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No Oats For Breakfast?!? Gasp…WIAW


Hey Friends!

Happy Happy Wednesday

Instead of ranting on about how I hate our weather right now (I mean more rain…seriously?!), I will give you 3 positive things that have happened recently or are going to happen this week.

  1. I’m currently 4 days away from a shopping trip with the parents at the Eaton Centre. Weeooo! Can’t wait until Saturday. I haven’t been shoppin in forever and I’m sure Lululemon has some nice lookin finds for me to snatch up. #WorkThatPTDiscount. 😉 I’m also looking to find another pair of vibrams as nowhere in Hamilton carries ones that fit my tiny size 5 feetsies.’m likin these ones…
  2. I taught my first WOW, or Women On Weights, class at the Pulse! This is a class at our gym (McMaster University) that is run by personal trainers and is meant to help females become more knowledgeable about resistance training, stretching and the body in general while also providing information about proper nutrition, debunking fitness and nutrition myths and prep them to be able to lift on their own confidently and safely. I’m super excited to have the opportunity to teach the class as I have been asked twice already to run it by my director but have had to decline as it didn’t fit in my work schedule. I’m so looking forward to instilling some passion into my lil group of ladies and our class is totally open for more students so don’t be shy!
  3. Going to the Eaton Centre means gettin my FAVOURITE salad creation at Fast and Fresh. Can’t wait!

So with today being Wednesday and all…

…It’s time for some #NomPorn courtesy of the weekly food blogger roundup party hosted by Jen over at Peas and Crayons.

Peas and Crayons

This week I wanted to show you a few NEW things that have appeared on my plate and one scandal worthy breakfast that lacked a certain favourite staple of mine. LE GASP!

Let’s start with said shocker yes?

20140520-205954.jpg1 egg, 3 egg white omelet stuffed with mushrooms, spinach, onions and garlic and seasoned with chili flakes and Mrs. Dash chipotle spice and topped with a lil dollop of my basil pesto. Side of [over roasted] sad looking asparagus and that stoke purple sweet tater! Tater was roasted in foil then topped with 1/2 a tbsp each of Nuts n’More chocolate and toffee peanut butters.

I give you my breakfast on our holiday Monday (Victoria Day). No oats in sight. You just fell off your chair didn’t you?

You see, I have wanted to try a more savory breakfast for a because 1. I wanted to see how I liked it and how my tummy felt after it 2. because other bloggers like Morganne over at Nut Butter Runner and Leah Peter’s make them look delicious and 3. because I really wanted to eat another ‘sweet’ sweet tater.

It’s hard for me to move away from my oats because they are not only delicious, but it’s also what I’m used to and comfortable with. This meal, despite still being healthy (I still have a tough time saying that because of the tater) was actually quite the challenge for me for a few reasons:

  1. Because of the holiday and because I had worked out for 4 days in a row (again, because of the holiday and my gym being closed on Monday), I forced myself to stay in bed until 8:30am rather than get up, eat and go back for a nap. I figured the continuous, uninterrupted sleep would be better but I learned that my anxiety about not eating until later just leaves me tossing and turning after around 7am. Naps>Sleeping In.
  2. Because of said sleep in, I had a bigger meal than normal. It sat in my tummy okay, but again, out of the norm meant a slight anxiety feeling for me.
  3. The sweet tater. Still trying to get over this one. Not only did I have the nut butter tater, but I had a sweet potato on my rest day. A big challenge for the sugar phobe over here. But I did it.

Overall, I did enjoy this meal and tried not to let guilt come over me. I felt fine afterwards and I got to enjoy this breakfast with the man, which is something we have never done because I wake up so early. Oh, and that sweet potato was bomb so there!

Continuing on with that day of wonky, off the usual clock eats, I give you my lunch..

20140520-205932.jpgLeftover baked halibut fillet with pesto and topped with avocado over a bed of sauteed swiss chard and kale (an amazing new bagged blend I scored at the grocery store!) with onions, garlic, chili and turmeric. Fresh side salad dressed with lemon juice and a lil ACV and a random chicken pesto macaroni salad I threw together.

I had no idea what I wanted for lunch but I knew that I needed some grains in me as a day of all vegetable based carbs can wreak havoc on this gut. So my red jasmine rice pasta it was. But what would I do with it?

20140520-205941.jpgThrow it in a pan with a bunch of stuff and a huge mound of pesto and you have got yourself a tasty gluten-free macaroni salad to enjoy either hot or cold!

Here’s the basic recipe for mine: I didn’t include amounts of each, just do what works for you!

In a pan, saute some onions (roughly chopped, you want them chunky) and garlic in a lil coconut oil over medium heat. Once those are cooked a bit (browned and fragrant), toss in..

  • Chopped zucchini
  • Chopped asparagus
  • Chopped sweet peppers
  • Leftover cooked chicken breast meat chunks

Saute all of that in some chili flakes and cracked black pepper for a few minutes then dump (to soften the veggies a bit) in some pesto and give that a toss. You may need a lil liquid at this point if it starts to stick to the pan. I used some apple cidar vinegar. Lastly, tossed in your SLIGHTLY UNDERDONE brown rice pasta (or normal pasta if not gluten free) and give it a quick toss. Plate’er up and top with avocado.

I had mine hot, but I wouldn’t mine trying it cold as I used to love my mom’s Italian cold bowtie pasta salad!

What other different meals did I ingest this week…?

…that sounds kinda gross but roll with it.

Tuesday night’s #BowlOfStuff after teaching my WOW class.

20140520-205921.jpgQuinoa. Kale sauteed with mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili, pepper and Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper seasoning. Some snap peas that needed using up. Baked leftover trout (both steelhead and lake varieties) with my pesto.

Fresh yellowfin tuna that I had been hoarding in my freezer since my last Whole Foods trip. Yes, I failed at making it look all pretty but that that is actually cooked through is very hard to slice nicely. I don’t do raw fish. I seared it up and baked it to cook it through than tossed it on top of my [now] usual post workout lunch pasta and veggie bowl.

20140520-210026.jpgSeared yellowfin tuna steak. Explore Asian organic red jasmine rice macaroni cooked with red peppers, asparagus, mushrooms, onion, garlic, chili, basil pesto, spinach and 1 tbsp of tomato paste with some water to make a simple sauce. Topped with nooch.

My one post workout #SaladBeast of the week. I have determined that my tummy can only handle so many of these (gas and bloat attack much!) so I stick to picking my day to battle. This week it was Saturday. I just love them so much…:-(

20140520-210013.jpgDole very veggie blend+ spinach base. Raw red pepper+Roasted mushrooms/onion/asparagus/butternut squash. Basil pesto + my normal dressing. Broccoli sprouts. Cooked shrimp in pesto.

Simple but so good. I had to work the later shift than normal at GoodnessMe! (1-cl rather than 10-4) so this was my post workout lunch to eat on cash. Despite there being nothing on that sweet tater (Japanese purple skinned variety), I actually mmmmmed and aaaahhhhed all the way through it.

20140520-210004.jpgRoasted Japanese sweet potato. Roasted vegetables (mushrooms/asparagus/zucchini and summer squash). Baked pesto chicken breast.

Finally, tonight’s dinner to be eaten at work. I’m actually super excited to eat this later! I mean come on, look at those big and beautiful green tiger shrimp! I spotted some kabobs on sale at Fortinoes this week and so I snatched up a shrimp and swordfish one to enjoy throughout the week. Despite not being able to enjoy them grilled (the best!!), this shrimp kabob will be devoured and savored tonight. Good seafood fuel for my sore leggies that I killed a mere hour ago.


Organic brown short grain rice. Shrimp kabob sauteed in a lil coconut oil, garlic, chili and loads of dried basil. The kabob came with tri-coloured sweet peppers and onion and I added mushrooms and zucchini to the mix.

Well that’s all for today’s post peeps. I gotta shower, eat my carbo-licious lunch and crawl dance my way to work.

Have a great hump day!

What’s your favourite type of seafood?

Do you like sweet potatoes with nut butter?

What’s one thing you are looking forward to this week or weekend?



38 thoughts on “No Oats For Breakfast?!? Gasp…WIAW

  1. I actually did almost fall off my chair! WELL TBH I thought I misread it & that it was your boyfriend’s breakfast. Good job!

  2. Wish I was still able to workout at the pulse when you were teaching. I’d come just for you!

  3. I literally could eat eggs everyday, sometimes I do.. So good and I never feel too full or guilty after having them

    • You should never feel guilty about whole foods! I know I sound like a hypocrite saying that as I talked about guilt in this post, but eggs are so packed with good-for your nutrients that you should feel proud about eating them!

  4. Thaaaaank you! I’m a dietitian and it breaks my heart when I hear/see people eating only whites. It’s like “hellooo you’re missing out on the tastiest/most nutritious part of the egg!”

    • OMG agreed! I’m so glad to hear that I have a dietician enjoying my posts! I’m honoured :-D. Yes, I don’t eat enough of them but I quite enjoy them when I make eggs my main protein in a dish. I just learned that I really enjoy poached eggs on top of things but, again, I dont do it enough!!

  5. I love this post, I admit I’m guilty for ordering egg white omelets sometimes but thats just because I love egg whites! But I have learned to eat the yolk after doing a little research and love eggs love sunny side up sprinkled with a little cayenne pepper! I even incorporate it in with my dinner by adding it on top of a sweet potato with some veggies, it’s DELICIOUS, I recommend everyone giving it a try!! PS: Remember that one of the best ways that you can nourish yourself is to honor your body.Unfortunately, in our society, the idea that you can enjoy eating and have inner peace about it is revolutionary.

    • So true! I always try to get past some thoughts of guilt, especially when they are about eating something as natural as a sweet tater, by knowing that I’m fueling my body. If it comes from the nature I should never have a second thought about it and that is something I’m working towards. I love the idea of runny yolks and dont do them enough! I have been wanting to try one on a burger for a while now 😉 Yum.

  6. Yaay!

    Im all for egg yolks and was gobsmacked to say the least of them being shunned, especially in the eat clean world where good fats are advocated.

    I used to eliminate yolks cos someone told me they were fattening. Then I stopped and ate whole eggs. No difference at all. I’m not any fatter!

    My favourite way of consumption is 2 eggs beaten with some water and sieved to remove any bubbles. Add some onions, salt and pepper and steam in a small bowl for 10 minutes in a double boiler. Tastes like a savoury custard.

    P.S I think ketchup would still be awesome on avocado and eggs, provided its made from scratch :D. Or why not use salsa as an alternative? 😀

    • Go team yolk that’s for sure! The yolk is not only yummy but contains good cholesterol which most people who are traditional thinkers don’t get. All cholesterol is bad in their minds. Maybe one day it will sink in. The yolk also helps the body to take in the nutrients from the whole egg better! . You custard idea is interesting to me, I never would have thought to steam it. Ketchup isn’t really my thing (too sweet and always filled with sugar) but salsa with avo and eggs sounds awesome. Mexicano flavours!

  7. I stumbled across your blog site a couple months ago and religiously check in now weekly.

    I LOVE, LOVE, SUPER LOVE your posts. You turned me on to so many awesome things: (Oatmeal for one, ok…so addicted now) and in my daily quest to be more and more healthy I love reading your blogs on food and exercise!

    And eggs, umm, love them!! And I have never really been into the “only egg white please” craze. For me, it really wasn’t about thinking they were bad for me, it was more that I hated wasting such a large portion of a whole food! 🙂

    I love mine so many ways, but hard boiled is the fastest and such a great way to get a great breakfast. I hard boil a week’s worth, pop one in my lunch cooler along with my green smoothie and I’m set for the day!

    Love your posts girl!


    • Aww thanks! I’m also glad to see you have jumped on the oatmeal boat. Its sad that people would miss out on such a delicious thing! Great work with the hard boiled egg for a snack! Protein and fats in one go is perfection 🙂 Plus you even got your greens. I’m so proud!

  8. I eat healthy, lots of veggies, and fruits. My average diet is suposed to be perfect, yet I’ve been eating correctly for so long and it doesn’t work anymore. I’m quite frustrated but I’m determined to improve my diet. I’m on a water challenge and I will focus on protein, hoping to boost my metabolism!

    • Be very cautious! Your body is very smart and if you lower your calories too much (water challenge?) it will resist and hold onto everything you take in and could even have your put on weight because the body is stressed and releasing cortisol. You metabolism will hum away the most efficiently if you nourish it with good protein, fats AND carbs. Cutting away food groups doesn’t help in the long run. If you feel that you have hit a plateau in you goals think about making some new challenges with fitness or looking more closely at your diet to see if maybe there are changes that you could make that wouldn’t bring your calories down necessarily but just clean things up a wee bit. For example, you say you like to eat fruit (which is totally healthy!) but perhaps ensure that you are eating that fruit with a source of fat, fiber and or protein as fruit alone can cause major blood sugar spikes and that has been shown to lead to the storage of fat in the body. Little things can make big differences 🙂 Also, making sure that your veggie consumption is more than your fruits and that you are getting enough water in your day to help flush out toxin and other nasties that we all take in every day.

  9. When it comes right down to it, guilt is based on our perceptions. It really is all in your head as no one is walking past you projecting guilt upon you for overeating. The truth is that you are projecting the guilt upon yourself, and you can stop. Guilt is an emotion that I just can’t let myself associate with food. If I approach eating and calories intellectually, it actually helps. One pound equals 3500 calories. Even on a terrible day, it’s hard to overeat by more than 3500 calories. Even if I have, what’s a pound anyway? I take a step back, look at myself through the lens of logic, and make plans to treat my body better the next day. So many of us, especially women, struggle with guilt when we have a day where we don’t eat ideal. Over time I’ve realized that, for me, the feeling of guilt is like double cursing the situation because the guilt is an emotional response that causes stress in the body, which leads to stuff like poor digestion or indigestion. To stop guilt in it’s tracks I’ll zero in on all the “OMG I can’t believe I just ate that”, “geez you have no self-control” and “ugh you are such a pig” thoughts and focus on transforming that pattern by acknowledging what there is to be grateful for

    You can do this!

  10. I just found this article… made md feel better about the fact thag I just had one too many chocolate chip cookies. I ran a few sprints and jogged as well today. I workout every day; at least I try. I eat healthy practically every meal.but I’m still doing something wrong… I hate my muffin top and it’s all I think about when I eat something I should not have. I feel guilty and as if I need to go run 5 miles to burn it off. I need to learn seld control and learn to indulge when I deserve it. Right now, I do not deserve any of it, at all.
    Anyway, thank you for this article. I’ll be sleeping better tonight.

    • Oh no please don’t think that way!! You may have areas of your body that you would like to work on but you should never think about them when eating or socializing! Its a bad pattern to start to think about burning something off as you are eating it. Changes to the body take time and patience. If you are eating well (lots of water, veggies and proteins in your diet with some good sources of carbs) then you just have to let your body do the work and adjust over time. Don’t feel the need to burn off or fight food. You body and your mind will not help you out in the long run. XO

  11. I am way too obsessed with this blog.. I check many times a day for new updates!!!

  12. Canadian weather, eh 😉

  13. I’m so into salads at the moment! My favourite is mixed lettuce with sundried tomatoes, half an avocado, almonds, raisins and caprino with a drizzle of basil mayonnaise. Love the sound of BBQ veggies!! xxx

  14. Summer or Winter, doesn’t matter to me, pasta is always welcomed! I love adding spinach & veggies to mine, and LOVE grilled eggplant. Yum!

  15. Looks delish! I love a good pasta salad. This looks so yummy! I may whip some pasta salad up for lunch at work tomorrow

  16. All of this food looks so delicious, im definitely going to take inspiration from here.

  17. Ooh how tasty does this sound?! Love love a good pasta salad, can’t wait to give this a try! XO, D

  18. What do you use Vibrams for? Just curious since I would worry your toes would get hurt if weights fell on them and I know you aren’t a cardio queen or anything! 🙂 Em has mixed feelings about those (as a Physiotherapist’s sister you hear lots of horror stories) but I know some people who find they’ve changed their running world. I’ve seen them at Sporting Life as an FYI!

    Have fun on your Shopping trip 🙂 Gotta spend that hard earned money!

    • I stand by my vibrams completely! I love them and mostly wear them in the gym but I also love just wearing them in general which is why I’m picking up another pair. Support in shoes has ruined this generations (and the past ones) feet by not making our feet work like they are supposed to. Arches need to be used in order to stay put. If you have a whole bunch of support and leverage in your shoes it’s no wonder so many people have lost their arches. They are great for general use, running (slightly different tread pattern I believe) and weight lifting (especially on leg day as they allow for you to feel the ground more which is key for squats and lunges)

      I had lots of fun shopping in that brief lil trip. I managed to snag some pretty summery stuff that I can’t wait to wear!

  19. Oh also, you should try Freshii (you get unlimited toppings for free!!!) that is on the lower level (above the food court) by Freshly Squeezed or try Urban Herbivore 🙂 🙂 Both have great soup, salad, or rice bowl creations!!

    • I always take a peak at Freshii as I go on past and maybe one day I will eat there again they just don’t have some of the toppings I crave when I want my big Eaton Centre salad. I love that they have collard wraps though now!

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