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10 Day You Challenge…9 Loves


Hey Friends

So I’m back for another day of the 10 Day You Challenge and this one is all about my loves.

10 Day You ChallengeNow because there are days that focus on things like foods, songs, places, and so forth, I will try to keep those to a minimal in this list to keep things interesting and so you can learn more from me.

What are some of your top loves?

I will say that many of these are obvious ones, but I tried to throw some in there that maybe you wouldn’t think about me as well to keep it not so ordinary. I hope you enjoy. 🙂

1. My family & Friends.

I loop family with friends because I often see my closest friends as family. I’m a huge family girl and look forward to every opportunity to spend time with them. I’m the girl that will call her parents just because or to join me for dinner every other weekend just because it’s been a few weeks since I have seen them.

IMG_1049My Mama’s gunna probably be mad I posted this picture. She hates pictures…wonder where I get it from…

Never ever will I be the girl who groans when holidays come around. Instead, I relish in the time I get to spend with as many of them as possible. It makes me sad to see people with negative or strained relationships with their parents as I consider my parents as my best friends.

IMG_0495My favourite cuzzies Kodey and ‘Kinney

With my friends, I find that it can be tricky to see them as often as I would like. Many of them have flown off (some literally!) to their own worlds to continue their education and lives elsewhere and I miss them dearly. I don’t see them as often as I would like but hopefully I can take this summer and really crack down on some good ol’ friend bonding once again like it was back in Uni-life. 🙂

151047_443350205727754_151930045_nMy Psych Girls. Morgan on the Right is in Calgary. Lora on the far left is in England doing her Masters in Psych. Laura, who is right of Santa, is living the high life as a flight attendant and Sophia, left of Santa, is back in school also. Gabby and I are just chillin here back in Hammer with school in our near futures once again.
IMG_0281We be crazy.
IMG_1948Molly and I at Whole Foods

2. Miss Maggie Mae.

How could someone not love a face like hers.

IMG_2266She is my lil bundle of fur that I miss like crazy while I’m in Hamilton. I want so bad to get my own dog, not to replace her of course, but because she is really a tease in my life. I see her for a weekend and then have to leave her for another month and it just makes me sad. She brings me much joy with just having her brush against my leg or biting at my foot to get my attention because she’s a needy whittle baby. Of course, this neediness is in the best way possible! 😀

IMG_5072You never know how much you can get from a dog until you own your own. All they want is your love. They don’t judge. They always believe that you are just the best thing the world has to offer. The warmth and utmost devotion they give to you is one of the best gifts to have in your life and as soon as I can afford to give a puppy the best home possible, which they all deserve, I will have my own fur baby.

A few breeds that I have tossed the idea around (besides another poodle of course) are…

red-border-collie-puppy-called-cherry-at-6-weeks-hiding-from-his-litter-mates-21534342Border Collie. I love red ones probably because they are different. We had a beautiful border collie, Sasha, when I was really young.

Yorkie. I have loved them since forever. I do like my smaller pups.

miniature australian shepherd puppies

Australian Shepherd. Once again, I do love the red ones, but the tri coloured ones (or Blue Merle I think they are called) are beautiful as well.

3.  Training.

Sorry this is clearly one that you are aware of but because it’s such a huge part of my life, I have to include it in my list. I hope to see myself in the gym and doin my thing when I’m 80 and beyond! If you ever read this post Marianne, you are quite the inspiration! 🙂

4. Blogging…And my Readers!

As much as I was afraid to bring my writing and thoughts to the public, I have found that I love blogging. I was quite excited to find that you guys actually liked some of things I had to say and I can honestly say that it brings me great pleasure to type up my posts! For all of the love and support you give me, I give a mighty thanks to all of you. Virtual hugs for all!

5. Summer Sports

Although I’m definitely a gym girl at heart and don’t really play any hardcore sports, there are few sports that will always give me a lot of joy playing…even if I’m a lil rusty now.

1. Swimming. My house in Georgetown (before we moved to Acton a few months back) had a pool and because I grew up with a pool, swimming became something I really enjoyed.

2. Tennis. I was taking tennis lessons at a professional club for about a year or two but unfortunately had to stop because of health related issues at the time. Out of all of the sports I tried throughout my childhood and teens years, tennis was by far my favourite and is something I would love to eventually get back into if I could as I miss it.

6. The Beach

Is there anyone who hates the beach? I have often said that the beach is my dream destination spots for vacations. Even my dream house at that! Hence why Cali is my go-to as my fantasy home land. I never get to go as often as I would like as there are few beaches that are accessible to those without vehicles of their own (and not wanting to spend 8 hours on transit). So until I can get to a nearby beach, I will simply keep these exotic beaches in mind while I tell myself “I will see you soon!’

Hawaii…another dream vaca. One day, one day.
Or perhaps a lil Miami beach action at night…
Or the beautiful crystal waters of the Bahamas.

7. The Zoo

I’m truly a lil kid at heart. I love my animals and so I absolutely adore the zoo! I try my best to make a zoo trip once every summer, generally with my parents as they enjoy it as much as I do. 🙂

Toronto Zoo Top 10 Zoos in the World

Disclaimer. I’m fully aware of the fact that there is a bad rap about zoos in general. It does make me sad that we place animals on display for our entertainment, and with that said, I can honestly say that I accept that I’m a selfish person as I love the fact that I get to see them in front of me. On the other hand though, I do think that the original intentions of zoos (for one, to breed under-population species) is…or was.. a positive thing. I do not and will not ever agree with the use of animals in the circus, in races, etc as I think that there are way too many cases of animal cruelty happening there. Not to mention the huge risk of injury to the animal which can mean life or death for them.

8. Yoga

I truly love yoga. For someone who tends to be overly anxious and one who lacks a stretch routine following her workouts (ooopp…bad trainer), yoga is quite a treat for both my mind an my body. Sadly, like a few things in this list, yoga has taken a back seat for a few months but hopefully is something I can up-dog my way back into sooner than later.

Bikram is my yoga of choice as I find that I need that intensity (and man is this yoga intense! Didn’t think you could feel nauseous doing yoga? Didn’t think yoga was a workout? Try bikram on for size) to get that mental clarity and stress release that I want from the class. It’s a rough class to keep up with as you will want to just plant your butt and face down on that mat half way through the 90 minutes, but it is well worth the psychological battle in the end when you mind is left empty.

Best thing I heard from one of the instructors in one class…

In a world like today, with all the non stop working and hustle and bustle of our daily lives, its a sad truth that we have to work this hard in order to let our body relax after all of that daily over stimulation.

It really is sad. I wonder what the world would be like if we all could take a chill pill on a daily basis and slllloooow down?

9. Cooking/Baking and Creating Recipes

Another obvious one, sorry I’m drawing a blank here. Whenever you are actively trying to think about something, it just doesn’t happen. Anyways, one big reason why I started this blog was so that I could share my love of all things food with you all. It also gives me a reason to challenge myself to test out new ingredients and recipes for special dietary needs. I like a good challenge in the kitchen and I espcially love baking and cooking for others. It’s my way of showing my love and care…with food. Healthy food. 😉

Whether or not that last part is appreciated or not (hey some people just want a gluten fill, sugar-bomb, icing-y-licious cupcake right?), it’s the thought that counts right? 😀

Okay okay, so because I didn’t do so well in the creativity department I will throw in a bonus “super random love”



I’m obsessed with my sunglasses. I used to be made fun of (in a loving way of course) because I would wear them ALL THE TIME. Snow on the ground= sunglasses on face. Clouds in the sky and my sunglasses are on (hey there’s a glare I tell you!). I wear my sunglasses at night…

Okay, I’m not that bad.

You see, here’s the thing. My Mom and I share a lovely ‘light sensitivity to the max’ issue so any lil glare and we find ourselves squinting. For me, I just hate squinting (hello future wrinkles). For my Mom, squinting is a recipe for a migraine. No bueno. But hey, on the bright side (HA I made a funny…not), at least I know that when no one else is wearing theirs, my Mom is definitely wearing hers. 😀

By the way, big thing here, they aren’t called summer glasses, they are called sun glasses. Totally acceptable to wear sunglasses outside the summer time frame. Just sayin. 😉

So now it’s your turn. Tell me a lil bit about your loves….

Favourite dog breed?

Most random love?

Do you like the zoo or was a childhood tradition only?




23 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge…9 Loves

  1. This was really good. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    1. My family. My loving husband, beautiful daughter, in laws and blood, the whole bunch. It is amazing to see the similarities of expressions, gestures and features over generations of relatives. I am proud to be a part of it all.
    My puppies. Maggie, Lacey and Sasha. All precious in my heart.
    3. My very first. Sophie. She gives me such happy memories of my dad and of course my husband when we first started dating. If this little kitty accepted him, he must be ok.
    4. My friends. I don’t know where I’d be without the laughter of my work friends, neighbor friends, family friends, students that I mentor friends, and best friends of all, Darryn and Chelsea. You all bring love, laughter and joy.
    5. My flowers. Everybody knows I love flowers and gardening.
    6. Christmas. Probably tied with #5 above. I love this holiday for the decor, peace and kindness it brings. Everyone becomes a bit more giving of kindness at Christmas time.
    7. Decor. I love to learn all the new trends of decor and keeping my family’s space comfy and welcoming.
    8. Books. I can disappear into a book and erase all the issues of the day. Reading before turning out the lights is a favorite time of my day.
    9. Those quiet moments with Darryn chatting with my wine before dinner. We have our favorite spot in the family room that moves out to the front porch or back deck when theweather is good. We talk about our days, plan for the weekend or projects underway. Sometimes just a comfy silence watching the fire in the fireplace or the sun setting.

  2. 1. My grandma is my best, best friend.

    Not in a I-have-to-be-good-friends-with-her-because-she’s-my-grandma-kind of way, but because I really, really genuinely adore her. I guess we’re not a typical friendship…but I don’t care. I just really get along with people that are older than me— & I’m totally ok with that.

    Weird? I D K.

  3. I had a similar relationship with my mom. She’d always been a kindly, doting figure in my life but one day–perhaps when I was around 18 or 19–she decided I had cleared some mental hurdle and all of a sudden, she shared everything with me. We talked politics, religion, books, family, her experience growing up in Detroit, everything important. She was hilarious and open-minded, an excellent storyteller I was so proud of.

    Thanks for this post!

  4. This post is so sweet

  5. Questions for ya though- tomorrow I am doing my first Barre class ever…SOO excited! I am a big coffee drinker, especially in the afternoon, but I know I don’t want to keep up that awful habit. What kind of substitute drink would you suggest for an afternoon pick me up and something pre-Barre class? I was thinking about some kind of Tea refresher but I don’t know. I would LoVE your feedback!

    Thank you for being such a confidence booster for all of us readers! 🙂

    • OMG so much fun! Hmmmm if the caffeine is what you are looking for, try some green tea (or iced green tea with maybe another fruity tea added in for some sweetness) or even Matcha (a form of green tea but with more health benefits!) for a lil energy boost and some vitamins to boot 🙂

      A friend of mine is just starting her fitness model comp prep and began mixing packs of green tea with other teas like peach or raspberry and chillin it so that she can drink her sweet and cold tea all day long. She loves it.

      thanks for the sweet and positive feedback!

  6. Hi Chelsea! I can’t tell you how in love i am with u and your blog. I feel so inspired every single time i read your posts. I have one question: could you perhaps do a post about blogs that your boyfriend reads or if he doesn’t read any, about the ones you would like if you were a boy 😉 I’m trying to find a blog/blogs that are similar or at least a little to yours but are more aimed for guys. Thanks a lot!

  7. Love these posts! I have a question also, how far in advanced do you plan out your posts?

    • Thanks!
      I don’t really plan them in advance, but rather, it takes me a few days to write one up generally as I’m doing them around my work schedule. If there is a blogger linkup I want to do that week, like WIAW, I might try to work on it the night before if I’m not working late. Other than that, my posts just kinda get posted as I complete them 🙂

  8. You know what?

    I don’t hate Mondays.

    Like really- I haven’t hated them for years.

    Actually, quite the contrary: I F-ing love ‘um.

  9. I must say, you are truly an inspiration. Proof of how far you can take a blog if you really put your heart into it. I haven’t put enough of my heart into getting my blog going, but I plan to kick my booty into action-mode as soon as I can. I’ve been searching for blogs to follow, and yours is one of my favorites! Ever since a friend recommended it to me, I’ve been an avid reader! You’re great, chica. Keep up the amazing work. 🙂

  10. I am so impressed by your answers every single time! The fact that you wrote your family- This takes the cake! Best blog I have ever seen…no joke! I am seriously in love! Gimmmmmeeeee the secret asap!

    Wowwwzaaa! BRAVO!!!!

  11. Seriously, you are a girl after my own heart lol

  12. How do you balance blogging, fitness goals (healthy eating / working out / etc), you time, and your relationship? I can be so focussed driven that when I tunnel vision in on one thing, other things suffer. Thoughts?

    • I also suffer with the tunnel vision issue trust me. Blogging is a relaxing hobby for me so I love doing with when I have some time to unwind, which is generally before bed. As far as working out, it’s my passion so it is top of my priority list and it helps that I train at 7:30Am every morning because then I’m done just as people (and work) are getting up. I have struggled this summer with getting social time into my schedule, so I cannot say I have everything all figured out as that is one area that is still suffering a bit and I feel it. I’m managing to squeeze more friend time in slowly, but I can always use more.

      Overall you need to see what are your top priorities and work everything else out around those. I hope that helps!

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