer. Plateaus can be really frustrating and it can take as much time to get off of one as to accept that this is where your body wants to be.

    Sorry for the speech but I really relate to this and wanted to show my support! Thanks for all your wonderful blogging!

  31. Im curious about the food logging. I used to count calories and hated it but I like the idea of still keeping track… do you strive to have a protein, fat and carb at every meal? or do you just do it to make sure you arent eating too much of one thing? thanks!

    • Food logging is a slippery slope in my opinion. Perosnally I do it now because I’m trying my hardest to gain weight and so I need to ensure I’m eating ENOUGH and constantly adding more calories. For me that works because if I eyeball and stop when I’m satisfied I wouldn’t have eaten enough. If it’s in my log, I have it in my mind that I have to eat it no if ands or buts. For the everyday person who is just trying to eat healthfully, I wouldn’t recommend tracking because it can really give you a negative outlook on food. You see food as numbers rather than fuel and/or nutrients that you body needs.

      For the most part, I do try to have each macronutrient at a meal for balance. BUT there are some meals that I watch and take out one for goal purposes. The main one that I speak of is my post-workout protein muffin (for most people this would be their shake, I just can’t stomach shakes). Here, I keep my fats to a minimum to allow for the carbs (both quick and slow releasing carbs) and protein to be digested quickly and efficiently. Both fiber and fats slow down digestion and thus, when you have trained hard and your body is screaming for replenishment, I feel it’s best to make that digestion as quick as possible.

  32. Hi Chelsea! Suuuuuuch a pretty girl you are! What does your tattoo say/ mean? Just curious :).

  33. Thanks for this post! I have some questions regarding fruit consumption. If I’m trying to lose weight, how many servings of fruit should I limit myself to per day? Should I only eat low-sugar fruits or does it really matter?

  34. I try not to focus too much on calories either, although this is a new thing for me! I’m learning that my body can actually handle way more than I feed it, and that more calories may look scary but my body performs better eating them!

  35. I think that calorie counting can lead you to making MUCH healthier food choices if you’re trying to lose weight and not be STARVING.
    If I eat a 1400 calorie diet, I try to get in a lot of fruits and veggies because they are low calorie. If you try to get down to 1400 calories eating junk, you are destined to be very hungry. So, I think calorie counting is a decent way to teach yourself you need to incorporate natural foods!

  36. “OMG IM STARVING” that made me LOL which was much needed after the internal tears I was shedding after seeing your beautiful abs and wanting them. You mention binge eating, do you have any tips to counteract binge eating?

    • hahah thanks for the compliment 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed the Vlog! I got a ton of questions on binge eating so I think it would be best to tackle that as a whole in another video or post very soon!

  37. I do binge eat. I admit this. I either under eat or over eat. Any tips on how to recover my metabolism without gaining weight. PS: your tattoo is beautiful!

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