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Spill It Sundays Deux


Hey Friends!

Happy Sunday Funday to all of you not workin folks…unlike moi. Le sigh. How has your weekend been? Mine was relaxin as usual and got topped off nicely with a dinner and date night with my parents at Bangkok Spoon. You really can’t go wrong with Thai food in my opinion! 😉

20140504-203802.jpgI got the Volcano Seafood which is absolutely amazing! Mixed seafood (calamari, scallops…I only got one this time pft…mussels and shrimp), bamboo shoots, peppers and eggplant are delivered to the table in a spicy thai sauce and then thrown onto a sizzle plate to finish up the cooking process right before your eyes. Steam facial anyone?

Of course, three veggies is simply not enough variety for this girl, so I also get a lil bowl of mixed Asian veggies to toss into the pan to heat through and get all mixed into the sauce. You can’t never have too many veggies IMO…Amirite?

Another thing…apparently my spice tolerance is up up up because their “spicy” dish was accompanied by a requested bowl of chili flakes as I didn’t detect said ‘spicy’ in said sauce. Maybe they forgot? This girl needs her nose runnin a bit to be content with spice level.

Anyways, with it being Sunday and all, we are back to Sunday programming which is now Spill It Sundays with Arman over at The Big Mans World. Oh heeeyy Arman friend, thanks for the partay! 😀

The Big Man's World

There is a new twist on this fun lil link-up though….

Instead of Arman asking the questions based on a theme, we have other bloggers setting the pace for the blogger interviews. This week it featured questions by the lovely Juli over at  1000 lovely things!

So what did Juli want to know from all us bloggers this week?

1.  In real life are you an extrovert or more introvert person?

I would say that I’m much more of an introvert, especially when I was younger. Don’t get me wrong, I love being around people and I’m actually very sociable BUT I don’t like to be the center of attention. So I’m not one to do this…

tumblr_lmchbwYFFq1qa4vrao1_500I also do enjoy my time alone, which I suppose is where the introvert qualities come in. I’m perfectly content spending an evening in blogging, baking or doing whatever alone with a nice candle burning, sippin on some herbal tea and having music playing. That being said, I crave social situations and can feel a sense of loneliness if I’m cooped up by myself too long.

2. If money was no object, where would you move to?

CAL-to-the-I-FOR-N-AAAA!  Or some island like Turks and Caicos or the Bahamas. HEat and the beach is all I can say…and not just because Mother Nature kicked the crap out of us Canadian’s this winter.

3. What are your hobbies besides blogging, food and working out?

There’s more to life than those wonderful things? 😉

4. If you have a sibling what do you have in common and where do you differ the most? If you are an only child tell me about your pet/ mother/ father, best friend …

Well, to start, I’m an only child sooooo I will pick my Mom.

In common- Tastes in music/shows, we both like creating things (she’s the Van Gogh of all things arrangement, while I strive at plating for example), we are told we share the same gestures and facial expressions and I would like to say our giving and kind nature. A common flaw we share is that we can be taken advantage of because we try to appeal to others first and we keep anything negative or anxiety provoking inside rather than expressing it.

How we differ- My Mom has a wonderful presence in a room and the ability to talk with ANYONE and EVERYONE. She demands attention without thinking about it or trying to do it. She has that personality to draw people to her. I’m getting better at branching out and not being as shy as I once once (hello coming out of the corner of people I know and actually chatting with someone I have never met).

5. If you were able to spend one day as the opposite sex, what would you do?

I feel like I would spend the whole day trying to figure out how to walk properly (how do they walk with those things in the way? lol) and pee..

On a serious note though, I admire a man’s strength. It would be nice to push a guy’s body to it’s limits to see how that differs from how I can push my own. #ConfessionsOfAGymAddict

6. If you could have any super power what would it be

To heal. Is that selfish? I ask that because would I be messing with fate too much? Maybe I’m just thinking too much… Story of my life.

I’m extremely sensitive and can literally feel another person’s pain whether I know them or not. So, if anything, if I could take a physical pain that is causing someone to suffer away, I would be happy.

Anyone else obsessed with Charmed? Remember Leo? He was a whitelighter who could heal physical wounds. He could also teleport which would also be super cool.

Now you see me….Now you don’t. Bam I’m in Cali! 😀

7. When you’re upset, what are you doing to cheer yourself up?

Baking. It helps me to let my thoughts wander enough that I don’t think about whatever is upsetting more too much and is something that brings me comfort.

8. You have $500 to spend on anything you want – what would it be?

Can I say a puppy?

…and I just died a lil inside. ADORBZZ!

I miss my puppy 😦

Also, yeah, I realize puppies cost more short and long term than 500 bucks. Sue me, I can dream.

9. What is your favorite piece of art (painting, sculpture, architecture…)?

Hmmm… that’s a toughie as I don’t really go and venture out much to take a look at art. One piece that means a lot to me is this piece that hangs on the wall in my apartment…

20140504-201953.jpgIt was painted by one of my supervisors at work, Rachel, as a secret santa gift to me. Her perception of my lil biking self. 🙂 Homemade gifts are always so much better than bought ones!

10. If you were able to go back in time and give your teenage self any advise what would you say?

Get some confidence and stop worrying so much about EVERYTHING. But for the most part, stop worrying about what others think and about pleasing everyone. In all honesty, I never had much confidence in school years. Even all the way up into high school I was severely lacking in that area. With University life beginning, I began to branch out a bit more socially, found more confidence from the gym and the independence I had never had before AND began seeing my boyfriend who helped to build me up. He may never know how much he did for me, but all I can say is that, today, I feel like a did a 180 confidence wise and a big part of that confidence has come from his love, support and positive outlook of my abilities.

So tell me friends….

What superpower would you have?

What place would be your dream destination?

What advice would you give your teen self?



26 thoughts on “Spill It Sundays Deux

  1. THIS is why we were made to be friends…that meal!!! I always get extra spice too and hate it when they skimp on the good seafood (Which happens all the damn time)- stop giving all the prawns!

    I agree with your introvert/extrovert comparison- so true. Although I would hope I’d never be like snooki..EVER

    • Come be my Thai food buddy! We can get every seafood dish on the menu and eat ALL THE SEAFOOD 😀 I know right? Where are my scallops?!?!? Pshh.

      hahaha yeah, being Snooki would not be a life goal of mine. I mean, there’s extroverted and then theres….yeah.

  2. Those veggies and seafood look so good! I haven’t made shrimp in a while and have been craving for them!
    Love some of your answers- the healing one made me feel all warm &fuzzy!! You have it nailed! Gorgeous xx

    • I crave shrimp all the time but it’s so expensive that I only ever buy and prepare it for myself once and a while. Scallops generally win that battle 😉 Thanks for your feedback and glad I could make you feel all warm and fuzzy 😀

  3. I found your site a couple weeks ago looking for some new ideas to spruce up my daily workout and I have to say that I just love what your doing here and want to thank you for all of your inspiring exercise posts/recipes. We have quite a bit in common…introvert, baking, thai food (Yum!). Anyhow, I just wanted to tell ya that I am looking forward to more..of it all 🙂

    Airhugs!! (cause I’m a hugger too!!)

  4. Chelsea, your evening looked lovely, mmm, Thai food. I am meeting a pal for lunch today at an Asian place, cannot wait, they have hibiscus lemonade that rocks…………..I usually stick to water w/ lemon, but…….it’s worth it, then I get two meals out of what I order…………….woot!
    So glad you had a great weekend…………………………..

    Have a great day

  5. Love your blog keep all your ideas coming! I love love love your answer about your puppy! If I had money, I’d be a dog hoarder! I want Thai food SO bad! I’m thinking of trying to convince my boyfriend to go out for it tonight at my favorite place, but he’s not the biggest fan of Thai (he’ll eat it, but he’s not jazzed about it like I am). It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? 😀

    • Aww I hope you get to go! I’m lucky that my bf loves Thai just as much as I do. I would totally be a dog hoarder. I love dogs. Can’t ever imagine my life without one. My puppy is my love and my stress relief 🙂

  6. Bloggers like you are why I have decided to start writing on my own blog/tumblr. I hope that I can motivate people daily through my life and writings.

  7. Hi Chelsea!
    Was wondering what your favorite restaurants are in the ?! Any recommendations for healthy eating out?!

    • Hey Elaine!

      Some of my fav restaurants? I love those on Locke Street. Chucks burger bar is amazing, The keg is always a nice treat and anything and everything vietamnese or thai. I’m also obsessed with eating at whole foods lol.

      As for tips, I will first state that you should enjoy yourself as how often do you enjoy a nice meal out? Treat yourself once and a while and don’t worry about being perfect. Otherwise, here are some quick tips:
      1. Check the menu out before you go. For me this is a big thing because I like to know what my options are (I have allergies and food preferences).
      2. Things like sodium and salt you are really unable to lessen when dining out but things like fats you can. Grilled, steamed, sauteed, poached, etc are often going use less oil than things that are pan fried, fried, “crispy,” etc
      3. Ask for sauces/dressings on the side so you can control how much you want. Creamy sauces and toppings will generally be on the richer side and often contain a lot of dairy (cream/butter) so be careful if you are sensitive.
      4. If you are looking to eat a lil lighter, pick your indulgence. Drinks to start OR Bread OR rich dinner OR dessert.
      5. Watch your portions. Restaurants serve up dishes that are often 2-3 times a normal serving size so don’t be fooled by the massive plate and feel the need to finish it all. Since when is a 12 ounce steak fit for one person?
      6. Taking leftovers is up to you. I personally don’t box anything. That was my meal out so I’m not going to indulge the next day too. It’s up to you though.

      I hope that helps!

  8. Love, love, love your site and visit it often. Thanks for providing such awesome content and always switching it up!

  9. mmm i know i’ve commented before, but i LOVE thai! it always makes me in a good mood. 😉 i’m glad you found a new place that you love!

  10. Thai food <3333 I want to lick the screen.

  11. You are such an inspiration on living a healthy and active life. I needed some advice as to how to jumpstart my weight-loss…I’ve been at this whole healthy eating & working out routine & not losing weight. I even began doing some hitt! I have done weight loss previously 2x, however, this time around I am finding it very difficult. I need to lose the last 20lbs. Thanks!

    • I always start off with diet is key. If there is weight that your body can loose and it’s not coming off, it’s generally diet related (unless there is a medical issue) the most despite the perception of eating healthfully. I’m not saying your not eating healthy, but portion size and the overall amount in a day are sometimes something that can be missed. So, because I’m not sure what you’re eating or how you are exercising, the only advice I can give right now is to check out your diet (limit anything processed, drink lots of water, are you over snacking? etc), continue with the HIIT (good for you!) and always find time to move that body 🙂

      I hope that helps a bit!

  12. All your answers were the absolute sweetest ❤ I am SO happy you met a guy like your boyfirend- but the way you work that gym is so deceiving. Prior to this blog I thought you were one of those outgoing, super confident etc girls.

    • Aww thanks! I feel empowered when I’m in the gym so I guess it shows. The confidence has definitely increased since first year that is for sure. It can only go up! Thanks for your blog love and support 🙂

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