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10 Day You Challenge


Hey Friends,

I was reading Julie’s post the other day, as she is one of the amazing bloggers I follow using Bloglovin, and I happened to stumble across this challenge that was originally posted on Pinterest

10 Day You Challenge

As Julie also stated, I wish I knew who the creator of this lovely lil challenge was as it’s a brilliant idea for getting to know your fellow bloggers in an interesting way. So thank you to them (whom ever they may be) and to Julie over at Peanut Butter Fingers for directing my attention to it.

Now, I pretty much know that I will not be able to post 10 posts in ten consecutive days as you know life gets in the way, but I will try my best. Make sure you tell me one or two of your info tidbits on the topic of the day in the comments as I would love to learn more about my readers too! 🙂

So, we shall start with

Ten Secrets

1. I’m inked…

I have two tattoos and am currently tossing around the idea about getting a third one on my ribs (not gunna lie, the fear of the pain is kind of holding me back…). I got my first one, a butterfly on the top of my foot, with my Mom when I was 17, I think and the second one, a symbol of my past, on my hip a year later.  Let me tell you, when your mother, who had back surgery and was left with half a numb foot I might add, tells you that getting a tattoo on your foot is painless…


I actually just about passed out no joke. The artist had to stop because I mentioned that the room was going black. Ugh so embarrassing for a wee butterfly that would have take no more than 25 minutes to complete. She tried to make me feel better by saying that it happens all the time, but still. I think I was just overwhelmed with the needle’s painful sensation and the fact that I HATE needles with a capital H. Oh well things happen. On the flip side, I went back for another round the next year and my hip didn’t hurt at all surprisingly.

2. I cheated on a test once…

Yes, you read that right. This goody-too-shoes is a full blown cheater! To make myself feel better about the incident (which may I add I felt awful about for days and felt like the biggest disappointment to that teacher for..), I can say that it wasn’t for my own gains but for someone else. Not that it makes it better. You see, I was in French class one day and there was a classmate of mine that was doing a make-up test a desk in front of me while we were all just working away. He turned my way just enough to ask me a translation and I said no at first but with the number of times he asked, my young and pushover self gave in and told him. Weeelll we got caught and not only can I say that I’m a cheater, but I’m also a tattle tail too..

When our teacher asked us (in front of the whole class!) whether we were cheating, he said no, but I said yes. Hey at least I don’t have to add liar to that list too! As punishment, we both had to write a note to that teacher apologizing for what we had done and I think he got a zero on that test. As an added bonus for the cheat-tattling-honest girl, I got the “good job for telling the truth” sarcastic digs for the rest of the week. Kids can be cruel I tell you.

Oh, but now that I think about it, I actually do have another label to add to my list of names…

3.  I stole once…

From Victoria’s Secret! Gasp. Ever have those moments where are trying something on and then something distracts you enough that you walk out of the store with that item? Well that happened to me and a pair of panties. Yes friends, I stole a pair of 5 dollar underwear. Wow this post is all about placing myself in best light eh? I had slipped them on (over my own if anyone was unaware how you can try on underwear..) while I was testing out some other clothing to see if they fit properly and just totally forgot to take them off when I left the change room. I somehow managed to get past the alarms at the door only to realize in another store that I was “doubled up” and furiously ran back to the store to give them back. To be honest, I think they were a lil shocked that I brought them back but in my knowing how easily I can be guilt tripped and feel bad about something, I didn’t want that hanging over my head. Nope.

4. I have never seen, nor do I ever want to see anything related to Star Wars or Star Trek…

Sorry Im Not Sorry, I just don’t like space related films at all. Trek lovers can now officially hate me.

5. I had my Nana chase after an ice-cream truck once…

Calm down I ran with her obvious! I wasn’t that bad. 😉 When the truck managed to drive away from us (do they not look around! Geezz..), all of us, being my Nana, Papa and cousin, jumped in the car and chased after it. True story.

Oh and we eventually got our goods just so I didn’t leave you with a cliff hanger ending. 😀

This reminds me of it every time. Plus, this is just too good not to watch!

Screen shot 2014-05-23 at 10.02.24 PM6. I stuck a stone in my ear when I was 3 and didn’t tell anyone…

Until my Mom forced it out of me after noticing that one, only one of the tubes I had in my ears had fallen out (as it was supposed to), but the other hadn’t and two, my ear started bleeding. What? You never sat at the park and stuck one of the stones up your nose or in your ear as a child…You haven’t lived. 😛

Consequence of my fear of telling my parents…

I had to get surgery to remove the stone and damaged my ear drum a lil bit. No permanent hearing loss…I think.

7. I’m a strange eater…

I have a number of quirky eating habits:

  • My food must be burn your face off hot and I will nuke it until it is. Even mid-way munching I will nuke it again because it will have cooled off too much. Nuking is bad you say. Sue me.
  • I play favouritism. I will ensure that all the best goodies are saved until last. The biggest scoop of peanut butter, the most melted banana and quest bar chunks in my last bite of proats? Yes, and obviously specifically arranged to eat last. The biggest piece of kabocha on my plate. Savoured for the last bite. Making this weird pattern on my nightly casein puddin so that the last bite contains ALL the peanut butter goodness…yes I have too much time on my hands apparently.
  • I really dislike sharing off my plate. I will make you something in a heartbeat, but try to snag something off mine…Bad idea on your part. Oh you needed that hand? My bad.
  • Although I love ooey gooey goodness, I really hate my food making a mess. Is that possible?
  • On most of my plates, food doesn’t touch. As you see in my pictures, unless it’s something like a salad or oatmeal, things are neatly separated. I’m a child I know.

8. I’m the female scarface…

Just kidding. I do have a scar about a centimeter away from my right eye though. Most people wouldn’t notice it because 1. I have bangs and 2. because although it didn’t heal as well as the docs had hoped for (yeah dissolving stiches= no scar my ass, pardon my french), it’s not super prevalent on my face.

How did I get that scar you ask..

Running face first into the back of my Dad’s car.

Bumper: 1. Chelsea’s face: 0

How was I short enough to make facial contact with the bumper of a car, not a truck or SUV, but a car you ask?

I have no idea.

My Dad and I were supposed to be heading to Jazz class but I had heard that there was a fire a couple streets away and was attempting to see if I could see any flames. When my Dad called for me to get into the car, I made my way to the car by walking backwards on my tippy toes (great multitasking eh?) and when I finally turned around, things got ugly. Let’s just say that dance class didn’t happen that night and a lovely visit to the ER happened to get my screaming face stitched up.

Who would have thought that it would take 3 nurses, an X-ray bag and my Mom to hold me down while they were knitting my eye (okay near my eye) and that my poor father would need [Popsicle] therapy after almost fainting in the corner. Sorry my reaction caused you to have nightmares for years Dad…your lil bun hates needles.

9. I was an animal bully…

Before you die of shock, start cursing my name and never look at my blog again, I will say I had the best intentions. Kids just don’t think things through all the way you know? Here are two scenarios.

1. I’m about 4 maybe and I decided that all the fish in my family’s fish tank looked bored and were just dying to play. See good intentions. So, as my parents were sleeping (an early rise even as a wee one I was), I put together a cool lil shoebox of tricks and set that on the floor next to the fishtank. I then got on a chair with the fish net thing and began to fish (no pun intended) out the two largest fish, our angel fish, out of the tank and put them in the box to “play.” After a minute or two I began to wonder why they didn’t seem to be having such a good time so I went upstairs to wake up my Mom and tell her that I thought the fish were dead…

Groggy Mom: dead…?

Chelsea: They’re not moving.

M: …Are they at the bottom of the tank?

C: No.

M [now coming to a lil bit more and looking confused]: …Well…Where are they..?

C: In the box.

M: ?..!!!

My Mom than leaps out of bed, rushes downstairs and throws the fish back in the tank where they sunk to the bottom before eventually coming to again. Surprising survival skills those guys have apparently. So thankfully I didn’t kill them, but I learned that fish do have fun…they just have to be in water.

2. When was a wee bit older, but only by a couple years, I was thoroughly enthralled with my hamster, Rosie. One day during play time, which was when Rosie came out to exercise in her ball and play with me while my Mom cleaned up her cage, I decided that Rosie should experience the thrill of a roller coaster ride. I’m cringing as I write this. I’m a horrible human being. So the closest thing to a roller coaster apparatus, as far as I was concerned, was a fake plant in the corner of the room. So I set her on one of the leaves and let gravity take it’s course. Weeeee…? Rosie probably didn’t think so. The plummet was only about 1-1.5 feet onto carpet, but still, she probably had not one, but two heart attacks that night as I did it not once, but twice because I just had to show  my Mom how much fun Rosie was having…

My Mom then informed me that such activity was probably not fun for Rosie and that she could get hurt…


Lesson number 2: Animals don’t appreciate being dropped from high places Dropzone style.

10. OCD tendencies can get the better of me sometimes…

They always say your mind is a powerful thing. They also say that because of that, if you put your mind to something, you will succeed. Well I succeed at some pretty useLESS things. Here are a few examples of how OCD annoys the heck out of me.

  • I fall into routine really quickly and certain things can become almost ritualistic if I don’t stop, think about what is happening and try to ignore the urge to repeat.
  • Certain places in the my house where items need to be where they always are. I will notice if they are out of place and it will drive me nuts until I put it back.  I find that this one is a common one amongst people though…right?
  • I ALWAYS have to pee, if not once, but twice, before I can eat my meal or it just sits in my mind that I didn’t pee. Weird I know.

The mind is strong they say, well maybe I should put that strength to better things sometimes. No I don’t have OCD but I will say that some of these are just annoying and, the first and last ones especially, perhaps need to be worked. I think that everyone has their own lil OCD quirks, just some are more mild than others. Okay so you double check that your alarm is set to the right time and is ON. I would say that’s normal.  Checking that things are locked? Again, normal. What’s not normal is when it starts to interfere with your functioning and that is when you need to work that mind muscle and put it in it’s place.

Okay so now that you know some of my deep dark secrets, it’s only fair that you tell me one of yours mmkay? 😉

The next post in this challenge is my Nine Loves so start thinking about some of your loves too.

Have a great rest of your Thursday!



11 thoughts on “10 Day You Challenge

  1. This was one of my favourite posts of yours. It was so light hearted, funny, sad etc.

  2. OMG you were such a funny child. You meant so well though!

  3. You are so cute!
    I laughed so hard at the first story about your pet.

    Thanks for sharing

  4. Wowza, I can relate to over half of what you say. Minus the tattoos- now I’ll never get one 😉 Thanks for that.

  5. Loving your post – thanks for sharing more of yourself with your readers! It is hard to put yourself out there at times and one I am still working on as a blogger myself. This post was a really nice touch. But to be honest I enjoy and am drawn to your posts, amongst lots of other things, for it’s very genuine, uplifting, relational and personal touch that you already weave into your posts.

  6. i loved this post… it’s like you are a younger, funnier etc version of me, as so many of your points are things i would list…. keep up the fantastic work Chelsea

  7. This was fun to read. All of the above is just why I LOVE you xx

  8. Thanks for sharing so much of yourself Chels – I love reading your posts but don’t often make any comments. You are an inspiration and I have learned so much from your blog. I think my new girl crush is you haha 🙂
    You are truly an inspiration and i wish i knew you even better.

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