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Q&A Numero Uno And My First Vlog!


Helllooo Friends 😀

As the title suggests, I have finally got around to making a post about some of my most frequent reader questions!

OMG it’s about time right?

I also decided to TRY to be more efficient and do a video instead of trying to type it all up as we all know how that would end up

So instead, prepare for me to CHATTER your ear off instead. 😉

Just kidding, I capped it at 30 minutes.



So here’s the link to my  YouTube channel so you can check out the video! I really hope you like it and I don’t look like too much of a newb as I can’t seem to keep my thoughts all together in a nice neat fashion when I’m answering questions. Be gentle pretty pleeezze.

Before you watch it, here are the questions I touched on in the vlog.

  • Lower abs
  • Tackling the “Spot Reduction” myth
  • My favourite exercises
  • Eating with family and friends
  • Eating out. Tips and tricks
  • Where my motivation comes from

Also, I would love to hear more questions to chat about in a future post so, as I mentioned in the video, if you have a burning question to ask post it in the comments and I will tackle them next time. 🙂



58 thoughts on “Q&A Numero Uno And My First Vlog!

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!!!! thank you soooo much for this!

  2. You’re so cuteeeeee (and really pretty!). But most of all you’re just so so so smart! I really liked this especially the lower ab part

  3. So glad you said you’d make another video. I really liked this, but most of all was touched that you said you actually enjoy all your ‘fans’ asking you questions. I sometimes feel bad for always commenting but I just love love love everything you talk about and your honesty.

  4. you are just so amazing — I seriously can’t deal.

  5. Awww Chelsea, you’re so beautiful inside and out. I turned to you when I first wanted to start my healthy living journey (you were so kind to respond to me & even write a post about it). It is because of you that I’m slowly and turning my life around with everything you have taught me. I can never thank you enough – you’ve given me health, confidence, knowledge & self respect- all things no one can every give me.

    • You have no idea how much joy your comment brought me! I’m so glad that I could help you in any way and I hope I can continue to help you by answering questions that you and others post. Keep going your journey and keep in touch 😊❤️

  6. this video was amazing & you’re awesome! i would love to get more snack ideas and find out how you structure your meals daily (snacking, etc.). it may already be on your blog, but a recap would be great. thanks Chelsea!

  7. PS: did you know your video cuts off (only 11 minutes)

  8. Hey there
    I am a silent fan of your blog and couldnt wait for the new posts to be back 🙂 Love the video… !!

  9. Definitely hope there will be future vlogs. Can you post the rest of the video please?!?!? I’m dying to keep watching

  10. I have been so excited waiting for this segment and I love it! Can’t wait for more video posts xo

  11. Your new video and you just looks bee-utiful!! I love reading your blog and you are always insightful and adorable – thanks for sharing yourself with us 🙂

  12. SO glad you are back posting and love the addition with the video!! The video is going to be a great addition to your blog and I am super stoked for the Q&A sections. I was literally just thinking yestrday how I wanted to read about your FAQ suggestions 🙂

    Thank you for such a heart warming first video-almost brought tears to my eyes knowing how kind and sweet you are!! I always admired you from affair in the post (since I started at Mac!!!!!!!) but was always too nervous to talk to you. Truth be told I though you were one of those super tough, “bitchy” girls. It’s just because you’re so fierce and confident.

    And can we talk about your pink top??? TO DIE! ❤


    • Omg you’re so sweet! I have gotten the “you look unapproachable” in he gym before and I wish I didn’t but I just feel large and in charge in there… Lol ironic eh? Hahaha. I appreciate your mind words and I swear I’m actually quite mellow and tame despite my bodybuilding hobby 😊 thanks for the compliment, as always, Lululemon 😉

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I can’t wait for the rest!

  14. So impressed and so inspired by your work! Can´t believe you are making all your dreams come true and still find time to think about all your blog readers.

  15. The new video re-vamp made me smile and feel really involved in your life, as a blogger! Thank you for always putting your best work into the “food” we absorb every day via your website – I never want to diet from the Lil Miss Fitness Freak lifestyle. Looking good lady!!! You and the blog 🙂

  16. Hi Chelsea!

    I’m obsessed with your blog! I love how much you’ve been updating lately. My favorite part is definitely your healthy meal modification tips/recipes…the only problem is that I’m currently studying abroad in Europe so it’s hard to find a lot of the whole foods-y things that you include. Oh how I miss WF’s. Anyhow, just wondering if you could recommend some recipes that make easy, healthy dinners that don’t require hunting down hard to find organic/health products. I’m veg by the way. Thank you!

    • Wow what an amazing opportunity! Take advantage of suprise fresh produce at their markets for sure… I would be in heaven 😊 thanks for the suggestion I will definitely touch on it soon

  17. Hi Chelsea,
    I adore your blog and its content. I would love to see a whats in my gym bag post and also some workout/gym outfits or what you wear while exercising, favorite brands ect.
    Cannot wait for next weeks post.

  18. I love your blog, it’s so positive, happy & healthy. Sometimes I have the problem of grazing and snacking all day and never feeling satisfied so it would be great to see what someone that is healthy and works out can eat every day to fuel them through the day.
    thank you xx

  19. I love your blog. I’d like to see more fitness and healthy eating tips and also some suggested foods to eat post workout of you’re a veggo and not into protein shakes. Thanks!



  21. LOVE the video! And love learning about your journey and watching you follow your dreams. It’s inspiring to someone like me, who is kind of just getting started. I kind of half assed it for awhile, and reading about your patience and perfectionism has really inspired me to really do this! Thanks!

  22. Thank you for your inspiration Chelsea! I know you do a lot of body building and stuff but I was wondering you can recommend something to tone arms. I want toned arms forever, but I am going to be in a wedding next month and want to have arms people will envy! Hahaha…. Like I want people to have arm envy! ❤

    • No problem! Glad I can inspire 🙂 as for arms…that arm envy you speak of ;-)…remember that building muscle takes time so you may not have Jennifer Aniston arms in a month BUT you can work towards some good lean muscle by that time. Some really great arm exercises can be found on with videos and how to’s and such but here are some of my favourites and some tips:

      For biceps-> not a whole lot of variety here as bicep isolation works is basically curl after curl BUT there are different heads to the bicep. Take a look at videos demoing hammer grip vs. regular curls. For the best guns you need to hit all of the muscles, not just one set. Chin ups are great for biceps as well and any back exercises will have the biceps working as a supplementary or secondary muscle group. I like spider barbell curls and recently I have been doing curls (using the cable machine and a bar) lying down as you can ensure you get the full range of motion. (**this is a big point, don’t swing will curling and make sure you pick a weight that allows for you to bring the barbell or DB all the way to the bottom before curling back up-> full ROM or range of motion!)

      For triceps-> I’m known for my dips so I would defnietely say those are on my top list for triceps. Weighted or not, I use two benches (put my heels on one and have my hands on the other and go to town. Basic tricep extensions (overhead or normal) you can check out online for videos. Pushups with your hands together or triangle pushups (do on the knees if you need to) are great. Skull crushers and close grip bench press as a lil bit more advanced but are great as well.

  23. Hey! Love your enthusiasm! I definately have to work out min 5 days a week with my super slow metabolism just to maintain…I need your advice on daily calorie intake. Due to the fact I have a sedentary job, my workouts have to be then it makes up for a.) a slow metablism, and b.) sitting at my desk all day….so when it comes to good, but kinda clueless on calories. Any advice on how calories should be my goal to lose weight (aprox 20 pounds)? Thanks!!

    • Thank you! The number of calories for the body can be tough to judge because it depends on so many factors. Basically to loose weight you need to be in a deficit of what your body needs energy wise BUT you never want to get low enough to put your body into starvation mode. Even for females you should never go under 1200 or even 1200-1500 cals in your day, especially if you’re exercising as that can cause a lot of stress and cause the body to go into “storage” mode as it thinks it wont be fed again. The best way is to loose weight slowly and to do so by maintaining a balanced diet (no carb or fat cutting!). There is also no need to track cals unless there is a medical reason for doing so as it can lead to obsessions and number issues. Instead, take a hard look at what you eat…

      Do you get enough water in your day? Do you snack a lot when you’re bored at your desk? The mid afternoon and morning slumps are fine to have a quick bit to eat to regain some energy but what about the rest of the time? Office treats sneak into your hands while at work? Also take a look at your plate. How many veggies do you have there? I always think there should be at least a few veggies (one being a green of some kind) at a meal (about 1/2 your plate), a protein source and a healthy carb (I don’t cut carbs!). The veggies will fill your up (fiber and water) while giving you tons of nutrients, the protein will keep your fuller longer and you need protein to rebuild tissues and muscle aaaannnnd the carb will leave you feeling satisfied also. Lastly, there should be fat included as well whether that be an added fat (oil to a salad or to cook with, etc) or fats from the proteins as this will also help for enjoyment and satiety of the meal.

      I hope that helps!

  24. Thank you for continually motivating us to get off our asses.

  25. What are the three healthiest foods you can buy on a budget? Also, what is your take on protein? How much is enough? With all the buzz around veganism and eating alkaline I’m so confused

  26. Do you have any lower body training tips- I know we can’t spot reduce, but I was wonder your best lower lower body training tips if you’re looking to build strength/power and lean muscle, while simultaneously burning fat.

  27. I’d love to know your thoughts on some popular diets such as the paleo diet, the alkaline diet, intermediate fasting, low carb etc THANKS

  28. My biggest challenge with staying fit is that even though I exercise 4-5 days a week and I eat healthy food, I just eat too damn much. It’s not that I don’t know when I’m “full,” it’s that I don’t care. So some willpower tips would be totally welcome. Also any hints on targeting/toning the area around my hips…until recently this was never a trouble zone for me and I don’t know if it’s age or what, but DAYM. Can you help a girl out?

    • Sometimes food is just too good for our own good hahah. Thanks for the question suggestions! One big tip would be to portion your meal on your plate (you said you know how much you eat to feel full) and don’t Go back for more.

  29. LOVE this blog Chelsea! First, because it is SUCH a great message for everybody. Secondly, because this is the way my mind works every single day. People can’t sit around and wait for stuff to happen.. They need to get out there and make it happen. Thank you for the post! It is a great reminder. Congratulations on your success, you truly deserve it.

    • thank you so much for your sweet comments! I’m so glad that I can send a positive message by just being myself and sharing ‘me’ with my lil world.

      It’s very true, if you want something, you need to go and get it. It won’t come to you magically.

  30. Just had my graduation week which in Sweden means loads if partying and celebration. Sound good right? Buuut between hangovers and parties it’s hard to get my workout in and eat healthy. I would love a “get back on track” post from you, adapted to a person who usually workout 5 times a week and eat pretty good but have slacked a bit… Have a great day!

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