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Overdue ProShow Expo Recap


Hey Friends!

So I had mentioned that this past Sunday I went to the Pro SuperShow Expo in Toronto with Chaunda and a friend of hers and hadn’t had the time to tell you all about it!

20140606-210157-75717667.jpgThe excitement that was all balled up inside as I came up those escalators was huge.

I’m sure you were just waiting and waiting to hear that post right?

Well, it was suuuuppper fun and I felt right in my element HA! Why was this?

  • #ContainerLife. So many fitness models and athletes carrying around their own containers of food just like I do on a daily basis.
  • So much muscle. Not that I’m a beast or anything, but it was interesting to see these massive guys and buff beauties walking around the expo.
  • Fitness competitions! More on that further in the post, but there were actually competitions that you could hop into to win prizes. This fit in very well with my need to be constantly doing something active…
  • Bodybuilding supplements and food (Hello Nuts n’More and Quest tables!) everywhere! Nuff said. I gots alll the samples πŸ˜‰

So to be somewhat short and sweet (and because my photos are kinda lacking…sorry), I will break it down into its components and chatter a bit about each to give you a nice well rounded recap of what went on. Kapeesh?

Oh and because some of my pictures are craptastic I will probably be supplementing this post with some shots courtesy of la internet

The Booths

Or should I say…

The samples!


20140606-210033-75633521.jpgSay what?

So they had quite the variety of booths including, but not limited to..

  • Protein companies
  • Supplement companies
  • Workout Clothing and Gear
  • Foods that bodybuilders lerrrrve. These would be P28, Nuts n’More, PB2, Walden Farms and the mighty Quest Nutrition (who I didn’t know was showing up based on the website!)
  • 6 pack lunch bags, purses and backpacks for carrying around meals

So almost every booth gave out a sample of some kind…except Quest. I know right? BOOOOO! Gimme those free quest bars I tell you. πŸ˜› So being me, I managed to snag a pretty good helping of the packaged samples (as opposed to the food samplings) which made me quite content despite knowing that the majority would be leaving my hands and being carted away by my gymrat buds. This is all because they either contain something I can’t have (any artifical sweeteners, etc) or they would be of no use to me (thanks for the 3 packs of fat burners Ballistic Nutrition…).

There was also purchasing being done as these booths, obviously, and so what wasn’t pictured in my swag collection above was a lovely jar of my favourite toffee Nuts n’More peanut butter

20140606-210158-75718767.jpgMajor photobombin…

It was 10 bucks! Oh Em Gee that this is normally like 16 dollars at Popeyes…if they even have it! I had to. Chaunda got a lil more buyer happy than I did with the purchase of her own toffee peanut butter, Walden Farms syrup and dressing annnnd some low sugar and sodium BBQ sauce.

With the amount of food samples around, you wouldn’t even need lunch. So much protein. I wouldn’t advise going crazy on the samples though, as Chaunda’s friend (who ended up with a tummy ache) might have a tad, because mixing various wheys, protein blends, pre-workouts and protein bars probably doesn’t end well when combined.

Also at these booths were some pretty famous faces in the bodybuilding world…

  • Ronnie Coleman. Holds the title for most Pro Bodybuilder wins and is an 8 x Mr. Olympia recipient.
  • CT Fletcher.Β World champion power lifter and still lifting today at the age of 54.
  • Amanda Latona. Known for that booty of hers, she has attained Pro card status and has done cover after cover of various fitness and bodybuilding magazines.
  • Jay Culter. 4x Mr. Olympia winner and has won multiple Arnold’s.
  • Kai Greene. Multiple IBFF Pro wins and has changed the face of bodybuilding throughout his days.

Full list here.

The Competitions


To keep those busy bees like myself busy, the expo also had a number of competitions going on as part of the Toronto Fitness Challenge that could win you a number of cool prizes. Check out their main site here for more details! They had crossfit games, strong man competitions, boxing matches

20140606-210159-75719641.jpg…and the competition that I jumped into, which was the reps challenge.

These were so much fun and all of the money to participate in them went to Sick Kids Hospital. Reppin it out for the kiddos! πŸ˜€ I gave 20 dollars to sneak into the chin up (reps in one minute) and plank off (who can hold it the longest) competitions. For the chins, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked as it wasn’t my idea of a chin up (palms towards the face, bicep dominant). Instead it was military style, wide overhand grip style..I got 7 lol. I tried what can I say.

The plank off though I tanked! I won that competition with my 7 minute plank. Weooo!

To be honest, I was a lil disappointed in myself as I know for a fact that I probably let the ‘all eyes on me’ get to me and made me fail faster than I wanted to. The last girl tapped out just after 6 minutes and I was totally chillin so I could have totally gone further but once she was out (now everyone was just seeing how long this lil girl could go),my core started to shake and the plank got instantly harder. I don’t like others to see me suffer per say so I think I psyched myself out.Β  Sigh…

Sorry no pictures as…well… I was plankin. πŸ˜‰

Oh and just so you can get an accurate image

This guy was yellin at ya army style the entire time to ensure proper form and no cheatin was going on.

I got a high five for my plankin skillz though. πŸ˜‰

He, Sgt. Tony A from Fit Factory Fitness, was just one of the many celebrity ambassadors running this event.

The Shows

The Inside Fitness Model Search was the show that we sat down to watch. Of all the shows included in said search, we managed to catch the ladies bikini show (picture below) and the men’s physique search.

And some of the winners of the shows..


The lovely lady on the right (Stacy Da Silva) and the male to her right (Shane Makan) won the shows, Women’s Bikini and Men’s Physique respectively, that we watched. Mikhaila Loader, on the far left was the winner of the Women’s Fitness search which we missed.

These shows were awesome to watch and very inspiring for me. I have thought about doing a show sometime in my future as I would love to see what my body is capable of muscle and conditioning wise, BUT I would need an amazing coach that doesn’t believe in the typical depletion and diuretic competition prep diet. #SorryImNotSorry I’m not killing myself to be lean enough for the stage. These shows were also great for Chaunda as she is starting her own prep for her first bikini competition that is set for August. Woo!

Sidenote: Rigged…?

I will say that there was one lady in the bikini show that totally should have been up there to the very end, yet got called off in the first set of cut-offs. She had the muscle tone, the walk and the poses down pat. I my jaw kind of dropped a lil bit when she wasn’t even in the top 10! Stacy, you definitely deserved that win, but that cut just got me thinkin…

The Fuzzie Wuzzies…And Some Scales

I bet you’re wondering what the heck “fuzzy wuzzies” were doing at a body building show…

So were we.

BUT, did we care?

20140606-210157-75717077.jpg…Apparently not. πŸ˜‰

How cute right?!?!

Chaunda was a lil apprehensive to run up on stage with the whirlwind of 5 year old’s to get a picture with the fennec fox, so I happily ran up with her and snapped this lil gem. I could care less that we were the only 22 year olds giggling our faces off and super excited to pet the lil guy.


Unfortunately we didn’t see all of the fuzzies but we did see the only ‘scales’ in the lineup in the form of a massive snake…ewww. Not a snake person. Here are some of the other animals that hit the bodybuilding stage all thanks to Jungle Cat World...

Leon the lemur who was 15 years old!

Apparently no one else took pictures with the animals except for Dr. Sara Solomon (BSN sponsored IF advocate with a passion for making Quest-creations) as these are the only pictures on the internet that I can find with the animals at the show. We would have taken more but they disappeared before we could do our own photo shoot with them 😦

Singing dog. Very rare species! But they actually ‘serenade.’

Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park apparently does this sort of thang all the time. They give us public folk the opportunity to see and then come up close and personal with a few extremely rare species. Pretty cool and I have to say that although I wasn’t expecting this show at all, I wasn’t mad at it. πŸ˜‰

Who wouldn’t want to pet a lil fox or lemur?

The other animals in attendance were:

  • A cockatoo
  • Tortoise
  • Serval (African wildcat)

We were super bummed that we couldn’t get our pictures with them, but it was the end of the day I suppose.

General Conclusion.

All in all, we had a blast at the expo, got some great swag and left inspired by all of the muscle that was floatin around. πŸ˜‰

It ’twas a good day in the citaaaaaayy.

Have you have been to a fitness expo? First time for me and hopefully not my last!

Would you run up to take pictures with the animals even if there was no one over the age of 5 on the stage? Heck yeah!

Ever wanted to compete?

What exercise would you rep it out with?



12 thoughts on “Overdue ProShow Expo Recap

  1. pass on those fat burners ;)…speaking of which, any thoughts on natural fat burners

    • hmmmm…I may be the wrong person to ask about them because I’m really not a fan what so ever. I always feel like fat burners fall into the “it’s a quick fix that can make me slimmer without me changing my lifestyle” categories. I’m not meaning to sound mean, but that is how I see them. I don’t think they are good for your body and I would never take them personally. I always think, did our ancestors use fat burners? No. So neither should I. Of course that is kind of an extreme example to look at, but all in all, they aren’t natural and thus I choose to avoid them.

  2. the ‘i want to fart’ fish made me LOL!!!!!!!!

  3. I can’t even do 1/7th of a chin up- you should be proud!

  4. 7 minute plank. HOLY MOLY Weooo! I’d lvoe to hear how you started training your core

    • Interesting question and potential post for sure. I have always trained my core a lot. More than your average person, which is probably why I’m known for it (miss Core queen ha). I will say that when I started it was mostly for aesthetics and I started with your basic situps (which then moved to decline ones, then added weight ones), leg raises and such. Over the years I have learned the importance of a strong core for every other lift (and life really) as it provides your foundation due to protecting your spine. Since then, I train for strength (aesthetics are still there though, lets be honest with ourselves lol) and I train them to prevent adaptation and plateauing. This last point has led me to searching for new core exercises and doing some crazy things that I can now show to others when they come up to me asking for core exercises.

  5. I love love love how you said you wouldn’t harm your body in terms of fitness prep. I want to lose weight and tone up fairly quickly but don’t want to kill myself to do so.

    • I have had health issues in the past and feel as though my body gave me a second chance. As much as I would love to try out the stage at some point in my life, would I starve myself and run my body to ground to do it. Hell no. I’m supposed to appreciate my body not make it suffer. As for loosing weight, slow and steady always wins in the long run. Slow depicts that you are making changes to your lifestyle for the better which leads to ability to keep it off and just live healthier and happier. Fast depicts crash diets that never, and I mean never, work and damage to the body.

  6. What is the #1 thing you like best about being into fitness?Please describe a typical day for you. What is your daily routine like?What type of food or supplements should I take before and after my workouts to help me see results in gaining lean muscle and losing fat?

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