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Spill It, Sundays #8


Hey Friends!

For those of you who care…. 😛

I’m sorry I have been a bit silent on the blog front this week. There has been a lot of things going on. I worked a close then open shift Wed-Thursday at GoodnessMe! and than I had a nice dinner with a friend of mine, Chaunda

20140622-200032-72032774.jpgPesto tossed zoodles with veggies, shrimpies and a poached egg on top. Yeah…a poached egg. Oh you fancy huh?

Holler at fitting her bikini prep macros in style once again this week! 😀 Also can I get some props for making not one BUT TWO runny poached eggs. Sayyy what? Things are getting real. I’m liking this weekly girls night we got going on. It allows for my creativity to come out.

On the creativity topic…I’m in love with my spiralizer. Once out of the box….it’s never going back!

And then I went home for the weekend.

20140622-200717-72437174.jpgSorry I’m Not Sorry…you will always get pictures of Maggie Mae cuz she’s my fav.

Quite the whirlwind of the latter part of my week but a good one for sure.

So with that all being said, lets cap off the weekend with our normal Sunday linkup party courtesy of Arman over at The Big Mans World.

The Big Man's World

Thanks again for hosting AND doing the questions this week. I will say that I’m going to miss this lil party while it goes on a break for a wee bit but I’m excited to see what new endeavors you speak of! Perhaps as an ode to you, I will see if I can get back on my recipe game by setting a goal to post a new recipe each Sunday in place of this usual shindig.

How does that sound?

 Onward we go with The Lasts

The last….person you spoke to?

My Dad as he drove me back to Hamilton after being home for the weekend.

20140622-200031-72031174.jpg She goes where eva he goes. It’s cute. #PreciousCargo

The last…sweet food you ate?

My cheat meal last night.

20140622-200031-72031981.jpgMighta over done’er a wee bit. Geeze tummy stretch once and a while would ya?

Various flavas of coconut ice cream with extra peanut butter (crunchy and toffee) and white chocolate raspberry Questbar puffs. It was good but my stomach was hating me this morning…ugh

Sorry Dean, it messed me up this time. No ice cream for a wee bit now. 😦

The last…savoury food you ate?

My dinner BUT I didn’t snap that so I will say my breakfast…eerr brunch…11:30am? this morning. I had been craving this salad allll day yesterday and all morning and although it probably didn’t help my tummy, it was good. I even tried putting a lil bit of apple in it because it was something I saw on IG and wanted to try it out.

20140622-200031-72031632.jpgWorth the veggie-bloat food baby? Yup.

Normally I wouldn’t do fruit in salads because I tend to only have fruit at breakfast or around workouts BUT it was my first meal of the day so I figured it would be okay. Yes, yell at the sugar phobe about how fruit is natural and I shouldn’t be afraid to eat it BUT I like to have my sugars when my body needs them. What I will say is that I shouldn’t feel bad about 2 ounces of apple…

Workin on that.

The last…blog you visited?

The awesome host of this link up party, Mr. Arman, to check out the questions posted for today’s post

The last…blog you commented on?

Technically my own as I answered some reader questions 🙂

The last…recipe you tried out?

My skillet cookies…which I actually have yet to post. Ooopps, will get on that. People have been asking.

20140622-200033-72033425.jpgI had them one morning last week (Thursday before my 8:30am open) in a zoaty fashion. They are quite good so I will definitely have to post that up for you guys! Easy peasy cookies, made in 10 minutes. What could be better?

The last…item you pinned on Pinterest?

This Low Carb Flax Pizza Crust from Nutty About Health

Paleo Flax Crust Pizza Recipe VIA Nutty About Health

I liked it because I have been searching for a paleo crust that actually looks as if you can pick it up for a while now and this one looks fab! Will needs to add some Lil Miss Fitness Freak flare to this one and try it out!

The last…TV show you watched?

You Gotta Eat Here! on the food network as they were featuring one of my favourite spots on Locke…


Chucks Burger Bar. Check out this link for the video and see what I always drool over.

The last…trip you took?

What counts as a ‘trip’?

Perhaps the trip my Dad and I took to Whole Foods on the way back to Hamilton?

…Or perhaps the trip to Guelph University yesterday to see the campus to help in where I want to go for school (yes I got accepted there too!) would be more acceptable as an answer for my last ‘trip.’

I will say it’s a very pretty campus. Very green.

The last…time you spent money and on what?

About 2 hours ago on a lovely piece of steelhead trout at Fortinos for that dinna I didn’t take a picture of… 😀

Lies. It probably wasn’t a happy trout when I ated it…

I’m sure you will survive though as you have seen umpteen fish pictures in my posts.

Wow, for a short-ish post I actually gave you a pretty good recap of my entire weekend.

Who woulda thunk it?Short can tell a lot. 😀

Happy Sunday evening friends!

Ever had Zoodles?

What’s your favourite kind of cookie? Although I can’t say I really eat cookies, if I did…two words. Peanut. Butter. Anything with peanut butter.

Last sweet food you ate?



4 thoughts on “Spill It, Sundays #8

  1. Love the cutie pic of your dog!

  2. Skillet cookie looks delicious- and that flax crust sounds epic!

    Glad to see you embrace the ice cream!

    • Thanks Arman! Yeah I really want to try that crust out. Also a sweet potato crust I found earlier is also on my list…I mean common it’s sweet tater 😉

      I have to say that I wish I could embrace the ice cream more. If only my hyper sensitive tummy would be more on board!

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