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Spill It Sunday’s Trois


What’s up on your fine Sunday Friends?

This lil one had to work this afternoon so I got in a good sweat session this morning with some shoulders, delts and a touch of leggies and booty work. Today is typically my rest day BUT with tomorrow being a stat holiday (holler to Queen Victoria for that one) and all, my gym is closed (sadface) so I worked it in for today before work and plan on taking it easy (ie. sleepin!) tomorrow with everything being closed.

Any plans for your holiday Monday my fellow Canadian readers?

What else happens to fall on Sundays? Well it’s Spill It, Sundays with Arman over at The Big Mans World!

The big man's world

This week the blogger questions came from the lovely Sarah over at Slices of Sarah Pie. Thanks for the contribution Sarah! Puttin my memory muscle to work this week! 😀

1. What is your middle name? If you don’t have one do you wish you did? What would it be? 

Grace and Iona. Yup I have not one, but two middle names. One from each side of the fam-jam. Grace is my Nana’s (Dad’s mom) name and Iona is my Great Grandmother’s name (Mom’s Grandma), whom I never met unfortunately. My Mom always says she would have been thrilled with me 😀

2. When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up? 

I was never the kind to switch my career aspirations constantly…until I got to University. 😛 Up until having to do those volunteer hours in grade 9, I always wanted to be a Veterinarian.

I loved, and still love, all things fuzzy and I thought that a Vet would be the perfect career for me…

I was wrong.

It’s one thing to love animals. It’s a whole other ball park to treat them.

You see, I did my 40 hours of community service at my local Vet Hospital (Big thanks to Dr. Stephanie Ewing for the opportunity and reality check!) and pretty much almost broke down on the first day not once…oh no, but three times!

Unfortunate Event 1: Dog comes in for a simple spay. Dr. Ewing asks me if I would like to come in and watch a surgery. Amazing opportunity right?….Yeah I had to leave because I was about to pass out the second she started pullin stuff out. Why is the room getting black an spotty. Why is my tummy doing pancake flips…uh oh…

Unfortunate Event 2: Cute and very frail looking fur baby (probably about 5lbs of fur baby) comes in and is getting prepped to be put to sleep. Seriously!?!? On my first day! I had to turn around and try to think about rainbows and all things nice so I didn’t embarrass myself by ballin my eyes out. Empathy is a bad thing sometimes peeps. Stop thinkin about what the dog is thinkin! :’-(

Unfortunate Event 3. Having to come in a see this poor lil kitten (no more than a few months old) suffer and eventually pass away from tetanis. That’s a horrible, horrible condition to watch. I tried to remind myself that although the kitten was so young, it was now free of it’s pain

So yes, I love animals but NO I can not be an animal doc. I’m not strong enough for that.

3.  What do you keep in the glove box of your car? 

Oh that bicycle looking car I have right? Well, it kinda lacks a glove box but it does sport a pretty awesome turtle bell on it’s pretty young handle bars. That counts right?

20140518-081223.jpgOh hey Franklin. Franklin may look sad in this picture but I assure you, he’s a happy go lucky speed demon if I ever saw one! 😉

4. Name one food that always seems to go bad before you eat it?

Bags of salad.

I wish…

It makes me really sad because there is one type that I really love (Dole’s Very Veggie blend with the snap peas and radishes) and I would totally use it all up if my stomach allowed for me to have more than 1 or 2 #saladbeasts a week. I LOVE salads. My IBS tummy on the other hand…not so much.

5. What was the last workout you did?

Shoulders/delts and some leg work (+core work of course) this morning before jumpin on off to work. Like I mentioned, I hopped into the gym on my typical rest day today because it’s closed tomorrow. I was a lil worried last night that I would be feelin a lil run down for my workout this morning, as it would be my fourth day on, but I felt good after hittin the hay a whole 30 minutes earlier. Tomorrows rest day will be much appreciated by my body I’m sure.

6. When was the last time you got the giggles in an inappropriate moment? What did you do?

I don’t know what it is about someone sneezing continuously but it makes me giggle so hard every time. I know it’s mean to laugh at someone else’s unfortunate and persistant nasal clearing, as really, they can’t control the fact that there’s some dust lingerin up there, but I’m sorry, I can’t help myself when they have sneezed a good 8 times in a row and continue to sneeze on. Anyone else?

This video of the kitten below is super cute and almost doesn’t seem real. Sneeze trooper!

7. If you had to pick one song to play continuously in the background of your everyday life what would you pick? 

Screen shot 2014-05-18 at 11.36.53 AMCan’t Hold Us (Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, feat. Ray Dalton). I love this song! I feel like it’s very empowering.

Can we go back, this is the moment
Tonight is the night, we’ll fight ’til it’s over
So we put our hands up like the ceiling can’t hold us
Like the ceiling can’t hold us

Raise those hands, this is our party
We came here to live life like nobody was watching
I got my city right behind me
If I fall, they got me. Learn from that failure gain humility and then we keep marching ourselves

8. What would you do if you got 25 hours in a day while everyone else was still stuck with 24?

Hmmmm…I would ensure that I always did something for myself EVERY DAY! When we get busy we tend to forget that sometimes we just need some  down time to ourselves. We need to slow down and give at least an hour to chill out! Whether that be getting that extra hour of sleep. Perhaps that hour could be spent reading something new. Baking. More blogging! Oh the possibilities that an extra hour in every day could bring.

9. Pick a great picture of you/your family/your friends, tell us the background story of what’s happening in it.

I have mentioned before that I’m not really one to jump in front of a camera so my stash of pictures is, well, limited. Going back through more recent-ish photos, this one definitely stuck out for me and made me smile.

IMG_2274Meeting Maggie for the first time. That day I remember feeling like the biggest lil kid as I was so unbelievably excited to meet her that I couldn’t leave work fast enough. I gabbed on and on to all my co-workers that she was coming and the moment I saw her I literally snatched her out of my Mom’s sling (they used to put her in the sling you see in the picture to keep her tiny 2lb fluffy self warm) and melted into a pile of mush. Permanent smile on my face throughout that entire dinner (in addition to everyone eating around us). I always miss her while I’m here.

10. Whats your favorite quote/song/image when you need a little inspiration?

My favourite quotation is the one in my blog header

From Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream, this quotation has always resonated with me. Ever since I stepped into the gym I have felt confidence and strength like I have never felt before. These qualities are not just left in the gym either, but have permeated into the other aspects of my life as well. No one will ever call me weak. Not ever.

Thanks again to Sarah for this weeks questionnaire post. Maybe I can dazzle Mr. Arman enough that I may be asked to come of with les questions one week. Hint hint, nudge nudge. 😉

Enjoy your Victoria Day my Canadian friends and for all those not celebrating in their PJ’s tomorrow with a stat holiday, sorry for your luck start your week off with a bang!

What did you want to be when you were younger?

Worst, most inappropriate thing you ever laughed at?

Whatcha doing tomorrow with everything closed up for the holiday?



29 thoughts on “Spill It Sunday’s Trois

  1. I don’t know where to comment first. I loved all your answers- minus those sad animal moments. However, the picture with you & Maggie is just so gorgeous.

  2. I couldn’t agree with adding in ‘me time’ more! That was a lesson that took me a long time to learn, and it’s harder to walk the walk than talk the talk but life is a balancing act and we all need time for ourselves

  3. Love it! Your comment about Franklin made me laugh out of loud. Also your comment about personal time was great. It’s so true though…you hear it all the time but only a small % of people actually take time for themselves!!

    • So true yet so sad. We all need downtime to OURSELVES sometimes. I always believe that if you cannot be happy on your own doing your own thing, you cannot possibly be happy with another person PLUS our lives are crazy these days and to be shut out of the craziness is beneficial for our sanity. Frankliln appreciates the love 😉

  4. I love your attitude on those subjects/questions. It’s refreshing! Especially about being lil’ yet strong:) I wish I had a laughing Emoji for the Franklin comment though. HAHAHA!

    • hahah I’m glad you appreciated Franklin 😉 and thanks for the love. I truly love that quotation and I’m currently debating another tattoo addition because it’s just resonates with me so much!

  5. Hello! I was just thinking after reading your post about needing ‘me’ time that you probably get 60000 emails, it would be nice to see what others are asking you and your answers. I’d probably bug you everyday if I could with questions, but don’t want to do that to you LOL. Love your blog!

    • hahaha more and more with the more posts I do but I’m really loving that more people are wanting to chat with me and are getting something from my posts! It makes me feel that these posts are benefiting others. Happy me! I do want to do a Q&A post or videolog (this would be the better option if I could figure out how to simply do it lol) so hopefully I can get to that soon. Thanks for the blog love 🙂

  6. The little things in life definitely make me the happiest!

  7. “Your not hungry, you’re bored – learn the difference” I Love that quote….I use it frequently with my friends 😉 when you’re bored – its time to hit the gym 🙂

  8. Do you ever workout at home? If so, what do you do! ps: Towards the end of one of my workout classes last week, this woman brought out a cake and asked me if I would stay to eat cake after the class ended. I was like “what the F?” She was pretty serious. Um, no thanks… got me thinking, of how many people can’t separate food & working out- maybe do a post!

    • hahahaha thats interesting->Bringing cake to nom away on after a workout class I mean. You would think they might bring in something healthy to eat after a workout to use as….fuel? I don’t tend to workout at home as I like to keep my workout and home environment separate (I can become a wee bit obsessive if I start that so I keep them apart). BUT if you are only able to workout at home there are some great youtube videos and blogs that share at home, body weight exercises that you can do! Blogilates is a great blog for at home videos. Body rock TV has pretty decent and quick burners (though I dont tend to like the messages they send to their readers). The Lean Green Bean also a roundup every so often on Friday’s for Fitness fridays which showcases various blogger’s and their workouts.

  9. Ugh, you just reminded me how desperately I need to mix up my workout routine. I haven’t been sore in a long time. I spin constantly because I love the spin classes at the fitness studio I work at, but I haven’t strength trained in forever! I miss feeling sore! I just get so addicted to the sweaty, heart-pounding, super hot feeling of a spin class.

    • Remember to always do what you love. If you love to spin, keep spinnin! But if you do love weight training I hope I have given some interesting things for you to incorporate as it’s really good not only for your body, but for your mental stimulation as well to switch things up. I love that sore feeling too I have to say 😉

  10. Posts like this remind me why I adore your blog (and that is high praise coming from a dietitian because most nutrition blogs don’t cut it for me…). You are hilarious and are EXACTLY the kind of girl I’d be friends with in real life. Don’t ever change your voice – just wanted to share the love from a long time reader who has remained silent and just creeped around until now 🙂

    • Aww thanks! So honored that this is coming from a dietician, which is what I strive to be in the future! So thank you thank you. Also, thanks for finally speaking out! I love to hear from all my readers and want this to be a space where everyone feels welcome to say what’s on their mind. Speak away always 😀 Glad you are enjoying my posts.

  11. Your vet answer-Couldn’t have said it better myself! Love it!

  12. I was thinking about emailing you earlier on this topic and now i feel like its the perfect question after this post given your strength quote. I just received the news that I have two herniated disks in my lower back and have to “take it easy” in terms of working out. Like really what does “take it easy mean” lol. Anyways I am wondering now if I should tweak the ole eating habits to go along with a less strenuous workout regime. Do you have any thoughts or insight on this situation? How does one match their diet to their level of activity? Especially if you are recommended little to no activity for at least a limited period of time.

    Thanks for awesome posts all the time! You rock

    • oooooohh I’m so sorry to hear about your back, that’s a toughie! Basically you need to do what your physiotherapist dictates pretty much and avoid anything that, when tried, causes discomfort in that area as it won’t necessarily be at that moment that you feel the impact, but the day later. They do need to be a lil bit more specific though. As someone who doesn’t understand the meaning of taking it easy, I can totally understand that HA! As far as the food goes, I always go back to saying go with what you body tells you. Don’t ignore it if it’s saying it’s hungry it may be looking for fuel to heal the injury which may make you hungrier despite doing less activity. Conversely you may have some days where you feel less hungry. Go with your body. It’s smarter than you think. The gauge essentially would be your energy levels and body’s appearance. If you feel you are gaining weight than perhaps take a look at your eating habits. Are you drinking enough water? Are you snacking when you aren’t hungry? Eating enough vegetables? Protein? Again though, your body will tell you whether you are giving it what it wants.

  13. Great posts! I love the sense of humor you guys bring to this blog!

  14. Hi Chelsea, this question is totally unrelated to this post but I wanted to ask. I want to get into adding more HITT cardio in (normally all I do is walk) but the only time I can do it is after dinner (usually ending at 7pm). I go to bed around 10:30-11pm. When is a good time to workout? How many hours after dinner?

  15. The two middle names thing is awesome! you sound so much cooler than the rest of us 🙂 haha. AND THAT PUPPY good lord I just wanna snuggle up for hours. So cute!

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