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Blood, Sweat, And…Tears? Almost. Legs May 8/14


Hey Friends!

Just poppin in with a workout routine for ya! Let me tell you, I felt like I was going to die during this workout no joke. You have heard it before, but I like to murder my legs during my Thursday stem day and well today was no exception. I literally collapsed during wall sits today when Vince (one of my ‘professional’ spotters) told me to do a drop set for my last one. Legs D.E.A.D.

Oh and the tears part of this post’s title? Do you ever feel as if you loose control of your face muscles when you are straining super hard? I call it my ‘squeamish face’ (yes it happens often enough I have a name for it). That face you don’t want to see. That face that is just spasming all over the place (great image eh?). On top of that, today uncontrollable tear duct filling occurred after the completion of those wall sits as I sat on the ground. Good thing was the fact that the fluids stayed put in those ducts rather than trickling down my face. I really wasn’t crying I swear! There ain’t no crying in the gym! Even if tears had occurred, it would have been completely out of my control. Weird.

….and that’s why you don’t wear fancy-shmancy make-up to the gym folks!

Train insane?

Anywho, here she is:

squat backgroundA Few Notes.

  • Warmed up dat core (as usual, it was upper/lower core day) with some weighted knee ups (+drop set for each one) super set with weighted decline sit-ups (+final drop set). Three total rounds
  • Still workin with the 60 and 65lb DB (alternating sides) for walking lunges. I warm up with no weight, then 30lbs and then complete 5 sets with the 125lbs theeeennn finally finish my last set off with a drop set using 40lb DBs
  • For my wall sits, I’m workin with 5 45lb plates on my lap for about 1-1:15 minutes for 4 sets. Today, I decided to be crazy and super set those in with regular barbell squats (still heavy-140lbs). Mistake? We shall see tomorrow…
    • Oh and that dropset of death...So I have 5 plates on me. Vince took one off after 30seconds, then another after 20 more seconds, same with the next one and I was trying to make it to 2 minutes total (I would have had one plate left by that point) but I failed. Basically this is what happened: 2nd last plate came off. I’m starting to cave. “Vince GET THIS PLATE OFF ME!” Leg’s gave out and I proceeded to slide down the wall onto my butt. Leg fail. Literally.
  • My final burn-out of quad extensions and cable kickbacks (one leg at a time) were completed in about 8 minutes tops.
  • Foam rolling and stretching followed after I crawled my way to the change room to eat my post-workout protein muffin.


I’m going to be sorry tomorrow me thinks.

But, before I leave you. I will show you some fuel. Normally I show you what I ate before (ie. my beautiful proats) BUT today I will show you my lunch that I used to fuel up afterwards.

NOTE: This is my second meal following my workout. Immediately following training I have my protein muffin. Carbs and protein in that one, lil to no fat to slow down the absorption of those first two macros as they need to get into your muscles FAST! Post-post workout, or lunch in my case, is still high on carbs, good amount of protein and lower fats.

20140508-205618.jpgBig ol’ bowl of gluten-free red jasmine rice pasta (Explore Asian brand that I mentioned in this post) with tons of veggies, roasted turkey/chicken breast meat, a uber simple spicy tomato sauce and my homemade basil pesto. Sprinkled with a bit of nooch.

Cuz Carbz were required.

Oh and on a side note. It took me a bit of time to try out this pasta as I was scared how my tummy would react to it. So far it has been fab! I have been eating it quite a bit because it seems to sit nicer than anything else right now (no gas/bloat/etc…TMI sorry). Maybe this is because it’s more processed? I’m still eating only brown jasmine rice (like I always have) and water, as those are the only two ingredients, but my tummy seems to accept it more than even just the rice. Perhaps the process of making it into pasta makes it easier for my to digest…? I Dunno. Don’t care. It’s good. πŸ™‚

Have a terrific Thursday night friends!

What’s your favourite leg exercise?

Are you a pasta fan?



37 thoughts on “Blood, Sweat, And…Tears? Almost. Legs May 8/14

  1. ” There ain’t no crying in the gym! ” LOL, although I don’t workout often I literally would cry doing your workout!

  2. I love your comment about the makeup- although sometimes if I come from class, I do have my makeup still on, I always wonder about the girls putting on makeup before their workout…..also you lunge 125lbs ….OUCH!

    • Yeah I never understood coming with a full face of make-up. I can understand if you are coming later in the day and just happen to still have your ‘face on’ but first thing in the morning?? It’s just going to get ruined anyways…

  3. I love your blog, its so inspiring, I’m on a wanna-crush-those-legs buzz now; my only concern is that I’ll be too sore tomorrow to do ANYTHING. love your work

    • hahah I was very sore today. My body was just tired, so much so that my workout today suffered a wee bit strength wise. Ooops. Of course, lack of sleep didn’t help either HA! Thanks for the blog love πŸ™‚

  4. WOW GIRL YOUR SO INSANE. I wish I could be as disciplined as to push my body in that way

  5. Hi Chelsea, Love all the workout tips and following your blog/progress. I was wondering if you have any advice for exercises that I can do that would replace squats and lunges? I have a bad knee and the rubbing of bone-on-bone when I squat or lunge is not worth it. My knee swells and is full of pain for days! I’m usually pretty good at improvising, but could use some fresh ideas for substitutions. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much! Hmmm that’s a toughie because knees can be difficult to work around when trying to do compound exercises like squats and lunges. There really isn’t a way to fully replace them but you can do some accessory type exercises to hit some of the areas that are targeted with those two. So as a hamstring dominant set of exercises (like lunges would be- hitting the back of the legs and the glutes) you can try Glute-Ham raises, leg curls (machine or using an exercise ball or sliders), glute kickbacks (using the cable machine and an ankle strap), butt blaster machine, weighted wall sits, and possibly step ups (try these out to see if they hurt OR ask your dr.). For quads, try leg extensions. Quads are trickier I think because a lot of the exercises I would suggest can possibly hurt the knees.

      Cardio equipment like elliptical, bikes, etc are very good for quads and the stair master is a booty workout. I hope that helps!

  6. You’ve mentioned that you wake up at 6am….do you ever choose sleep over exercise! I’ve been doing that but I’ve learned if I don’t workout by 10am, it won’t get done. How do you do it! was it always this way. Awesome workout btw!

    • My body is almost programmed at this point so I actually never sleep in. I do, however, take naps because often by my restdays, I’m exhausted as sleep is not something I get enough of. My workouts will always come first…which some may see as a bad thing, but it’s just how I work.

  7. That workout looks awesome, I’m definitely going to try it tomorrow morning!!

  8. I always avoided training my legs because I was afraid that they would become bigger (I gain all my weight there). However, knowing my legs are also probably my strongest body part, makes me want to try this workout!

    • All bodies are different. I take pride in the fact that my legs are strong. Lifting heavy always makes me feel empowered so definitely use those stems if you gott’em! πŸ˜€ Never fall for the old myth that you will get huge if you lift heavy weights. It’s WAAAAAYYYY to hard for a women to turn into a “manly looking girl” trust me.

  9. What is your favorite exercise?

    • hmmmm toughie. I really like pullups because I have come so far with them. From not being able to do one on my own last summer to now being able to do 12ish unassisted and some weighted pull-ups, they have quickly become something I’m proud of.

  10. Thank you for showing that it’s okay to fall (literally) Your authenticity and honesty always shines through. Keep just being you and shining your light. Love xxx

  11. Just the title of this post made me smile πŸ™‚ However, as I continued reading I felt my own legs tingle with pain πŸ˜‰

  12. I NEVER EVER EVER workout my legs like this because I tell myself that I’d be too sore to workout the next day. I’m now feeling silly.

    • Don’t feel silly that is a legit concern. I know that I will be sore the next few days after my workouts so you just make sure you are not training the same muscle group and push through it. πŸ™‚

  13. Holy Moly- those wall sits! I can’t even go that long WITHOUT weights! And I’m pretty sure I weigh at least 60 lbs more than you !!! You are such an inspiration!!!! Just a small question- I’m not sure if I asked this before & google is no help-Should I Do Cardio First or Weight Training First?

    • Hahah thanks 😊 as for your question it generally depends on your goal. If you want to build muscle then leave cardio to last as you want the majority of your energy for your weight training. If you’re not looking to build that much and do easy weights then it doesn’t really matter.

  14. I LOVE THIS! I wish I could push myself that hard; but this is proof that the saying that fitness is all in your mind is true. My goal for the summer it to get into running. I can’t even jog 3 minutes anymore. I always stop early saying “you did 3 walk/run sets, thats good” or “you’re busy, end now”. I need to remind myself of how hard you work πŸ˜‰ What’s your #1 reason you’ll skip your workout? How do you motivate yourself on the tougher days? How Often Should I Work Out/Lift Weights?

    • Hahaha push yourself for you! Ignore that voice telling you to cut it short as you will be much happier if you do it all 😊 the only reason I skip (can’t remember the last time I did that) was if I literally cannot find a gym and all my normal ones and back ups are closed. Even still, I will make it up later in the week. I just don’t skip ever really. On my tougher days, where I’m uber tired for example, I just push myself to get started as once that adrenaline starts, you are good as gold. Number of sessions a week is up to your goals. I always say if you want to see any changes you need at least 3-4 sessions per week.

  15. This is post is SO well articulated Chelsea.
    As an aside to the main messages in the post (which I think is just to show your workout as a example), I think this is such a fabulous example of how we should push ourselves for more than an aesthetic. I think sometimes we get very caught up in our own opinions and I have so much respect for people who admit that they sometimes fall and push themselves to far but enjoy it.
    I really, really enjoyed this post. Thank you.

    • I would be lying if I could say everyone works out for only strength and nothing for aesthetics but if you are only working for the looks aspect you will be spinning your wheels. I strive to be strong and gain so much inner strength from knowing how far I can push my body. I love to sweat. I love to challenge and surprise myself. I love to be strong. Lil Mighty Mouse πŸ™‚

      I think you are so right when you say that we can get stuck on our own thoughts and opinion. Everyone needs ot be open to trying new things and listening to others and what they have to offer. It’s how you grow and learn more. Failure is something everyone needs to accept as part of any journey.

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it πŸ™‚

  16. Boredom, smoredom with that workout!! No wonder you can be at the gym for so long! I can’t seem to find that pasta anywhere but have you tried shiritaki noodles- they are like practically carb & fat & calorie free!

    • Yeah that pasta was quite a find. I know of one store in Dundas (the lil market beside the shoe store, or two or three doors down from The horn of plenty (they have the mung bean and black bean pasta in there!) on the main street) if you live in the area. My store, GoodnessMe! on Locke street also carries that brand but only in the bean based ones, which are awesome, but my tummy can’t do beans right now.

      I have tried noodles like the shiritaki (I don’t do the tofu ones as I don’t eat soy) but I need the carbs, so I can’t really eat those haha #WeightGainingProblems πŸ˜›

  17. I tried doing some of these- all without anything more than 5-10lb weights…. It will kill you, but in a good way!! This blog was exactly what I was looking for. Gratitude for writing this material. Don’t stop the good content.

  18. like wows-how can you describe how you feel after a hard workout? You are my stay fit inspo, always getting excited about excersising and stay healthy when I read your blog πŸ™‚ x x

    • Aww I’m so glad I can inspire and motivate you! To be honest, I feel great but exhausted. I train to failure meaning that I want to completely burn myself out. I’m sweaty, out of breath and starving. That’s how I feel typically haha.

  19. OMG OMG OMG how did you bike to work the next day!

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