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Put Your Hands Up Friends…WIAW


Hey Friends!

I have collected quite the collection of foooooodzzz and different fooooooooddz as of late so I wanted to hop into Jen’s What I Ate Wednesday Part-ay once again after a lil break (as I didn’t really have anything interesting to show you guys). So behold summer lovin!

Peas and Crayons

Don’t forget to check out the other foodies blogs here and what they’re nommin on during this first full week of July. This is my favourite month…I’m biased though what can I say. 😉 Other July babies out there?

Who thinks that grilled food is just better food?

20140707-214618-78378130.jpgGrilled chicken and veggie kabob with a homemade marinade (mustard, ACV, dried basil and garlic powder, lemon juice and chili flakes) over a lovely rainbow veggie filled salad that I made up. I also threw some avocado in there.

What did I ask for for my pre-birthday family dinner? Grilled food of course! Kabobs are love….

20140707-214617-78377578.jpgDemolished! Now that’s a #SaladBeast on a plate if I ever saw one. Delish!

Speaking of birthdays…You like my Mom’s attempt at making a ’23’ candle with only one of the numbers?


I laughed a lil. She makes me smile. Thanks Mom for putting some humour into my birthday cake. You all know I’m not one for cake, so this Apple Factory (only the best local market/grocer ever!) lemon meringue pie was enjoyed by my parents and Nana and Papa. No, the marshmallow ‘3’ candle was not devoured. Guess there are no marshmallow addicts in my family.

My first time having grilled trout

20140707-214616-78376539.jpgGrilled rainbow trout with the usual sides.

I died a lil and went to heaven. Those charred edges. That smokey flavour. As if I couldn’t love that fish any more…I was slapped in the face with a #Foodgasm. Maybe I need to try grilled kabocha…hmmmmm. Wheels turnin now.

Grilled food is even good as leftovers

20140707-214616-78376231.jpgBrown jasmine rice. Leftover chicken and veggie kebob and extra sauteed mushrooms and asparagus.

And you know that I’m never the biggest fan of eating leftover veggies. I lik’em fresh but theses were yummy and fueled me for the 2 hour dentist appointment. Why 2 hours? I got a whitening treatment  on top of a cleaning all thanks to Dad. 😀

Grilled food is so good that I try to recreate them at home…

20140707-214423-78263364.jpgStuffed grilled pesto chicken breast with grilled veggies and brown jasmine Thai rice.

George Foreman Grill…you did a prettty good job. Craving satisfied. Oh and that stuffed chicken


Mmmmmm…Twas good and all grill-y 😀

The stuffed chicken was simply a grilled piece of chicken that I seasoned with my homemade basil pesto and chili flakes butterflied open and stuffed with sauteed spinach, mushrooms, onion and some of my new sundried tomatoes that work brought in. They are unsalted, unsulphured and organic. So amazing because now I can eat sundried tomatoes guilt free once again! 😀 Orasta is the brand if anyone is interested.

Speaking of grilled food, who else thinks of burgers right off the bat when the word ‘grill’ comes up?

Ahhh..I have been burger lovin let me tell you. Unfortunately a true char grilled burger has yet to grace these lips but Foreman steps in once again to try to help me out.

20140614-215939-79179437.jpgGrilled homemade chipotle spiced (Mrs. Dash) turkey burger served in a bibb lettuce ‘bun’ and loaded up with sauteed mushrooms, onion and spinach, avocado, basil pesto, sprouts and tons of mustard. Grilled asparagus and roasted kabocha on the side.

I believe this is the burger I made for Chaunda and I the first time she came over. She’s in competition prep mode (ie diet restrictions) for an up and coming fitness competition so her plate was lil less squashy and more non-starchy vegetabley. I would die without my kabocha…just sayin. She loved the burger though. Messy but delicious for the win!

20140614-215938-79178825.jpgZee close up. Mmmmmm…

Round 2 was made for Andre and myself. I got a leftover kangaroo burger that pulled out of the freezer from Father’s day (I simply stuck the rest of the uncooked patties in the freezer for a later craving and just took one out to thaw a wee bit. Cooked up just the same as when they were fresh), while Andre got served a lamb burger, made up Greek style with his own homemade tzatziki sauce by moi, from Agram Meats. I picked up those lamb patties way back when my Dad and I first took a trip into that place and I drooled over all of their local(!!!) exotic meats.

20140707-214420-78260886.jpgSame toppings as the first burger, but I added my new lovely unsalted, unsulphured Orasta sundried tomatoes to it. Did I overdo it on the sauteed goodies? Perhaps. Did they then end up all over my face. Perhaps. So worth the mess though…

20140707-214420-78260168.jpgUmmm…I digress

I served our collard wrapped burgers (these leaves hold up better than bib lettuce I found) with a nice big salad and roasted butternut squash fries for me and me only as Andre is on a no-carb kick lately. Geesh, people and their carbs. I simply roasted the fries in some olive oil, garlic and chili powder, paprika and cracked black pepper, turned once and let then them go until I liked their doneness. Still working on getting them crispy…That is a special talent right there as apparently all I ever do is get them nice and caramelized and shrunken. #BittyFries.

Who craves more salads in the summer months?

I love salad all year round BUT I especially love a good #SaladBeast in the summer. I still have my roasted or grilled goodies in them though because that’s just how I roll, but the overall veggie lovin is real!

One other thing…

I have pretty much conquered that ‘no fruit ever unless it’s around your workout’ rule I had in my head lately with throwing various fruits into my salads. Yay me! Even if it’s a 1/4 of an apple here, or 2 ounces of a peach there, it’s still progress!

Verdict on fruit in salads…

YUM! I never thought I would like it, but I really do. So far I have had apples

20140622-200031-72031632.jpgSaladbeast with all the normal saladbeast mixins (raosted asparagus, acorn squash, mushrooms, and onions, raw peppers and cucumber, sprouts) sauteed chicken breast meat, avocado and RED DELICIOUS APPLE

I have tried both red delicious and granny smith apples. Overall, I can’t pick a favourite as I enjoyed both the tartness (granny) and sweetness (red delicious) that they brought. That crunch though! Oh and that lighting at home is perfection! #OnlyAFoodBloggerWouldUnderstand.

I have also tried peaches!

20140707-214421-78261523.jpgSaladbeast with the same fixins as before BUT no avocado as I used fattier fish (halibut and the last of my leftover grilled rainbow trout..sadface) with peaches.

Sorry for the messy bowl, but I had to snap a picture because I think this was my favourite of the fruits I have tried. It was super ripe and sweet, but still has some crunch left. Perfection! I need to try grilling those peaches I think!

This was also my breakfast…err brunch… on my legit birthday (July 3rd). I made myself sleep in hardcore that morning after closing two nights in a row at work with their new later hours with no naps in between. It twas a good decision. Oh and the extra sleep was a good choice too. 😉

What fruit should I try next? I’m thinking a berry of some kind. Bloobs maybe?


Who still cares about my proatmeal porn?

Either way, I had to share at least one bowl of hot goodnessyes hot, I don’t do cold oats. Even when I need a fan blowing on me to eat them because it’s 30 degrees outside, ma oats NEED TO BE HOT!

20140707-214425-78265084.jpgPreworkout Proats made with chia seeds, egg whites, gluten free oats, unsweetened almond milk and Cellucor cookie dough whey. Topped with melted nanner, raw cacao nibs, 1/4 of a cookie dough Questbar (some baked, some raw pieces) and 1/2 a tbsp of raw Artisana cashew butter.

I wanted to share this bowl because it was using one of my new Cellucor flavours…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough!

I was more excited about this one than the flavour ended up tasting. It’s very subtle. Lil disappointed, but it’s still good! The other flavour though, Chocolate Raspberry Truffle, blew my mind. The flavour is so prominent that I can smell the whey through it’s bag the second I walk in the house. My new favourite!

Well that’s it friends! Hope you’re enjoying some local summer goodies!

Do you like fruit in salads? What’s your favourite?

Favourite summer fruit and veggie? Cherries/peaches and rainbow sweet taters I would say.

Favourite thing to grill? What do you  want to try grilled? I really want to try grilling one of my homemade burgers…or squash 😉



36 thoughts on “Put Your Hands Up Friends…WIAW

  1. Oh my god I’m DROOLING! I was just sitting here talking to my roommate about getting a new propane tank for our grill so we can have burgers and kabobs and…GRILLED KABOCHA! Girl you HAVE to try it. By far the best way to prepare that magic squash.

    I hope your birthday was incredible! Can’t wait to see what noms you come up with next week! Happy WIAW 🙂

    • Omg I’m super jealous that you have a grill!! Yes, I need to try kabocha grilled. I’m an addict already so I’m sure grilling it will just be perfection! Thanks for the wishes and I’m glad you stopped by!

  2. I always I prep my greens and quinoa at the beginning of the week. I chop my greens ( usually romaine but I switch them up ) and clean them in my salad spinner. I leave them in the spinner to store, which makes for super easy access, and I find the lettuce stays fresher and crisper this way. If I fill the spinner it is enough lettuce to make my salads all week. Then I make two cups of quinoa in my rice cooker, ( so easy! ) which lasts the whole week. I prep the rest of the salad every night, usually while I’m making dinner. I always switch up the veggies I add, but the quinoa and the lettuce are a must. Sometimes I will use black beans for protein as well. Lately I have been hooked on this salad- Romaine lettuce and quinoa in first, then chop some tomato, bell pepper, and cucumber and add that. Then I add Happy Pantry’s Power Krautage ^ their fermented red onions ( a few tablespoons of each ). Then I top it off with a half an avocado. So yummy! I always use the same container, a three cup pyrex glass container with an airtight lid, which keeps everything really fresh.

  3. I’m game for anything: pomegranate seeds, blood oranges, kumquats, white peaches, &/or grapefruit slices.

  4. I have literally made this quinoa salad five times a week for linner ( linner= lunch + dinner combined ) for the past month.

  5. I’m so into salads at the moment! My favourite is mixed lettuce with sundried tomatoes, half an avocado, almonds, raisins and caprino with a drizzle of basil mayonnaise. Love the sound of BBQ veggies!! xxx

  6. Ahhhh grilled veggies! I’ll never say no to those. Love how everyone has their own special spin on this summer dish. Thanks for putting it on my radar for the season!

  7. All of this food looks so delicious, im definitely going to take inspiration from here.

  8. I’ve been all about the simple salads lately! Today I have smoked mackerel, spring onions, baby leaves, tomato, cucumber, new potatoes Done! And delicious!

  9. My all time favorite salad “dressing” I’ve been making lately is half of a mashed avocado mixed with the juice of a lime wedge, salt, and pepper. It is wonderfully clean and still gives the creaminess as if you’re having a ranch type dressing. Yum!

    • Yum! I have yet to try making an avocado type dressing because I love the chunks of avocado in my salad. Perhaps when I eventually make a taco salad (been dying to make one!) I will make a guac like dressing and salsa to top it all off with.

  10. Great salad recipe!
    I’m exploring your blog tonight, and it’s so much fun! You have so many awesome recipes!


  12. What do you recommend to do if someone only has 20 minutes to work out.

    • I would recommend a fast HIIT or circuit type workout, meaning that you do a couple of exercises in a row without rest then rest for a minute and repeat the circuit once or twice more. Include exercises that are more full body and require multiple muscle groups to be used as these will give you the best bang for your buck. For example adding jump squats or lunges, burpees, dynamic planks, etc. These are all great for really tiring you out and getting a lil bit of a sweat going even in a short time.

      If endurance in your game, try doing sprint intervals. Go full out sprinting for a certain amount of time (say 30 seconds) then walk or lightly jog for 2 or 3 times that time (so in this case, 1-1:30mins). Repeat multiple times. Or instead of timing yourself to the tee, choose a big hill and go up it as fast as you can and walk back down. Break at the bottom for 30 seconds then run back up it.

      Go hard on these such that you are having a tough time breathing and you have a good sweat going BUT do not do HIIT more than 3x per week as it’s too rough on your central nervous system.

  13. I like the questions you have so far, and I’d also love to know if you has one or two fitness benchmarks that you believe everyone should strive towards (i.e. do 10 unassisted pull ups, squat your bodyweight, 30 pushups in a row, run a mile under 8:00, etc.)?

    • Thank you! I think that it’s totally up to the person and their own goals as to which benchmarks they are working towards. For me personally, I’m looking to be as strong as I can possibly be so that first pull up on my own was a huge thing for me! Gear those benchmarks towards your own fitness related goals.

  14. I am SO SO SO happy to read that your slowly ditching your food fears. I totally can relate to this, I was vegan for over 3 years and dipped into raw veganism for a few months and let me tell you, I aged, I looked like crap ALL the time, my energy was so LOW and sluggish I did not even recognize myself. Like you, I was fearful of food- for me it was anything 100% not vegan or organic. I started eating meat when I met my husband, he forced me to and I was SO against it but once I started eating meat here and there I was back to my normal self. I do not eat meat at every meal and keep it veg most of the time but having meat every now and than has given me back my flow and glow. Thanks for sharing ❤ C

    • Thank you and I’m super proud of you for listening to your body and not feel ashamed for leaving the “vegan circle”. Believe it or not, many people fear switching back their diets to include animal products because they think that they failed or will be looked down upon by their fellow vegans and this is simply not the case. Different bodies require different things and I know that I would never be able to do raw, vegan or even vegetarian without loosing my sense of vitality and I have no shame in that. It’s what my body needs. Good on you girl and keep feeling that flow and glow 🙂

  15. With summer in full effect, everyone is struggling to tone up those problem areas in time to bare their bods on the beach. What do you recommend to your clients when they need to get fit quick?

    • Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, there is no such thing as a quick fix. It takes time to shape the body and allow it to respond to what you are changing. Ensuring that you are taking in tons of water (to flush out toxins), eating a healthy and balanced diet and getting your sweat on daily is the best you are going to do for your body.

      As for these ‘problem areas’ there is also no ability to spot reduce. In order to decrease the size of said problem areas, weight must be lost overall which means a slight calorie deficit (NOT STARVING YOURSELF) but just eating a lil fewer calories than you are now. This may happen naturally from simply ensuring you are getting enough protein and lots of veggies throughout the day because those are lower in calories, generally, than more carbohydrate heavy things. Do note though, restriction is not the answer either. When I say that carbs may have more calories, your body still needs them so don’t go low carb unless you have done your research and are thinking about a lifestyle change to paleo for example.

      Sorry that was a bit wordy and off topic but does that help?

  16. ALSO….So what is your number one nutrition rule?

    • I could never just list one, so here’s a couple.
      1. Drink enough water. You should be peeing a lot and it shouldn’t be yellow. Sorry if that’s TMI…This helps the body to transport nutrient and also flush toxins and excess waste out of the body that it may otherwise hold onto.
      2. Eat yo veggies. Especially green ones.
      3. Eat a rainbow daily. Different colours= different nutrients.
      4. Ensure you are getting enough protein
      5. EAT ENOUGH! 1200 calories is not enough for anyone.
      6. Don’t restrict. Don’t follow weird diets or trends of going low carb or low fat. Balance is what the body wants.
      7. ENJOY YOUR FOOD. Eating healthy does not ever mean boring and plain. Play with your food and make sure you love it.

      I hope those help 🙂

      • Personally I love you and your blog because you ‘gets it.’ I think you are a bomb-ass example of someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to a healthy lifestyle.

      • All thank you so much! I’m always learning but it’s really nice to know that what I share is appreciated and can help people! 😀

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