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Shroom Powder and Stash…Friday Finds


Hey Friends!

Happy Friday!

Any plans for your evening tonight?

141548It’s been a lil bit since I showed you some of my finds and favourites on a good ol’ Friday and since I have a few this week to share I thought I would quickly show them some love.

Cool Pinnin’

So pretty!! I love the print and that they did it in pink and silver. Plus, you can never go wrong with sparkles in my eyes. #SparkleQueen #NeverEnoughSparkles

No explanation required. It’s cookie dough people! And it’s a nut butter. I die. I just need my blender to be able to crush up those almonds…. Thanks Sarah!

Baked Potato or, better yet, sweet potato anyone? This pin is more for inspiration as I do like stuffin things like squash and the man also loves a good stuffed tater. I’m thinking he would drool over that baked sweet tater stuffed with feta, olives, and sundried tomatoes.

Link Love

This may seem random, but I found a super informative guide to all there is sweet tater! Check out this wonderful write up from Bob over at Cannundrums.

Screen shot 2014-05-16 at 9.13.24 PMDo you know how many varieties of sweet potatoes (or yams as we North American’s falsely call them) there are? Purple ones, white ones, purple-skin, white fleshed ones. You see, there are more than just your old fashioned sweet and very orange looking sweet potato. There are even ones that change colour as they bake!

20140516-211822.jpg Would you believe that this sweet tater was white before I roasted it up? This lovely transforming gem was found at the new Asian market in Jackson Square (they also carry my beloved purple sweet taters too) and I quickly put it to use after grueling leg workout. The inside was faintly purple when I cut into it and once it was done roasting it took on that lovely intense purple hue you see in the picture. Oh, and yes that is nut butter you see slathered on there. Toffee flavoured Nuts n’More peanut butter to be exact.

Thursday Conquering: I had wanted to try nut butter on a sweet potato for a really long time but didn’t actually let myself because, in my mind, that was too indulgent and would go over my peanut butter “limit” for the day. Well, when I found these beautiful sweet potatoes I knew that I had to kill off that irrational fear and so, after my killer leg workout I dove right in and wow was it good. Wish I could have put more pb on that tater for more coverage, but that’s besides the point. I’m proud that I did it and it was a tasty success to repeat in the near future.

Conclusion. If you have never tried nut butter on a sweet potato (of any colour)…do it! Also, if you have not dipped those toes in the sea of non-orange sweet taters….Dive in peeps! The purple ones are amazing and very pretty to boot. 😀 I digress…

Favourite Finds

As If I don’t eat enough shrooms

portobello-dPranin Purefood Portabello D. I mentioned Pranin in my last post, but this is a new one I picked up after chattering with Sam and Shelly about the importance of vitamin D. Hey, it was on sale anyways and I got my store discount 😉

Anyways, it’s a whole food supplement (the most accessible form) of Vitamin D coming entirely from organically harvest portabello mushrooms. As a vitamin we sun deprived Canadian’s don’t often get enough of, especially after this winter, it is quite an important one to consider. Important for bone/teeth health as well as helping with the absorption of phosphorus and calcium, Vitamin D has been surfacing more and more into the literature for autoimmune disorders, MS, intestinal cancers, type 1 diabetes and many others. [source]. So, eat yo shrooms!

What I’m doing with it….Putting it in my morning proats. The fats should help with it’s absorption as it is a fat soluble vitamin, meaning it gets stored in your body’s fatty tissues. This step here (having it with fat) may not be necessary as I did see in a few sites that you don’t have to worry about interactions with vitamin D, but it doesn’t hurt in my mind to do it this way. It also means I don’t have to put it in my water…Mmmm mushroom flavoured water..

aaannnd for my nightly tea drinking

Stash Chocolate Orange Herbal Tea. I snatched this new flavour up this week and I have been enjoying it quite a bit for the past few nights. The aroma of the orange is quite strong for a tea (in a good way as I like the smell of oranges) and the flavour is strong enough that you get the bright citrus notes against the deeper cacao flavour. Good find!

These candles that I found at Carlton Cards

20140516-220208.jpgLangley Home Candles. These two scents (Vanilla Cinnamon Brulee and Birthday Cake) smell amazing. So good that I went back and bought another of the cinnamon ones for my Mom for Mother’s day! I hope she is enjoying burnin hers as much as I am mine. Kinda sad though as it’s only got a 1/3 left and it’s been about 2 weeks…Apparently I’m diggin my candles lately….as you see one of them is lit in the picture (burin as I write this post). A writer needs her ambiance amirite?


12 thoughts on “Shroom Powder and Stash…Friday Finds

  1. All those finds look so good- never even herd of mushroom powder- although I take a vitamin D supplement from GNC in the winter.

    • Yeah Pranin is a new whole food supplement on the market and their products are amazing! Whole foods are the easiest for our body to absorb, so you will be getting the most of the supplement. If their is a liquid or powder form always go for that over a capsule. You loose more of the supplement in capsule form as it’s something some what foreign to the body that is then has to break down. Powder and liquids go right into the blood stream.

  2. Ohhh wow! Your friday night blogging compliments my Sunday night of reading your blog perfectly! 🙂 hope you had a great weekend

  3. LOVE this post. I have been discovering how important clean eating is. My energy and skin have improved so much! I am even trying to kick coffee and alcohol, wish me luck ;). This is why so many people are sick and/or overweight. Companies package things that are “healthy” but are really packed with crap that make you feel like crap. Pay a little more now for the good stuff, and you won’t be knee deep in medical bills later. Thank you Chelsea for educating people, I am so thankful for the day I found your blog.



    • I’m soo happy to hear you are reaped the benefits of changing your diet. It makes a huge difference eh? Good luck on the coffee and alcohol. Remember that you are human and don’t have to give it up 100% for the rest of your life but you will notice a difference with a reduction for sure! 🙂 So true about packaged stuff. If their food was so healthy it wouldn’t be in a package and it wouldn’t be able to be left on a shelf. Just sayin ha! I’m so glad you like my blog and hopefully I can continue to sen out posts you enjoy 🙂

  4. So first things first, that recipe for the potato is amazing! I’m getting pretty obsessed with knowing what I’m putting into my body so this is really great.

  5. Chelsea, I appreciate you sharing your meal ideas! It is so inspiring to see what fit, thin and energized people eat. My boyfriend and I both love learning about health supplements! Eating for energy….and health…I love it!!!! Share more if you get the chance.

    • Thanks so much for your support and thoughts! It’s nice to know when readers like a certain thing that I post! I don’t like to go overboard on the supplements as some people than start to go a lil crazy with wanting to buy everything hahah. I don’t want to show that supplements are required for a healthy lifestyle but there are a few that can be beneficial if you have the ability to buy them. I will definitely continue to chat about supplements and what ones I think work and ones that I think you DONT NEED and are a waste of your precious dollaaas. 🙂

  6. Oh no; I hope you didn’t feel guilty eating that beautiful sweet potato+ nut butter. The combo is too good to ruin it with guilt 🙂 VERY proud of you for stepping out of your comfort zone- many may look past it, but as someone who used to suffer with extreme food guilt, I understand x 218281812912

    • Thanks for your support! It really is super tasty but I still have issues with it feeling too indulgent for me (as it’s more pb I suppose than I’m used to) but I’m trying to challenge that more often and hopefully the guilt goes along with that ❤

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